Tim Tebow – Why is the NFL biased against him?

The NFL doesn’t like Christians.

That’s right, the NFL doesn’t like Christians. Yes there are others in the league but none as open about it as Tim Tebow. Yes some cross themselves or point to the sky etc. But I am almost certain they are afraid to be open about it. They would probably be criticized for forcing it on others. That is usually the lame excuse for discrimination of Christians.

The NFL didn’t mind a gay player.

I won’t mention his name because he was useless. He apparently wasn’t good enough to play a man’s game. I am sure there are probably others that don’t say so or “come out.” No one would say a word about this pervert but they sure would against a Christian like Tebow. They even mocked him when he kneeled after a TD calling it Tebowing. They would kneel and pose like him.

Tim Tebow not pretty enough.

Tim Tebow isn’t Tom Brady. He also doesn’t carry a gun or do drugs or rape women or beat women in an elevator. He certainly isn’t a murderer like some players and former players. All he can do is play football and more importantly WIN. So why then aren’t these teams taking a chance on him?

I realize he doesn’t throw a perfect spiral or have the perfect form but he does WIN. There are a lot of teams that need to win that haven’t won in decades.

Let me list the pretty boys that suck at playing.

How about Matthew Stafford. Sure he can throw and has a good delivery and his ball spirals but HE CAN’T WIN. He hasn’t even been to a Super Bowl. Sure he threw for 5000 yards but HE CAN’T WIN.

How about Trent Dilfer. He won a Super Bowl throwing the ball into the ground and over people’s heads. He sucked here in Tampa and sucked in Baltimore and still won a Super Bowl. Mostly because of the defense just like Peyton Manning in 2016.

Anyone for Josh Freeman? He was Tampa’s number one draft choice and was released and even he was given a tryout by other teams. He was given chances by six teams total.

Then there are the likes of Jamarcus Russell who couldn’t hit a barn with a football and yet not too long ago someone gave him a tryout.

Also Josh McCown. This guy was out of football and coaching a high school team and was called back to play and is now playing at 37. He is now hurt and the Browns are calling Charlie Whitehurst a 34 year old loser. Why no Tim Tebow?

McCown is with his 10th team. He has never won anything in college or the pros.

Whitehurst will be going to his sixth team. He played in 24 games and started 9 of those. A real winner. Look up his stats. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Whitehurst He never won anything either and yet these are preferable to Tim Tebow?

It can’t be anything but discrimination or bias against Christians.

Then there are the “experts” on ESPN and other “sports” outlets.

It didn’t matter which network or which “expert” they all had the same opinion. Tebow can’t play or shouldn’t play quarterback. He should be a tight end or linebacker. NO ONE said he should play QB. NOT ONE person. When the hell is the last time you heard everyone agree on anything? NEVER.

If you look at any articles on Tebow and then read comments from geniuses that live on the internet they will say the same thing. Play linebacker or tight end. Some moron even said running back. Just because he runs doesn’t make him a running back.

Now baseball and the hate rises up again.

At 29 Tim Tebow wants to try baseball and why not. Why not? Because numerous people said he is too old. He hasn’t played in years. He won’t make it. And on and on. Discrimination and bias again. How do I know. Michael Jordan is how I know. He was 30 years and 8 months when he went to try to play baseball. It took skill and talent unlike throwing a basketball at a rim 60 or 70 times a game.

Tebow hadn’t played baseball in 10 years while Jordan played in high school about 12 or 13 years earlier. And yet no one said a word about Jordan but everyone had an opinion on Tebow playing baseball. He was too old, it takes years to learn baseball etc. etc. etc. All bullshit reasons and again no one said this to Michael Jordan.

So many teams need a quarterback and yet no Tebow.

As I stated above there are a lot of teams that could use a WINNING quarterback and yet they won’t give Tebow a try. He is a proven winner and yet no Tebow. The league is full of losers, criminals, drug users, steroid users, killers, abusers of women, journeymen quarterbacks and yet they can’t use a good human being and a pretty good player and most importantly a WINNER.

Just an example of the bias.

A couple years ago during the Super Bowl there was a commercial with Tebow and his mother where they made it look like he tackled her. Well, NOW, the National Organization for Women got all up in arms about abuse of women or domestic violence and yet NOW said NOTHING ABOUT THE AD WITH 88 YEAR OLD BETTY WHITE GETTING KNOCKED TO THE GROUND IN A PUDDLE OF MUD.

This Tebow ad was nothing more than fun just like Betty White’s ad but NOW had a stick up their butts. And that wasn’t all of it. It was about the pro-life message too. So maybe these too are the forces at work here. Keep Tim Tebow and his message out of the main stream. They don’t want a woman’s right to choose to actually be a choice and not only a choice but a free choice.

As usual the liberals can say anything but if you oppose them or have a different view out come the insults. Out comes the name calling. More importantly out comes the HATE. Reports are beginning to show that 64 percent of abortions are coerced. Whether it’s verbal and physical threats or blackmail, women with unplanned pregnancies have a host of pressures to endure – even from their own boyfriends and family members.

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