Dog and Cat Food and those vegetables.

Vegetables in dog and cat food?

What is all this about? I’ll tell you they are fillers. Fillers that are suppose to look good but aren’t. Fillers they are selling to people that love their pets and want to give them something healthy.

These advertisers tell you that there is no corn, soy, grains etc. But they have peas and carrots. Now what the hell is the difference between corn and peas and carrots. They say that like corn is a bad thing. The same with soy while nutritionists etc. try to get you to eat soy products and drink soy milk. HELLO!!

Dogs and cats don’t need vegetables.

Dogs and cats are genetically predispositioned to eat meat. When wild and in the wild they eat meat and nothing else. They don’t need vegetables and I am sure they don’t want vegetables. Now I am sure there are some people out there that can get their dog or cat to eat vegetables or bananas or whatever but that is not natural.

When is the last time you saw a dog running your neighborhood and getting in your trash for some nice leftover veggies or some mashed potatoes, NOT. They are looking for bones and meat etc.

When is the last time you saw a dog getting into a garden and eating a tomato, brussel sprouts, an ear of corn or a green bell pepper? You haven’t because they don’t want it or need it.

Vegetables are just fillers.

Vegetables are just fillers and nothing more. Now I am sure some scientist that believes in global warming will tell you or should I say lie to you that dogs and cats NEED vegetables. Sorry but they are lying.

These same scientists that probably believe in evolution too won’t be able to tell you when or how this vegetable evolution took place. Why? Because over these millions of years of being wild where did the dogs and cats find vegetables? They didn’t, hello. mmm good.

Then there are the fruits.

Seriously? They show meat and tell you it is the first ingredient. I hope so. Then they also have blueberries, cranberries, leafy greens, carrots, potatoes, etc. etc. Can you say fillers. Yes they are because they are all cheaper than meat, even horse meat or whatever they make this out of these days. And it is surely cheaper than the fish in cat food and they even show fish in dog food, what the hell. I don’t think I have ever seen a dog eat fish.

What I want to know is the fat content and the garbage content. How many tendons and bone chips and other crap is ground and cooked with the “meat” to look like meat? I have this vision of rats in the factory or processing plant and it gets whacked and thrown in to the mix. ewwwww! In these ads they show nice lean meat and fish. That is bullshit. The meat they show has no fat on it while an animal caught in the wild for food by a dog or cat has fat. That fat is used for energy and stored in their bodies.

Why don’t they just throw worms in there. A few years ago some of the fast food chains were accused of using worms in their meat or at least it was a rumor.

Blue Wilderness and Rachael Ray Nutrish and others.

This Blue Wilderness and Blue Basic show blueberries and cranberries along with the vegetables. Come on there is no way a dog is going to look for fruit and it certainly doesn’t need it. Blue Wilderness even tells you your dog has the soul of a wolf and needs meat. So what the hell are they doing with fruit and vegetables?

The same way with Rachael Ray Nutrish, they show apples. People these are fillers and nothing more. Sure she tells you give them what your dog loves and wants. Here try this put out a bowl of apples or blueberries or cranberries and nothing else and see if they eat it. And please don’t starve them for a week they MIGHT eat it but I doubt it.

Lately they have advertised Peak from Rachel Ray Nutrish. Get this one. It says it contains 30% protein so less than one-third is meat and I suppose they could use beans as a protein. That’s not even a third of the product so 70% is something else, that is almost three-fourths of the product is something else. They show peas, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and who knows what.

Blue Freedom shows peas, fruit and more vegetables too. This seems to be a trend to disguise fillers as fruit and vegetables.

Purina Beneful shows carrots, peas and barley too. It seems they all do it either to save money and use as a filler or because all the other manufacturers are doing it.

Milk-Bone dog food. Farmer’s Medley is a WHOLE GRAIN recipe while others are saying grain free and no fillers. Then Milk-Bone has a GRAIN FREE recipe with lamb and SPRING VEGETABLES, what the hell? Then they also say NO fillers, corn (what is wrong with corn when they show peas and carrots) artificial preservatives, or flavors. Can you say bullshit?

Are people that stupid today to believe this crap? I know some people are really crazy about their pets but come on.

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