Dumb ass drivers that can barely drive.

Left lane/passing lane drivers.

Wow these people really piss me off. Plodding along while everyone passes them on the right. They are stupid, clueless or don’t care. They drive 5 or 10 miles in the left lane/passing lane because they are going to turn left 5 or 10 miles down the road. I blew my horn at one guy and told him to get over and he said, “I’m fixin’ to turn left up here,” in a southern/red neck twang. So you hold up traffic because YOU don’t want to do what’s right or inconvenience yourself? So to hell with everyone else.

I guess some of these people on the highway that never leave the left lane/passing lane think it is a constitutional right. They just never leave the passing lane. It is called a passing lane for a reason to pass not ride 500 miles there. Then there are the geniuses that call it a “fast lane.” Sorry but it is a passing lane in all 50 states.

Getting on the highway.

Most places highway speed is 70 mph. When entering the highway you go up the ramp at a speed close to 70 like 55 or 60 and then as you see traffic coming you can speed up, not stop or brake, but speed up and blend in with the traffic. You don’t go up the ramp at 35 or 40 unless traffic is backed up or the weather is bad. i.e. snow or heavy rain etc.

Then more than once I have come up the entrance ramp and there is some dumb ass riding in the right lane and won’t move over for nothing, I assume because he is going to get off in the next couple exits. Then can be the only one in three or four lanes of highway and they are not going to move no matter what. So they would rather cause an accident than move over and move back when he passes you.

Driving with your flashers on.

Sometimes you run into a driving rainstorm that you can barely see ahead and then you run up on SOMETHING with flashing lights. Then you find out it is some moron that can’t see and is driving 15 or 20 mph with those flashers on. As you approach you don’t know if it is an accident or what. To start with those flashers aren’t meant to drive with and are illegal to drive with yet people do it all the time. Here is my suggestion: if you can’t see GET THE HELL OFF THE ROAD.

They also use these emergency flashers when going slow for whatever reason, like towing something or other.

Stopping in the road.

Wow these people are real geniuses. You are driving along and the person in front or a car or two in front of you decides to stop and let someone out onto the road from a side street and you are suppose to guess what the hell they are doing. This is alright if you are in bumper to bumper traffic that is stop and go but to just arbitrarily stop is insane.

Once I was going down a two lane road and there is almost NO traffic and here is this woman stopped dead in my lane and is out of her car SAVING a turtle. I blow the horn and she cusses at me. Apparently she didn’t think she would cause an accident or get herself killed but she had to save that turtle.

Morons on cell phones and driving.

EVERY state should have a law against this. People can’t drive when they are suppose to be paying attention and then you add a cell phone and you turn a moron into a brain dead imbecile. Cell phones are a real convenience but they are abused and should be banned from use while driving. What the hell is so important that you need to talk about while driving. I see people in my neighborhood that are just leaving home and on the phone, come on you are leaving home. Talk before you leave. Or they are coming home and just a few blocks from home but have to be talking. Talk when you get home.

Once in a while when my kids were in school and I would pick them up at school I would see some parent pull in talking on the phone. The kid would come out and the parent wouldn’t stop talking and was still talking as they drove away. How about talking to your kid, show some interest how their day went etc.

Drivers not using turn signals to turn or change lanes.

What does it take to flip that lever and turn on a turn signal? Then there are some that turn it on as they go around the corner. Most states you are suppose to use it 100 feet before the turn. The same with changing lanes. You need to do this before the lane change not as you are changing lanes and are between both lanes. Or you cut someone off to change lanes and turn on the turn signal and that makes it right. Courtesy doesn’t cost anything.

Use those headlights when dark, in the fog or rain.

Here in Florida there is a law to use headlights when in the rain. Most use them but there are plenty that don’t. Why? I guess they are stupid or don’t care and it is almost always drivers with a color car that is hard to see like gray, black or some other dark color.

Then there is using headlights when it gets dark. Again here in Florida the law is turn the headlights on when the sun sets. That means when it has gone below the horizon but it is STILL LIGHT OUT. HELLO!! Turn on those headlights. Dusk is the hardest time of the day to see.

Lastly the fog. A lot of people don’t turn any lights on in the fog. In all three of these scenarios there are people that use PARKING LIGHTS. Not sure what the story is here whether they are trying to save electricity or what? The law says you must use headlights when required not PARKING LIGHTS. HELLO!!!

Tailgating morons.

I really get pissed about this too. I am not sure what the purpose of tailgating is especially when in a long line of traffic. Do you think you will get there faster? Here is my limit. When they are so close I can’t see their headlights then they are too damn close. The problem is these morons won’t take a hint if you brake check them. They also don’t know it is their fault for rear ending you. There is no excuse for this especially when in traffic and there is no place to go. AND YOU ARE NOT GETTING THERE ANY FASTER.

They can’t park either.

Lets see they park on an angle in a perpendicular parking spot and just leave it. OR they park on the line between spaces and just leave it. And how about the moron that parks really close to you and of course just leaves it. I guess if they can’t drive what makes me think they can park? And speaking of parking, how about idiots that fly through a parking lot like no one is walking or no one might pull out or back out of a spot. Like they are the only one on the planet.

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Hillary is becoming part of the resistance to Trump?

What a spiteful vindictive old hag.

She is forming a PAC (political action committee) to resist President Trump’s agenda. Could this be anymore vindictive and vengeful? She thought she was entitled and never considered that she would lose. She didn’t go campaign in the Blue Wall states like Wisconsin and then blames the Russians and James Comey for her incompetence. She even ordered fireworks and this hall with a fake glass ceiling to celebrate making her look like the biggest fool since they predicted Dewey had defeated Truman.

These liberal socialist progressive Democrats really hate America. I don’t understand why they don’t leave. First it was Obama and his shadow government. Another PAC or the DNC promised him a war chest to oppose Trump. Then the DNC forms a war room to oppose Trump. Don’t you liberals and the rest of America get it? They don’t care about you they care about turning us socialist. They want to usurp the Constitution and almost anything that America stands for. They want to use Sharia law. That should go over big with you women. They don’t care if you or America prospers because they want to control you. Why else would they want gun control? Because the Chinese and Russians can control billions and millions because they don’t HAVE ANY GUNS.

Why isn’t Hillary out fighting for women to reach their full potential?

There are plenty of women’s causes out there to fight for as she claims to have done her whole life. This was part of her problem because that means NOTHING. She fought for women to reach their full potential. Just how did she do that? What were the results? Did she actually help anyone and how did she do it? Did she follow them through school and help them get into college or help them plan a career path? Just what the hell did she do? No she is going for revenge against Trump and she has no one to blame for her loss but herself although she has blamed James Comey, the Russians, the boogeyman, aliens from space, bigfoot and next it will be the tooth fairy.

She shouldn’t worry about losing the election but about staying out of jail. She broke several laws and hasn’t even gone before a grand jury much less a trial for her crimes. And yes they are crimes.

All those loser “celebrities” that said they would leave.

They all supported Hillary and like her thought she couldn’t lose. People like Michael Moore another moron who wants to resist Trump. The liberal Democrats better wake the hell up. Not only did they lose the congress in two separate elections and now the presidency. 8 years ago they were crowing saying the Republicans have no leader, they have no vision, they are dead. It only took the Democrats two years to start the revival of the Republicans when they lost the House of Representatives and then two years later the Senate. Not in 2016 they lost the presidency and to seal the deal they lost a lot of governorships and state houses. And yet they don’t get it. America is tired of the lies and hate and racism.

The Democrats are all about divide and conquer. And now Hillary has joined in with this insanity. Thank God she isn’t president. And God is what really cost her the election. What a loser she is and her husband Bill the sex maniac. Now you loser liberals point the finger at Trump when you have role models like John Kennedy who screwed Marilyn Monroe and supposedly so did Robert Kennedy. Then there is Ted Kennedy who murdered his secretary Mary Jo Kopechne. And what about Gary Condit that murdered Chandra Levy and got some schmuck to take the fall. Lastly Barney Frank that was pimping boys out of his basement.

Snowflakes and insane liberals, one in the same.

As we all know when Trump won the snowflakes at a lot of colleges couldn’t cope with reality. They had to have time off from school. They had to skip exams etc. They had to find safe rooms and pet puppies and this is part of the resistance? It is no wonder the liberals want to take away your right to bear arms but not the right to kill babies through abortion. After 240 years they are trying to tell us the Constitution doesn’t say you have the right to bear arms just like they tell us there is a separation of church and state. This by the way does not exist but 67 percent of Americans believe it is in the Constitution. And of course if you argue about separation of church and state they say because it isn’t there is a simplistic view. The founders wanted to keep the government out of the church not religion out of the public square.

You liberals truly are insane and brainwashed by the liberal media. Some of the stupid things I see people writing on the internet is unbelievable. Then these same stupid people tell you that you are stupid when they can’t even spell with spell check. OMG.

The failed policies of the last eight years.

Everything Obama did was a failure and that is saying something since he didn’t do much. Trump in 100 days has met with more members of congress, had more people in the oval office and he should because the president may live in the White House but it belongs to the American people. That’s why it was a crime when Bill and Hillary removed things from there when they left. It wasn’t theirs. Then I believe the took stuff from the State Department when she left being Secretary of State. So we have the failed policies of the last eight years and Trump has a plan and Hillary and the Democrats want to resist it.

DO YOU GET IT? THEY DON’T WANT AMERICA TO PROSPER. They want you dependent on them/the government. THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOU. And they failed at that. Obamacare is a disaster and imploding.

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Things I hate and are a nuisance on the internet.

People that know everything.

People that know everything AND think they are smarter than you. Also people that lie, which are a lot of damn people. They throw out statements of “fact” with no reference whatsoever. They put these statements out like you are suppose to believe them and accept them. Then when you don’t they call you a name like most liberals do because they don’t have the intellect to make a point they just call you names.

Then there are those that think they are smart and can’t spell or don’t know the difference between words like there, their and they’re. Here is a little clue America. There is a place i.e. we are going there. Their is people and possession i.e. it is their car. AND lastly they’re is obviously a contraction for THEY ARE. So if you can stick those words in a sentence as THEY ARE (they’re) going to the beach then you got it. Not sure what the point is of contractions because you don’t save anything like time or space. Then there is your and you’re. Again your is people and possession i.e. it is your car or it is your house where you’re is another contraction for YOU ARE so if you can fit it in a sentence then you got it. YOU ARE(you’re) going to the beach. YOU ARE (you’re) having a hamburger for lunch.

I am also sick of mean, nasty, hateful people on the internet spreading their hate and vitriol. Wow. Didn’t your mother tell you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? This is America so we have free speech, that is until you say something a liberal doesn’t like then out come the names. They use these names to shut you up because they don’t want you to be heard. Words like racist, sexist, misogynist (that Hollywood all learned last year) and my favorite homophobic. A word they had to make up because I am not sure what it could possibly mean. Are we afraid of faggots and lesbians or are we just afraid of people because we are all homo sapiens? Homo is the human genus, Phobic, one who has a phobia. Then there is phobia is an excessive and irrational fear reaction, of what, faggots and lesbians?

I am really sick of search engines.

The thing that pisses me off about these is when you are looking something up and you get a search engine. You select one of the results and it turns out to be another search engine with more results. What genius came up with this idea?

Then there is the “contact us” button or link on websites.

So, I want to contact this company or website and I click on “contact us.” The next thing you know you are at their FAQs. If I wanted their FAQs then I would click on it. I WANT TO CONTACT YOU, HELLO. I realize they are trying to solve common issues but almost all the time mine is not there and I don’t want to waste my time searching because my issue is my issue and can’t be solved by a general question or answer.

Click bait?

Crap like what some actress looked like back then and what she looks like now will amaze you they say. Or what this actress looks like now at 80 will amaze you or she is hot at 80. NO SHE ISN’T. And if she looks half decent it is from chemicals and surgery. When someone is 80 and has no wrinkles that is impossible. Then you get there and it is a whole series of pictures of other people and may contain the person you wanted to see. It sucks. Or you click to see something and it is a video with a commercial to start with. I don’t want to watch a video I expect an article I can read.

Emails you don’t want and spam.

There should be a law against spam and apparently there is but aren’t all these pop up ads spam? These ads continually pop up all over the screen and over the page you are looking at. I use aol mail and they even have a panel on the side with ads and then the jerks want you to pay extra for no ads. Kiss my ass aol.

Emails they send which you didn’t sign up for like when you order something and then they start sending you ad after ad. Or you do one website and get an email from them and 10 or 20 other places and they all have the same unsubscribe page. YOU are wasting my time because a lot of them don’t go to spam and I have to look at them.

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Really stupid inventions, in my opinion.

How about champagne flutes?

Have you watched people drink from these? As they tip it to drink their damn nose is on the opposite side of the rim. Who the hell had this idea. I get the premise behind it or the science which is less surface area to lose the carbonation or bubbles. Come on people, how long do you have or hold a glass of champagne? One minute, two minutes? How much carbonation can you lose. Practically none.

Take sodas and beer poured in regular glasses that sit on a table or bar while you drink, talk or eat. Does it go flat before you finish your meal? Not only no but hell no. So why the stupidity of champagne flutes?

How about DVD cases?

This is almost irrelevant now but who was the moron that invented the DVD case. The DVD is the same size as a CD so why not put them in a CD type jewel case?

I suppose it was to thwart theft. The problem here is I have picked up DVDs and someone sliced the cellophane wrap and took the disk. Here is my problem. Two of these DVD cases are bigger than one VHS tape. When they had DVD/CD storage units in the stores they normally would hold about 3 times as many CDs as DVDs. Like they would hold 150 CDs and 50 or 60 DVDs.

As I said this is almost irrelevant since a lot of people are downloading and not buying DVDs. The problem here is if you can keep the download or want to keep the download and your device/computer crashes you lose all that stuff. Especially when DVDs are dirt cheap. Even Blue Rays are getting cheaper all the time. Personally I like to have the disk as a hard copy that will last forever.

If the manufacturer had used CD type jewel cases they probably could have saved money on the cover because most movies have a sound track and they use the movie cover for that sound track they could have used the same cover for both. Then used a different back cover for listing the music or the information for the movie. AND they could have used a double CD jewel case and sold both together, music and the movie.

Then there are coffee mugs.

Not just coffee mugs but coffee mugs with the damn design on only ONE side. AND you usually have to hold it with your left hand so the design is away from you and OTHER people can see it. The manufacturer is too cheap to put it on two sides so they put it on one. And apparently they don’t know most of the population is right handed. This is ok if YOU want to look at the design all the time but me, I want everyone else to see it. The clear solution is to put it on both sides or make it so when you hold it in your right hand the message/design is facing out. HELLO, manufacturers.

Almost anything in an infomercial.

Most of this stuff “looks” cool or “looks” like a good invention but most of it is crap. Some of this stuff gives you a “lifetime warranty”? That is till the company disappears or quits making the item.

Years ago I ordered one of those vertical stick mixers. I don’t remember what it was called but it came with three different blades to grind meat, whip cream or eggs and a third one for who knows what. It had a 15 year warranty and 5 years in my wife knocked it over on the counter and the thing broke, the whole case just broke. It broke right where you hold it and the on/off button was. Well, I went to look for them and they were no where to be found. Now everyone makes the damn things.

Anyone remember the Hand Hammered Wok? Back when woks were the craze. This British guy would cook stir fry etc. My daughter use to sit and watch this all the time when she was young. Now this is no where to be found. So when you see these and they offer lifetime warranty forget it, it ain’t going to happen. They will sell their item, make money and then disappear.

Those stupid honey things.

What Condiments Should You Refrigerate?

I am sure there is a name for this THING but I will just call it the THING. Who invented this and why is a mystery to me. I would use a spoon but most of the honey I buy comes in a squirt top bottle. Instead of a spoon you use this THING and then have to clean the goo out of all those grooves not to mention waiting for it to drip off the THING and onto a biscuit or whatever.

Cereal and bread plastic boxes.

Not sure they still make those plastic Tupperware type boxes for loaves of bread but they were some dumb inventions when bread comes in a plastic bag. Not only that to take it out of the bag and put it in a plastic box you overpaid for is dumb. AND how long is a loaf of bread around anyway. Less than a week?

Then there are the plastic cereal boxes. This is a real dumb one to pay for a box to dump your cereal over into when it comes in a box with a cellophane or foil bag inside to keep it fresh. AND how long is it around especially if you have a big family. Maybe a couple weeks or less and even if it is a month it is not going to go stale. Can you say really dumb?

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I am tired of hearing about Jackie Robinson, anyone else?

I am sick of hearing about Jackie Robinson.

I realize the affect he had on the game and how he changed it and America but if it hadn’t been him it would have been someone else. I know you are saying but it was him. My point is he was the right person, in the right place at the right time.

I know or have heard of all the nasty stuff that was said to him and about him. I know how even some of his teammates rejected him. I know how during those years a black couldn’t eat in a restaurant, use a bathroom, stay in a hotel, drink out of a water fountain, swim in a pool etc. etc. etc. It was the worst of times for black people. (so when these whiners of today complain about racism they need to look back at those days.)

Back in the 1980s I believe it was they took a survey of black players and asked about Jackie Robinson. Most didn’t know who he was. So apparently baseball took it upon themselves to educate players. So they retired the number 42 in all of baseball. Then this Jackie Robinson day all players, coaches, umps, everyone that wears a number has 42 on their uniform. It is a little ridiculous and seems to have been brought on by Ken Griffey Jr. years ago when he asked baseball if he could wear the number on Jackie Robinson day. So baseball got the idea for EVERYONE to wear it. They couldn’t just put a patch on everyone’s uniform. It looks a little ridiculous.

I am sick of all the black history that excludes whites.

Baseball is racist. They celebrate Jackie Robinson day on April 15th every year when they should be celebrating Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey day every year because without Branch Rickey there would be no Jackie Robinson and maybe no blacks in baseball. Yes, MAYBE someone else would have stood up and done the same thing but we will never know, so Branch Rickey deserves as much credit and honor as Jackie Robinson.

Last year baseball again proved it was racist and not in the traditional form but white racism when they named the two annual awards/trophies for hitting in each league after two black players. Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn. Yes they won a lot of batting titles but what else? And yes I know that Carew is Panamanian but still is black. My point is in over 100 years of baseball they had to name these two? How about Joe DiMaggio with his 56 game hitting streak and WS wins and career .325, 2214 hits, 361 home runs, 1537 rbis. 13× All-Star (19361942, 19461951) 9× World Series champion (19361939, 1941, 1947, 19491951) 3× AL MVP (1939, 1941, 1947) 2× AL batting champion (1939, 1940) 2× AL home run leader (1937, 1948) 2× AL RBI leader (1941, 1948) MLB record 56-game hitting streak Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Then there was Ted Williams the last player to hit .400. How about the Babe himself who saved baseball single handedly. How about Lou Gehrig with his 2130 consecutive games look at Gehrig’s stats you will be amazed. How about Ty Cobb, the hits leader for decades with 4191 hits. And there are so many more but baseball is trying to get black players to come back to baseball so they name these two and honor Jackie Robinson every year.

This like most other events in black history couldn’t have happened without white people or a white person. i.e. How about the underground railway? All we hear is about Harriet Tubman while I am sure there were others who performed the same service, there were also white land owners who risked their lives, homes, land and possibly their children’s lives helping get the slaves to freedom. BUT you never hear about them do you? Freeing the slaves. A white president, Abraham Lincoln and a white REPUBLICAN party that voted for freeing them and allowing them to vote while the DEMOCRATS were against it. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Another white president, actually two white presidents and again the white congress would pass this law. John F. Kennedy started it and put it into play and then of course was assassinated. And Lyndon Johnson and congress would sign it into law in 1964, again another white president.

So as you can see whites are the object of hate today due mostly in part because of the hate and divisiveness of the Democrats. In the election of 2016 I believe blacks finally realized Democrats only care about them every election. After all what did Obama do in eight years as president. What city or state did he rebuild? What black communities did he rebuild or schools did he build? No he was rubbing elbows with Hollywood. Those one percenters that donated millions to him and the party. Apparently this didn’t work for Hillary. Van Jones called it a whitelash while Billy Clinton said it was a lot of angry white men. Yes maybe it was but we were tired of a crappy economy and Obama did nothing and Hillary had no plan, no vision.

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Actors and celebrities, stupidity, ignorance and hate.

Damn tired of these actors trying to tell us how to think and vote and live.

These are people just like you and I that can’t find a real job. They can’t do anything else but stand in front of a camera and read lines they memorized. Lines that someone else wrote. On top of that they can’t read those lines very well. Have you ever seen a bloopers show?

They live in a bubble and have no idea or they have a twisted idea of the world. When they go to Cuba and praise a dictator like Castro then they are traitors to freedom and the United States and to the Cuban people. How damn dumb can you be to see the plight of the Cuban people. How they have for decades risk their lives to get away from the island and Castro. Ah, but they have free education and free medical care. What kind of moron thinks this is a good thing while they have no freedom or anything else free? I’ll tell you, dumb ass civilian actors that never served in the military or served their country in any capacity.

Then there was Danny Glover who went to Venezuela and praised Hugo Chavez and called him “my brother.” What sick SOB could think this guy was his brother? A communist dictator that oppressed his people and killed any opposition. How in any way shape or form could Glover praise this man?

How about Michael Moore who thinks Castro is so great because of the free education (communist brainwashing) and free medical care. It doesn’t matter these people are so oppressed they continue to flee the country in droves. Apparently those freebies aren’t so great? Michael Moore is a fat lazy moron who has to lie and take stuff out of context in his movies to make himself right or to make his point.

Celebrities serve no useful purpose and contribute nothing to society.

They like to think they do with their little movies on social issues that might be 50% factual. Or their charity work as long as they get credit and face time for it. They contribute nothing to America. They don’t cure diseases, discover a planet, invent something to improve our lives or anything else. AND no I don’t either. I did serve my country in the military for 20 years unlike the likes of Harrison Ford who dodged the draft as a conscientious objector. So he let others go and die and get shot and lose limbs so he could make 20 million or more on a picture and marry or live with a younger woman. Now that is serving America, NOT.

Back in the day actors actually served and fought in WWII but not today. They can sure preach and protest and curse President Trump and call a lot of us Americans names and they can sure spread the HATE. But serve their country, not a damn chance.

How about those disasters and they go and do a concert and then donate some of the money. Yes, they DONATE YOUR DAMN MONEY NOT THEIRS. They sure don’t get out there and help rebuild and clean up but they are sure good at tearing things down, LIKE THE COUNTRY AND PRESIDENT. They wouldn’t get their hands dirty but have dirty minds and mouths.

And when the hell are they leaving the country or planet?

Not one has left yet but they can sure make jokes, lie, cheat and steal. How about that genius Madonna who said she thought about blowing up the White House. Her ass should have been in jail/prison for that. Then said she was talking in metaphor? So saying she thought of blowing up the White House is a metaphor for blowing up the White House? Again they show us how smart celebrities are when she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word metaphor. But they do know misogynist, they all learned that in 2016 a new big word that another genius, Alicia Keyes said she wouldn’t let her kids watch the 1938 Disney classic, Snow White because it was misogynistic. Hello moron this was 1938 AND it is in no way misogynistic. This was 1938 when America had more common sense and education. When celebrities didn’t show us their ignorance.

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The Democrats and liberal media are out of control.

Where the hell is the socialist media?

These networks CBS, NBC, and ABC didn’t even report the rape of a 14 year old girl by two illegal aliens in a Maryland school on their nightly news OR their morning news shows the next day. They are sick bastards and need to have their licenses revoked. They are so sick just like the Nazi media machine that they won’t tell you stories that conflict with their Nazi/socialist agenda. This is a sick as it gets when they protect the liberal media’s illegal alien agenda. When they won’t report it because it will help Trump’s agenda of stopping and deporting illegal aliens.

I can only hope that everyone that works at these sick places of employment have their daughters raped or murdered by some sick twisted illegal aliens. I know that is harsh but this is about as low and sick as it gets. They protect and stand up for the perverted gay and lesbian agenda and now this.

Here is my suggestion.

Hit the liberal media and their primetime networks where it hurts. Don’t watch their primetime shows or sports shows or anything else they televise. And make sure you aren’t watching their affiliates. Like NBC owns USA and other networks. America decided against this crap in 2016 by voting for Trump instead of the murdering, lying killer Hillary. ESPN thought they were cute by giving Bruce Jenner the woman a courage award and are now losing subscribers at an alarming rate. I know I never watch any of ESPNs shows since the fired Hank Williams Jr. for criticizing Obama yet they can say anything they want……..AS USUAL.

You can also write to them and write their sponsors telling them you will not be watching them. With cable there are too many options of shows to watch or stream a movie like with Netflix etc. Then there is Amazon and Hulu and others to watch.

Everyone should be outraged.

People should be rioting and burning shit like blacks do when someone is shot, guilty or not. They should be throwing stones at the police and the damn school for not protecting this girl. In fact burn the damn school down. That is what the liberals funded by George Soros did after the election. This is what you get with a bunch of unionized teachers and administrators.

No one has asked where were the teachers and administrators when this girl was dragged into a bathroom and raped? Why the hell didn’t any other student step in? They must be snowflakes and part of cupcake nation. They are as guilty as the participants.

Maryland a lovely place NOT to live.

This is the same state that a restaurant owner offered Manny Machado free seafood for life for fighting during a baseball game. Some example for your kids. This is the same state that passed legislation the same day as the rape to become a sanctuary city. They are truly sick people in Maryland.

Hillary Clinton said about the illegal alien ban “this is not who we are.” Well, now you see who she, the Democrats, the liberal media and liberal news media are. They are all about votes and will defend anyone as long as it gets them a vote and if that doesn’t do it then get people that aren’t citizens to vote. Why do you think they don’t want a law for picture IDs when you vote? Why do you think the ACLU is fighting against proving you are a citizen when you vote? Anyone that is a legal voter won’t have trouble with these requirements. You have to have a damn ID to buy a beer for God’s sake or to cash a check but hell lets decide the fate of the country and who our president is by whatever means possible.

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Teachers and unions and being underpaid – bullshit.

I am sick of hearing teachers are underpaid.

Yes, I am sick of hearing they are underpaid. They are union workers and I can’t imagine they are under paid. No, they don’t make as much as a lawyer, doctor or other professions but then again they only work 180 days a year. That’s right they work less than half a year. They also don’t work weekends and holidays. Also they don’t work an 8 hour day. Most schools are in session 6 hours.

Now I know there are people or teachers that can debunk this and there are always exceptions but for the most part I am right.

Unions only ruin things today.

Unions had a time and a place to protect workers etc. but now unions only ruin things today. Look at the school system. Look at the Post Office that is always on the verge of going bankrupt and then there are the shootings. Why? Do they drive these employees to the breaking point. How about almost any government office, like the DMV. Why do you think there are so many jokes about them? Because the don’t do anything because they CAN’T BE FIRED as with most government offices, hello.

Back in the day teachers were underpaid.

Back when I went to school teachers were underpaid. I can remember seeing my Biology teacher working at Sears and I am sure others had jobs but not today. I see teachers driving new cars as I am sure their spouse does too. They live in houses like you and I. Maybe not mansions but houses none the less.

Here is what I know.

Whenever they throw money at the school system a good portion goes to teachers, administrators and other school employees. This is why pouring more money into the system hasn’t work for the most part.

What they need is more time. They have been using this 180 day year as long as I can remember. They have also been using this 6 hour day for as long as I remember. School should be like a job with an 8 hour day and 5 days a week. The year should be extended to 250 days or more. They can eliminate a lot of useless holidays and just take off the main ones like Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving. They can pare down these others like Spring Break that was our Easter break. We would take off Friday, the weekend and Monday after Easter. Spring Break is for college students not elementary, middle school and high school. A lot of these government three day weekends could be skipped and used for teaching/education.

Then there is summer. This three month thing goes back to the days of farming and gathering crops. Cut it down to 6 weeks. With the elimination of all this time off there would be so much time for teaching.

Another thing to make schools better but you will never hear it.

They have no new ideas. They keep doing things the same way for decades. Sure they have computers now and other toys. What they need is to do things differently. Like I once read where adolescents i.e. teenagers need more sleep to function better. SO, what do we do? We send them to school in my area around 7:30 a.m. and then send out elementary kids in at around 9:30 in my area.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but when my kids were young they were up at the crack of dawn. My daughter when a teen could sleep all day when she was off. I finally put a 10 a.m. limit on her.

Do you think the school system/unions would ever change this and flip flop the schedules? Not a chance in hell. “We have always done it this way and it works.” But how the hell do you know if it works better than changing when you never change it.

How about this.

Why is there a schoolboard these days? Does anyone attend these meetings and how much do these people make? More importantly what do they do these days that can’t be done by volunteers or the local communities. My point is some other idea.

In my opinion they should privatize the school system. This would send the unions in an all out war because then they might have to do the job right if not protected by a union. Just like most other jobs these people can’t be fired for underperforming.

Like a teacher my son had in East Pasco county Florida one year. He was here for one year and then was going to the West side of the county so he did nothing the entire year except write assignments on the board and then read the newspaper. Then when my son was in an accident and had a teacher come to the house the guy was falling asleep at the table and he only came one night a week. He was a teacher and coach and my son’s teacher. When I had a complaint he just walked out of the room because he was insulted.

The states could come up with a figure of what each child costs and give vouchers for that amount and private schools would be required to accept it. With all the savings they could even figure out this amount and add 20% and give a 10% increase every year. Think of the billions they would save that your elected representatives could waste on other things. No buses or drivers, no buildings, no maintenance, no retirements to pay, no lunches to fix, no books, no equipment no electricity bill, no water bill, no lawsuits and the list is endless. This will never happen either.

I know there are good teachers out there.

All the time I went to school I only remember two encouraging me in anything. Mr. Rickman in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. I had and English teacher in Jr. High that encouraged me in writing when we were in English Literature and had to write stories.

I had a teacher in Jr. High that took delight in harassing me EVERY DAY. I wore a type of shirt that didn’t have to be tucked in per school rules. It was called a BanLon shirt and had this band around the bottom. You can look it up on the net. Well, this jackass took delight in making me tuck this in EVERY DAY. He had one hand and I guess was just a miserable person or just didn’t like me. Back then you didn’t talk back.

Then I had a shop teacher that apparently didn’t like me. I had never worked with wood and we had to design something and make it. I made a night stand I found in a Penney’s catalog and drew it up with dimensions etc. I then made the damn thing while 90% of the class did nothing but goof off. I also made a wall hanging that year too. I got a C in the class. I can’t imagine what the rest got because only 3 of us made anything.

Teachers are suppose to do more than teach. They certainly aren’t suppose to crush your spirit.

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Democrats and Nazis, what do they have in common?

Democrats/liberals like to throw the name Nazis around.

Yes they like to call anyone they don’t like a Nazi. They are talking about a group that was led by the most sick, twisted, despicable individual in history Hitler.

Democrats/liberals like to throw names around because they don’t have the intellect to make a point so their alternative is to label you to try to make you irrelevant. They don’t have the intellect because they are drones that believe everything the liberal socialist media tells them. They believe the media even when it is proven they lie, like the Washington Post lied about the Russian’s hacking the electrical grid.

In a recent survey 86% of Democrats said they believe the media instead of Trump. Again they believe even though the media has been proven to lie time and again. Could these people be any dumber?

So lets examine who is the real Nazis here.

Start with Hollywood. Apparently celebrities are afraid of not getting hired if they show ANY support for Trump or show up at the inauguration. Even Marie Osmond said she would appear and apparently someone got to her because she recanted and said she wouldn’t appear. She apparently doesn’t have much faith in God.

Then there is the lie of separation of church and state in the constitution. It is not there.

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

Just like the liberal media, they follow this.
I think this applies to all politicians.
I love this one, Michelle Obama said we must change our traditions. The liberals have changed education and use it as a political tool to brainwash children and young adults. Use these links to see more of what Goebbels said.
So you can see this applies to the liberal media and Democrats. They are the party of hate. And you can see they are the real Nazis.

Democrats are elitist jerks with an air of superiority.

Liberal Democrats are so comfortable in their superiority that they can’t see the real world and that they are being lied to and pandered to. One thing is for sure the liberals don’t let facts get in the way of their thinking and I use the word thinking loosely.

Like this racist black congressman John Lewis that says Trump isn’t the legitimate president because of the Russian hack. Not one damn shred of evidence that the Russians hacked anything, but again they don’t let facts get in the way. AND if they hacked something what the hell was it. Did they change votes? NO!! This guy is nothing more than a racist who is living on the reputation of having a small part in civil rights movement and rubbing elbows with Martin Luther King Jr. He, like Jesse Jackson lived off of MLK until Jesse ran his mouth too much and became irrelevant and showed his racism.

Now WikiLeaks has proven the CIA has the capability to hack and make it look like the Russians did it and I would guess this will be proven that they were the ones that did the hacking. Why? To delegitimize Trump and explain their crushing defeat.

Now the media and Democrats have dropped the hacking and moved on to collusion between Russia and Trump. So I received my orders on how to vote from Vladimir Putin didn’t you, NOT. I received my emails and letters from Russia, NOT. So just how did Russia affect the outcome of the election. THEY DIDN’T AND THERE IS NO PROOF THEY DID. Four months later cupcake nation can’t deal with the fact they lost the election. The snowflakes are crying and stomping their feet but it does no good, YOU LOST.

The best part of all this is just days before the election Obama told us there was NO WAY to rig the election. He said it was impossible and that Trump better worry about getting votes in a mocking tone. Obama said it couldn’t be rigged because it was too decentralized. NOW, all they can say is the Russians hacked it and rigged it and other bullshit.

Democrats and the media don’t like you, the average American.

They could care less about you and whether you are dead or alive. Whether you have food on your table or a roof over your head. They only care about their socialist agenda and controlling YOU AND AMERICA. They want you dependent on the government for EVERYTHING. They don’t want you to think. They don’t want you to talk to each other. They want you to hate each other, divide and conquer.

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Reese’s Peanut buttercups (Christmas) trees.

Tired of people/companies that don’t want to offend really small groups.

I am damned tired of companies that don’t want to offend small groups while offending the majority of people.

Liberals have taken over most of the businesses, colleges, media, entertainment industry i.e. Hollywood. These people sing Kumbaya and talk inclusion and acceptance and tolerance and all those other wonderful words. All the while telling other actors not to go to the inauguration. AND apparently threatening them if they did attend the inauguration. All the while threatening to blow up the White House (Madonna). All the while threatening President Trump himself (Amy Schumer). All the while saying he isn’t my president and rioting and destroying other people’s property. People that are trying to make a living and they destroy their businesses etc.

I am tired of hearing about George Soros who is nothing more than a domestic terrorist. His assets should be seized or frozen and he should be deported or put in prison. If he didn’t have millions or billions he would be in prison.

Reese’s Peanut Buttercup (Christmas) trees.

So the dumb asses at Hershey’s who own Reese’s have decided to not offend the people that don’t like Christmas. The funny thing here is in all this deleting Christmas I have never heard one person say they are offended by Christmas. These jackass companies talk about inclusion of these small groups while EXCLUDING Christmas. So as not to offend these pain in the ass small groups they offend the rest of us. Well, screw you Hershey’s. Instead of making their peanut butter trees and labeling them Christmas trees the just call them trees. Again, screw you Hershey’s. Even though this is my favorite candy and I believe is the number one candy bar in America I have quit buying them. Let them make money on the small group they are trying to please because Hershey’s sure isn’t American anymore.

It is estimated 2 billion people in the world celebrate Christmas. The United States is approximately 80% Christian which means they celebrate Christmas. AND yet these companies don’t get it. This is where your profits come from NOT the small group that doesn’t celebrate or like Christmas. Lastly Christmas is the only holiday that uses a tree so WTF are these companies doing.

This is our holiday and a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Here is my problem with this bullshit. If you go to these countries and they don’t celebrate Christmas that is OK with me. I am not sure if we/you could celebrate Christmas in their country BUT I do know if they come here they have the freedom to celebrate their holidays and traditions so piss off if you don’t like Christmas. There are plenty of other places to go in the world and lots of countries that don’t celebrate Christmas that should make you happy. There is no way you should be able to come here and tell Americans how to live, what to celebrate and that you are offended by our holidays and traditions. If you don’t like it get out, go back where you came from and do it now. We don’t tell you how to live so don’t tell us how to live.

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