Really stupid inventions, in my opinion.

How about champagne flutes?

Have you watched people drink from these? As they tip it to drink their damn nose is on the opposite side of the rim. Who the hell had this idea. I get the premise behind it or the science which is less surface area to lose the carbonation or bubbles. Come on people, how long do you have or hold a glass of champagne? One minute, two minutes? How much carbonation can you lose. Practically none.

Take sodas and beer poured in regular glasses that sit on a table or bar while you drink, talk or eat. Does it go flat before you finish your meal? Not only no but hell no. So why the stupidity of champagne flutes?

How about DVD cases?

This is almost irrelevant now but who was the moron that invented the DVD case. The DVD is the same size as a CD so why not put them in a CD type jewel case?

I suppose it was to thwart theft. The problem here is I have picked up DVDs and someone sliced the cellophane wrap and took the disk. Here is my problem. Two of these DVD cases are bigger than one VHS tape. When they had DVD/CD storage units in the stores they normally would hold about 3 times as many CDs as DVDs. Like they would hold 150 CDs and 50 or 60 DVDs.

As I said this is almost irrelevant since a lot of people are downloading and not buying DVDs. The problem here is if you can keep the download or want to keep the download and your device/computer crashes you lose all that stuff. Especially when DVDs are dirt cheap. Even Blue Rays are getting cheaper all the time. Personally I like to have the disk as a hard copy that will last forever.

If the manufacturer had used CD type jewel cases they probably could have saved money on the cover because most movies have a sound track and they use the movie cover for that sound track they could have used the same cover for both. Then used a different back cover for listing the music or the information for the movie. AND they could have used a double CD jewel case and sold both together, music and the movie.

Then there are coffee mugs.

Not just coffee mugs but coffee mugs with the damn design on only ONE side. AND you usually have to hold it with your left hand so the design is away from you and OTHER people can see it. The manufacturer is too cheap to put it on two sides so they put it on one. And apparently they don’t know most of the population is right handed. This is ok if YOU want to look at the design all the time but me, I want everyone else to see it. The clear solution is to put it on both sides or make it so when you hold it in your right hand the message/design is facing out. HELLO, manufacturers.

Almost anything in an infomercial.

Most of this stuff “looks” cool or “looks” like a good invention but most of it is crap. Some of this stuff gives you a “lifetime warranty”? That is till the company disappears or quits making the item.

Years ago I ordered one of those vertical stick mixers. I don’t remember what it was called but it came with three different blades to grind meat, whip cream or eggs and a third one for who knows what. It had a 15 year warranty and 5 years in my wife knocked it over on the counter and the thing broke, the whole case just broke. It broke right where you hold it and the on/off button was. Well, I went to look for them and they were no where to be found. Now everyone makes the damn things.

Anyone remember the Hand Hammered Wok? Back when woks were the craze. This British guy would cook stir fry etc. My daughter use to sit and watch this all the time when she was young. Now this is no where to be found. So when you see these and they offer lifetime warranty forget it, it ain’t going to happen. They will sell their item, make money and then disappear.

Those stupid honey things.

What Condiments Should You Refrigerate?

I am sure there is a name for this THING but I will just call it the THING. Who invented this and why is a mystery to me. I would use a spoon but most of the honey I buy comes in a squirt top bottle. Instead of a spoon you use this THING and then have to clean the goo out of all those grooves not to mention waiting for it to drip off the THING and onto a biscuit or whatever.

Cereal and bread plastic boxes.

Not sure they still make those plastic Tupperware type boxes for loaves of bread but they were some dumb inventions when bread comes in a plastic bag. Not only that to take it out of the bag and put it in a plastic box you overpaid for is dumb. AND how long is a loaf of bread around anyway. Less than a week?

Then there are the plastic cereal boxes. This is a real dumb one to pay for a box to dump your cereal over into when it comes in a box with a cellophane or foil bag inside to keep it fresh. AND how long is it around especially if you have a big family. Maybe a couple weeks or less and even if it is a month it is not going to go stale. Can you say really dumb?

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