Teachers and unions and being underpaid – bullshit.

I am sick of hearing teachers are underpaid.

Yes, I am sick of hearing they are underpaid. They are union workers and I can’t imagine they are under paid. No, they don’t make as much as a lawyer, doctor or other professions but then again they only work 180 days a year. That’s right they work less than half a year. They also don’t work weekends and holidays. Also they don’t work an 8 hour day. Most schools are in session 6 hours.

Now I know there are people or teachers that can debunk this and there are always exceptions but for the most part I am right.

Unions only ruin things today.

Unions had a time and a place to protect workers etc. but now unions only ruin things today. Look at the school system. Look at the Post Office that is always on the verge of going bankrupt and then there are the shootings. Why? Do they drive these employees to the breaking point. How about almost any government office, like the DMV. Why do you think there are so many jokes about them? Because the don’t do anything because they CAN’T BE FIRED as with most government offices, hello.

Back in the day teachers were underpaid.

Back when I went to school teachers were underpaid. I can remember seeing my Biology teacher working at Sears and I am sure others had jobs but not today. I see teachers driving new cars as I am sure their spouse does too. They live in houses like you and I. Maybe not mansions but houses none the less.

Here is what I know.

Whenever they throw money at the school system a good portion goes to teachers, administrators and other school employees. This is why pouring more money into the system hasn’t work for the most part.

What they need is more time. They have been using this 180 day year as long as I can remember. They have also been using this 6 hour day for as long as I remember. School should be like a job with an 8 hour day and 5 days a week. The year should be extended to 250 days or more. They can eliminate a lot of useless holidays and just take off the main ones like Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving. They can pare down these others like Spring Break that was our Easter break. We would take off Friday, the weekend and Monday after Easter. Spring Break is for college students not elementary, middle school and high school. A lot of these government three day weekends could be skipped and used for teaching/education.

Then there is summer. This three month thing goes back to the days of farming and gathering crops. Cut it down to 6 weeks. With the elimination of all this time off there would be so much time for teaching.

Another thing to make schools better but you will never hear it.

They have no new ideas. They keep doing things the same way for decades. Sure they have computers now and other toys. What they need is to do things differently. Like I once read where adolescents i.e. teenagers need more sleep to function better. SO, what do we do? We send them to school in my area around 7:30 a.m. and then send out elementary kids in at around 9:30 in my area.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but when my kids were young they were up at the crack of dawn. My daughter when a teen could sleep all day when she was off. I finally put a 10 a.m. limit on her.

Do you think the school system/unions would ever change this and flip flop the schedules? Not a chance in hell. “We have always done it this way and it works.” But how the hell do you know if it works better than changing when you never change it.

How about this.

Why is there a schoolboard these days? Does anyone attend these meetings and how much do these people make? More importantly what do they do these days that can’t be done by volunteers or the local communities. My point is some other idea.

In my opinion they should privatize the school system. This would send the unions in an all out war because then they might have to do the job right if not protected by a union. Just like most other jobs these people can’t be fired for underperforming.

Like a teacher my son had in East Pasco county Florida one year. He was here for one year and then was going to the West side of the county so he did nothing the entire year except write assignments on the board and then read the newspaper. Then when my son was in an accident and had a teacher come to the house the guy was falling asleep at the table and he only came one night a week. He was a teacher and coach and my son’s teacher. When I had a complaint he just walked out of the room because he was insulted.

The states could come up with a figure of what each child costs and give vouchers for that amount and private schools would be required to accept it. With all the savings they could even figure out this amount and add 20% and give a 10% increase every year. Think of the billions they would save that your elected representatives could waste on other things. No buses or drivers, no buildings, no maintenance, no retirements to pay, no lunches to fix, no books, no equipment no electricity bill, no water bill, no lawsuits and the list is endless. This will never happen either.

I know there are good teachers out there.

All the time I went to school I only remember two encouraging me in anything. Mr. Rickman in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. I had and English teacher in Jr. High that encouraged me in writing when we were in English Literature and had to write stories.

I had a teacher in Jr. High that took delight in harassing me EVERY DAY. I wore a type of shirt that didn’t have to be tucked in per school rules. It was called a BanLon shirt and had this band around the bottom. You can look it up on the net. Well, this jackass took delight in making me tuck this in EVERY DAY. He had one hand and I guess was just a miserable person or just didn’t like me. Back then you didn’t talk back.

Then I had a shop teacher that apparently didn’t like me. I had never worked with wood and we had to design something and make it. I made a night stand I found in a Penney’s catalog and drew it up with dimensions etc. I then made the damn thing while 90% of the class did nothing but goof off. I also made a wall hanging that year too. I got a C in the class. I can’t imagine what the rest got because only 3 of us made anything.

Teachers are suppose to do more than teach. They certainly aren’t suppose to crush your spirit.

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