The Democrats and liberal media are out of control.

Where the hell is the socialist media?

These networks CBS, NBC, and ABC didn’t even report the rape of a 14 year old girl by two illegal aliens in a Maryland school on their nightly news OR their morning news shows the next day. They are sick bastards and need to have their licenses revoked. They are so sick just like the Nazi media machine that they won’t tell you stories that conflict with their Nazi/socialist agenda. This is a sick as it gets when they protect the liberal media’s illegal alien agenda. When they won’t report it because it will help Trump’s agenda of stopping and deporting illegal aliens.

I can only hope that everyone that works at these sick places of employment have their daughters raped or murdered by some sick twisted illegal aliens. I know that is harsh but this is about as low and sick as it gets. They protect and stand up for the perverted gay and lesbian agenda and now this.

Here is my suggestion.

Hit the liberal media and their primetime networks where it hurts. Don’t watch their primetime shows or sports shows or anything else they televise. And make sure you aren’t watching their affiliates. Like NBC owns USA and other networks. America decided against this crap in 2016 by voting for Trump instead of the murdering, lying killer Hillary. ESPN thought they were cute by giving Bruce Jenner the woman a courage award and are now losing subscribers at an alarming rate. I know I never watch any of ESPNs shows since the fired Hank Williams Jr. for criticizing Obama yet they can say anything they want……..AS USUAL.

You can also write to them and write their sponsors telling them you will not be watching them. With cable there are too many options of shows to watch or stream a movie like with Netflix etc. Then there is Amazon and Hulu and others to watch.

Everyone should be outraged.

People should be rioting and burning shit like blacks do when someone is shot, guilty or not. They should be throwing stones at the police and the damn school for not protecting this girl. In fact burn the damn school down. That is what the liberals funded by George Soros did after the election. This is what you get with a bunch of unionized teachers and administrators.

No one has asked where were the teachers and administrators when this girl was dragged into a bathroom and raped? Why the hell didn’t any other student step in? They must be snowflakes and part of cupcake nation. They are as guilty as the participants.

Maryland a lovely place NOT to live.

This is the same state that a restaurant owner offered Manny Machado free seafood for life for fighting during a baseball game. Some example for your kids. This is the same state that passed legislation the same day as the rape to become a sanctuary city. They are truly sick people in Maryland.

Hillary Clinton said about the illegal alien ban “this is not who we are.” Well, now you see who she, the Democrats, the liberal media and liberal news media are. They are all about votes and will defend anyone as long as it gets them a vote and if that doesn’t do it then get people that aren’t citizens to vote. Why do you think they don’t want a law for picture IDs when you vote? Why do you think the ACLU is fighting against proving you are a citizen when you vote? Anyone that is a legal voter won’t have trouble with these requirements. You have to have a damn ID to buy a beer for God’s sake or to cash a check but hell lets decide the fate of the country and who our president is by whatever means possible.

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