Things I hate and are a nuisance on the internet.

People that know everything.

People that know everything AND think they are smarter than you. Also people that lie, which are a lot of damn people. They throw out statements of “fact” with no reference whatsoever. They put these statements out like you are suppose to believe them and accept them. Then when you don’t they call you a name like most liberals do because they don’t have the intellect to make a point they just call you names.

Then there are those that think they are smart and can’t spell or don’t know the difference between words like there, their and they’re. Here is a little clue America. There is a place i.e. we are going there. Their is people and possession i.e. it is their car. AND lastly they’re is obviously a contraction for THEY ARE. So if you can stick those words in a sentence as THEY ARE (they’re) going to the beach then you got it. Not sure what the point is of contractions because you don’t save anything like time or space. Then there is your and you’re. Again your is people and possession i.e. it is your car or it is your house where you’re is another contraction for YOU ARE so if you can fit it in a sentence then you got it. YOU ARE(you’re) going to the beach. YOU ARE (you’re) having a hamburger for lunch.

I am also sick of mean, nasty, hateful people on the internet spreading their hate and vitriol. Wow. Didn’t your mother tell you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? This is America so we have free speech, that is until you say something a liberal doesn’t like then out come the names. They use these names to shut you up because they don’t want you to be heard. Words like racist, sexist, misogynist (that Hollywood all learned last year) and my favorite homophobic. A word they had to make up because I am not sure what it could possibly mean. Are we afraid of faggots and lesbians or are we just afraid of people because we are all homo sapiens? Homo is the human genus, Phobic, one who has a phobia. Then there is phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction, of what, faggots and lesbians?

I am really sick of search engines.

The thing that pisses me off about these is when you are looking something up and you get a search engine. You select one of the results and it turns out to be another search engine with more results. What genius came up with this idea?

Then there is the “contact us” button or link on websites.

So, I want to contact this company or website and I click on “contact us.” The next thing you know you are at their FAQs. If I wanted their FAQs then I would click on it. I WANT TO CONTACT YOU, HELLO. I realize they are trying to solve common issues but almost all the time mine is not there and I don’t want to waste my time searching because my issue is my issue and can’t be solved by a general question or answer.

Click bait?

Crap like what some actress looked like back then and what she looks like now will amaze you they say. Or what this actress looks like now at 80 will amaze you or she is hot at 80. NO SHE ISN’T. And if she looks half decent it is from chemicals and surgery. When someone is 80 and has no wrinkles that is impossible. Then you get there and it is a whole series of pictures of other people and may contain the person you wanted to see. It sucks. Or you click to see something and it is a video with a commercial to start with. I don’t want to watch a video I expect an article I can read.

Emails you don’t want and spam.

There should be a law against spam and apparently there is but aren’t all these pop up ads spam? These ads continually pop up all over the screen and over the page you are looking at. I use aol mail and they even have a panel on the side with ads and then the jerks want you to pay extra for no ads. Kiss my ass aol.

Emails they send which you didn’t sign up for like when you order something and then they start sending you ad after ad. Or you do one website and get an email from them and 10 or 20 other places and they all have the same unsubscribe page. YOU are wasting my time because a lot of them don’t go to spam and I have to look at them.

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