Serving your country then getting kicked to the curb

I spent 20 years in the military. I am not angry or bitter but am damn tired of the politicians that never served sending our men and women to be maimed and killed. All the while sitting on their asses in Washington or where ever they are from.

Actually most represent special interests and lobbyists and not the American people. They only need us to vote and I am not sure they need that with the way Democrats are trying to rig the elections with stupid rules for voting. Like Hillary wants 20 damn days to vote. Why? So they can go from poll to poll and vote over and over like in Chicago. Isn’t that where Obama is from? And then they make jokes about it. “Vote early and vote often.” Then Hillary and others make it look like they are doing this for you, sure they are.

Serve your country, protect America and get screwed.

When I went in we were promised FREE healthcare for life if you stayed at least 20 years. Of course before I got to the end and retired they changed it to the Tricare system with premiums, copays and all the other crap that goes with insurance.

Then when the government was sued and it went to the supreme court they decided, in a self-serving decision that recruiters didn’t have the authority to offer FREE healthcare for life. It didn’t matter that the PRECEDENT had been set for decades or that the government honored that promise the recruiters made for decades. No, the government can have its cake and eat it too and your damn cake too.

On top of that the whole time you are working and serving you have Medicare taken out of your pay checks. THEN when you get to retirement and age 65 they make us retired military take and pay for Medicare and don’t offer you the option to not take it. In fact they tell you that you HAVE to participate to KEEP your damn Tricare that you earned in the military. No where were we told this would happen. No where were we told when you reach 65 you HAVE to take Medicare to keep your Tricare YOU EARNED FOR SERVING and Tricare that you have to pay for also. This while your congressman gets better healthcare than you do for just walking in the front door.

The fox is in charge of the hen house.

This damn congress is a bunch of liars, thieves, crooks, perverts and even murderers. They care nothing about you except at election time and they damn sure don’t care about the country. The play partisan politics along party lines and you people keep voting for the same people. So it is no wonder they care nothing about the military or veterans either. They pay lip service just like the networks and media about honoring the military but then you have the likes of Colin Kaepernick who has no clue what life is like. I am sure he is a pampered athlete and is running his mouth much like the elitist Hollywood set.

Many celebrities have gone to Cuba and praise Castro but then they have had Hanoi Jane Fonda to show them the way on how to be a traitor. Still others have been with Hugo Chavez before he died like Danny Glover who called Chavez his brother. So I don’t want to hear from anyone in Hollywood about honoring the troops. People like Harrison Ford that was a coward and hid behind being a conscientious objector. Which is a long name for coward. It was alright for others to die so he could make 20 million a picture and marry someone young enough to be his daughter. I digress, sorry.

Wounded Warrior and other such organizations.

Here is another example of them kicking you to the curb. All these organizations like Wounded Warrior exist because once discharged with a disability like lost limbs, Traumatic Brain Injury etc. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. I assume they get some kind of retirement/disability pay but there is no way it can cover this sort of thing.

My son was not in the military but was my dependent and was in a car accident. He came away with a Traumatic Brain Injury. They gave him physical therapy, occupational therapy but NOT cognitive therapy the thing he needed the most with a brain injury. I am sure that congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords received cognitive therapy for her being shot in the head.

There are only a few in congress that served or claimed to serve so they can be jackasses when it comes to the defense budget. After all they must send money home or pork barrel spending to get those votes from home and to hell with the military defense budget.

Pay raises.

Every year we use to get a 3% pay raise if it was that much. Then there was the games they played with the fiscal year. It use to start July 1st, then they moved it to October 1st, then to January 1st and that is where it is currently at. You see they delayed making a budget and paying you your wages and giving us a raise.

The first year Obama was in office I lost money because apparently we didn’t get any raise and then taxes went up thus causing us to lose money. Tax and spend Democrats. One year congress gave themselves a 33% pay raise supposedly to get the best and brightest in congress. How is that working out? Then their raises are automatic so they don’t have to vote for it or accept responsibility. Then they tell you it is the law. So what, change the damn law.

Using patriotism

There hasn’t been a draft since 1973 so they use patriotism to get people to join, fight, die and get maimed. This has been done in the past when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and other times in history. There is nothing wrong with patriotism for your country, just remember your country’s government has as much patriotism as a RAT.

As I said most of congress have not served and the ones that have are like John Kerry. Of course Hillary “took fire” when overseas she said which she later recanted when the truth came out. This is a disgrace to those of us that did serve. That they would try to make it look like they served in some capacity. Bullshit.

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20 year veteran of the military. Born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Florida and retired in Florida. I have had two wives, and four children. Love the sunshine, the beach and fresh air. I really hate the cold and snow. Love a good rare steak, baked potato with butter and sour cream. I am addicted to pasta and especially fresh bread from Publix.

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