Sports are fixed part two – Football

I think football is fixed.

This goes back to the third Super Bowl.

This started as a way to give the old AFL some credibility when merging with the established NFL. This is why Joe Namath could guarantee a win. This is why he did nothing before this Super Bowl or after it. Not to mention the Jets haven’t won anything since 1969 and that Super Bowl.

Now it is about money, gambling and TV.

People tell me it can’t be done. I say bullshit. All it takes is one maybe two referees. How many times has a team been in the red zone and there is a penalty that throws them back to third and 25 or whatever and kills the drive. All it takes is a penalty here or a penalty there.

So billions are bet on football and sports in general. Do you think they leave that to chance? Then there is TV and they want the glamor teams and the money they bring to charge for commercials. That would be 5 million for a 30 second ad in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event so it doesn’t take much to get people watching.

How about those refs?

How many times have you seen a call that makes no sense. Or a call that should have been called against one team and the refs call something against the other team. Then there are the no calls on obvious penalties. What really gets me here is when the damn announcers look at it and say “good NO call.” WTF is that? Sorry but if it was a penalty it should be called.

Then they came up with reviews BUT there are things they can’t review. This is just another way to keep control of the game. AND the damn refs that made the call review the play. Doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with this? At least baseball has someone in some other place to do a review. I don’t know if they are umps or former umps but they shouldn’t be.

There are games and teams that go the whole game without a penalty. This is impossible. I watched a preseason game where the one team didn’t get a penalty until the end of the third quarter. Again this is impossible especially in preseason when they are playing players from the college draft etc.

I have seen defensive backs run into receivers with their back to the ball with their hands in the air and no call. This is called face guarding and is a penalty. Then a defensive back in the same game is running with the receiver and is looking at the ball, goes up to block or intercept and they touch and it is called interference. Bullshit.

Then there is illegal contact versus interference. Illegal contact is a lesser penalty and is another way to control the game giving a penalty but giving a team a break with a lesser penalty.

There are games today when a team goes a whole game with no holding calls. This is really impossible. It was once said the refs could call holding on every play so how the hell do they not call if for a whole game?

How about that bullshit rule where receivers have to maintain possession through the “process.” This is really bullshit. A running back can dive over and break the plane with the ball and have it knocked from his hands and that is a TD. I saw a game with the Packers where the receiver caught the ball on the one or two yard line. He stepped over with one foot, broke the plane and his second foot was out of bounds and not in the end zone. They called no catch even though he had both feet on the ground when he caught it and then stepped over the goal line and out of bounds. This is the same as a runner being pushed out of bounds at the goal line and side line and as he goes out he sticks the ball out and breaks the plane or touches the pylon.

There are just too many non-calls, wrong calls, or ridiculous calls that are made by men that are suppose to be professional. That and they make chump change while athletes are making millions. Don’t you think they could be bribed in some way. How about the players some of which blow their money or have cocaine habits or other vices like gambling. Don’t you think they could be bribed. Hell they catch college kids shaving points and throwing games.

How many times have you seen a ref looking right at a play and make no call?

The announcers suck.

I guess they have their marching orders from the league. You very rarely hear them question a call. Phil Simms is the biggest butt kisser in the league. I have seen him agree with the refs on 99.9% of the calls. I have seen him agree and then the ref changes the call and he agrees with the change.

These announcers really piss me off because sometimes I have no idea what they are looking at when I can clearly see on TV what the penalty was or the problem was. Then they try to tell you that you didn’t see what you saw with your own eyes.

The horse collar.

Here is another example of stupid rules. These players have long hair and it is ok to grab it because they say it is part of the uniform. BUT if you actually grab the uniform where the name of the player is then that is a horse collar. You don’t even have to grab the collar. How can you grab the hair and it be part of the uniform but when you actually grab the uniform it is a penalty when the hair is NOT. This is bullshit.

Letting them play.

This is just and excuse for not calling penalties when a team gets called a lot for penalties. The Raiders use to be the most penalized team in football while the Shula Dolphins were always the least penalized but when the played each other the Dolphins would come away with more penalties.

This “let them play” is just an excuse for allowing the thugs to run the game. Like when New Orleans had a bounty on Favre and other QBs and they almost knocked Favre out of the playoff game. There were few calls for roughing the passer in that game if there were any calls at all. There is a ref behind the QB to protect him and yet most of the time they make no calls. I have seen a QB get hit so hard in the head that his head bends over to his shoulder while another QB barely gets brushed and they call a blow to the head. Just another way to control who wins.

An example of the fix.

2007 Super Bowl, Tony Dungy and Lovey Smith are the head coaches and both are black. I believe they were the only two black head coaches at the time. The league made sure a black coach would win a Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong Dungy deserved it and probably would have won in Tampa if not for the owners firing him for Jon Gruden. Dungy turned around Tampa and taught them how to win. But the league made rules to force teams to interview black candidates and now to further influence them they would make a winning black coach.

Smith did nothing before this Super Bowl or after it but get fired. He never got close again just like Namath in Super Bowl III. Lovie Smith even got fired in Tampa after two seasons. Dungy of course retired.

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