The perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch

I am a sandwich nut.

I will put almost anything between two slices of bread and I mean almost anything. Below you will find some of my creations.

The perfect PB&J for the kids lunch.Your kids will love it.

I was just watching a movie and they were making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their kids lunches. I remember taking these and by lunch the jelly has pretty much soaked the one side of the sandwich.

So I tried this secret and my daughter who is now 44 still talks about this sandwich. AND she still makes it that way just to eat it.

My secret.

I am not sure someone else hasn’t figured this out but here is what I did. I spread a thin coating of peanut butter on both slices of bread. It is up to you how thick the peanut butter is spread. If they like a lot of peanut butter spread it a little thicker but remember it is on both sides. Then spread the jelly on one slice of the peanut butter covered bread right over the peanut butter, put it together and your kids will be amazed. Unless of course they don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The “science” behind this is the peanut butter won’t soak the bread AND it has oil which will repel the jelly and keep it from soaking into the bread and making a mess.

As I said my daughter still talks about this sandwich after all these years.

Lunch meat sandwiches.

This is not a big deal but a hint in case you haven’t thought of this too. When doing a lunch meat sandwich with mayo or mustard put the condiment on one slice of meat and then top with the other slice or slices of meat to keep it from soaking into the bread.

Fried potato sandwiches or potato chip sandwiches.

Fry some hash browns or regular potatoes and season as you like, salt and pepper etc. Then put on bread, top with mustard and the other slice of bread. Lots of carbs but it is good.

You can do the same thing with potato chips. Use the plain thin potato chips that aren’t flavored. Put them on a slice of bread with mustard and another slice of bread and press slightly. These are both good unless you hate potatoes

How about a radish sandwich?

Slice radishes, I like them thin. Then place as many slices as you like on one slice of bread and salt the radishes. Then put mayo on the other slice and place on top of the radishes. I love these.

Banana, peanut butter and mayonnaise. Yes I said mayonnaise.

I know this sounds strange and most people will eat just banana and peanut butter but this is good unless of course you don’t like mayo. Toast the bread, put peanut butter on one slice of bread top with the banana then mayo on the other slice and place the other slice of bread on top. My mother got me eating this and I have eaten them all my life. I have only found one person outside of the family that ate them too.

Old family favorites.

As I said above my mother got me eating most if not all of these back in the day when everyone appears or tries to be health conscious. I don’t go too overboard with healthy eating. Like those people in restaurants that order wheat toast when I am sure they eat white bread at home. Why? Because if you look at the store there sure isn’t empty space where the wheat bread goes they are usually out of white bread.

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Cooking hints

I hope this isn’t too far out there. I just decided to add this category to my list. Why? Because I love to eat and cook and have been cooking all my life through the single life, two wives and four kids. I started first out of survival then because I am good at it and could multi-task before they called it multi-tasking. My mother use to say I should open a restaurant but that is way too much work. It takes a lot of time to own a business, do the cooking, balance the books, hire people ya da ya da ya da.

The beginning.

I didn’t start out as a good cook and I assume most people are the same. It took thyme and seasoning (joke) to be where and what I am today. Cooking is easy and if you have a little imagination you can make anything. When I started I wasn’t too bad but not great either. I didn’t burn anything that I remember. I thought back then I was pretty good but looking back I was feeling my way along.

Make it your own.

Most recipes you can make your own. If you don’t like something substitute. Like I don’t like Thyme so most of the time I substitute basil or even oregano. Most important is garlic. I add it to most recipes even if it is not in the recipe, cookies, cakes (just kidding). A lot of recipes don’t have many spices so as I copy it I can add it to the recipe. I make changes while putting it down on paper. Now, if you aren’t that experienced don’t feel bad. You will get the feel for it the more you cook. Try to think of what tastes good in most foods like garlic etc. If you don’t like cooking that may be a problem.

Don’t be afraid.

It is food and not life or death unless you are starving, lol. Have fun with it. Like I said if you have a better idea, try it instead of what the recipe says. Like I made these lemon cookies that suggested you take lemon drop candy and put it in a food processor and grind them up. What a racket. Then when you made the cookies for some reason they went flat. They were suppose to be ball shaped. What I tried, which saved my food processor and kept the balls of cookies in ball shape was dry lemonade drink mix. It worked perfect as I said they stayed in balls and you had to roll the balls in the ground up candy, which again I replaced with the mix too. People on the recipe website said the same thing, they went flat so I left a message and hoped it helped some people.

Cooking websites.

I love these. One of my favorites is I like pictures with my recipes and this was one of the first to have pictures and decent size pictures. I use to go to different sites and would email them that I wouldn’t use their recipes if they didn’t have a picture. Now it seems most have pictures and good pictures. Almost every cooking product has a website and they include recipes to get you to use their products. The websites are usually on the package.

Your cookbooks.

I use these three ring binders that you can get a WalMart and other stores. They are the size of a half sheet of paper. I landscape my paper on the computer and make it two columns. I put the name of the recipe, the website under it, the prep time and the cooking time. Then a picture followed by the ingredients and directions. A lot of times I can edit it and get it on one side of the paper and a second recipe on the other side of the same side of the paper. Then fold it in half, punch holes and add it to your notebook. I have about 7 or 8 or these with different categories. Publix here in Florida has recipes that are that size and are on nice shiny cards and they even sell binders to hold them. They fit in my notebooks perfectly.

Cooking shows.

I use to love Food Network and kept it on my TV all day and left the TV on all day and would listen. Then they started doing reality shows, got younger “chefs”, seemed to get some what pretentious like one of my favorites Michael Chiarello with his gray salt, brown eggs etc. They got rid of Emeril, Mario Batali and others. They all seemed to use the same spices, balsamic vinegar etc. They would put everything in the recipe but the proverbial kitchen sink.  To put it bluntly it sucked.

Then I just get tired of them trying to tell you what the dish tastes like. “This is crunchy on the outside tender on the inside, I can taste the basil blah blah blah.” Once in an cooked it is sometimes hard to distinguish flavors but because they know what is in there they claim they can taste it. Just like wine tasting. When someone says it tastes “oaky.” Just what does oak taste like and they say that because they know it was in oak barrels, hello. Also I have heard it tastes earthy. Does that mean it tastes like dirt?

I really dislike Guy Fieri whose last name is Ferry. This middle aged  man with the bleached spiked hair that thinks he is so cool, he is NOT. Time to grow up Guy. To prove it he drives a ’68 or ’69 Camaro, no style. So I don’t watch anymore.

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