Steinbrenner stupidity

I have been a Yankee fan since the age of 10. If you read who I am I grew up in Florida. At the time there were no big league baseball teams in Florida BUT the Yankees did spring train here in Fort Lauderdale. So, I became a Yankee fan.

The Hell of George Steinbrenner

In 1973 George Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees and for the next 37 years till his death in 2010 it was hell. The only time the Yankees won during his tenure was while and after his two suspensions. In 1974 he was suspended for illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon. He was given a two year suspension. It was later commuted to 15 months that still puts it in 1976 the first of three years the Yankees went to the World Series, winning in 1977 and 1978.

The 1980s and no World Series wins.

Then we have the 1980s when George was writing checks and buying over the hill players and trading all his future stars from the minors till the minor league system was depleted. The 80s were the only decade the Yankees NEVER won a World Series since the 1910s. George didn’t know a baseball player from a baseball bat.

The dumbest advice ever.

His only rule apparently had come from a friend who told him New York was a city of stars and the Yankees needed stars. So George bought stars even though they were washed up and over the hill and then went on a tirade when they didn’t win. This I believe is why he hired Billy Martin over and over because Billy could win with a high school team and made George look good, for a time anyway.

The 1990s and George’s second suspension

In 1990 he was suspended again for two years and when he came back he actually allowed Gene Michael to run things. Michael was able to bring up the likes of Jeter, Rivera, Bernie Williams and others instead of trading them for washed up players. Then the Yankees won World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and later in 2009.

George retires, thank God.

Then in 2007 Hal Steinbrenner offers Torre a contract he knows he won’t take. The same Joe Torre who had them in the playoffs 12 out of 12 years and won 4 World Series. Torre also managed the 1998 team that had 127 wins and is rated as one of the best teams ever. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again. Then he hires a manager, Joe Girardi that has a losing record who excels with two playoff appearances in 9 years and ONE World Series. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again.

Then there is Don Mattingly.

No sense hiring a winner and Yankee hero to manage. So they pissed off Don Mattingly who leaves with Torre to the Dodgers and then later takes over the manager’s job and wins. On September 29, 2015, Mattingly became the first manager in the history of the Dodgers franchise, in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, to lead the team to the playoffs in three consecutive seasons. He had a 446–363 record with the Dodgers, with a winning percentage of .551 which is second best in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Now Donny baseball is in Miami with a young team winning again and doesn’t have a 200 million dollar payroll. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving even after George’s death.

Hal Steinbrenner following in dad’s footsteps.

Then there are all the OLD over the hill free agents of the current 2016 Yankees. Most of them can’t get out of their own way. And Girardi stands in the dugout like a statue until the seventh inning when he can show his stuff by changing pitchers every other batter. God knows he won’t hit and run, or sacrifice bunt, or suicide squeeze, play small ball or anything else. There is no way he can ask these players making millions to bunt or sacrifice. They go out and get Brian McCann when they have a minor league full of catchers and trade John Ryan Murphy. And it doesn’t seem that Brian Cashman is as good an everyone says, he seems to be influenced by Steinbrenner stupidity.

1973 to 2016

Today’s Yankees are in fourth place only because the Rays suck and are losing almost every day. So for 37 years and billions spent the Yankees and the Steinbrenners have 7 World Series wins to show for it. Here are some fun facts. The Yankees won a World Series in 1962 and it would be a drought of 14 years before they would win again in 1977 this after George was suspended or 2 years. With George at the helm they won in 1977 and 1978. It would be 17 years till they would win again in 1996 and would win 3 in a row and 4 out of 5 WS. Then they won in 2000 and it would be 8 more years before they won in 2009. So 30 years out of the 37 Steinbrenner years are without a World Series win. The 37 years before the Steinbrenners, the Yankees won 16 World Series wins going back to 1936. And they called him the Boss? And to think Cleveland almost had him.

How about them Rays?

Until this year the Rays year after year brought up player after player and pitcher after pitcher and had success and even got to the 2008 World Series that they should have won. In 2009 the Yankees went to the World Series and won. So they both went to a World Series since 2001 to 2016 yet the Rays bring up minor leaguers and the Yankees apparently don’t have any or very few since there are almost none to speak of in New York. So do the Rays have a better system than the Yankees that spend millions every year? Is this the affect of Steinbrenner stupidity. George traded them all away in the 1980s and now they don’t seem to have any either.

Now a Marlins fan.

From 1975 to 1991 I was stationed in Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB. I didn’t much like the Reds, actually I hated them but when the former Yankee Lou Piniella took the managers job I started following them and in 1990 they won the World Series. NOW, Don Mattingly is in Miami managing the Marlins so since they are more interesting and have a winning record I am following them. Mattingly is winning and winning without a 200 million dollar payroll. And there are a few former Yankees on the Marlins too. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again.

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