LGBT and other perverts.

I am sick of these perverts and those that support them.

To start off with I don’t care what you do in your bedroom. I do care that you infiltrate the schools and government to spread your sickness and agenda. I do care that you are trying to brainwash Americans and their children to accept this as normal. IT IS NOT. You can’t reproduce so it isn’t normal.

I am sick of those that support you for they are as sick as you are. I am sick of Hollywood putting gay characters in their movies and TV shows and now trying to pervert children by putting gay characters in Disney cartoons etc.

What the hell is wrong with you people? What kind of sex can two lesbians have? They use sex toys or brooms or whatever. This is not normal. How about two guys sticking their penis’ up each other’s ass holes i.e. anus/rectum and getting shit on their dicks. Does that sound romantic or normal. NO. The anus is not a sex organ. Sorry to be blunt but everyone tries to make gays look normal, funny and just like you and I. Well, they are not.

How about transvestites? These are cross dressers. Don’t you people see there is a problem here? Most of them look ridiculous if not weird or disgusting.

I won’t hardly talk about bi-sexuals. What stupid woman would have sex with a man that had sex with another man? I know a lot of men wouldn’t mind having sex with a woman who has been with another woman, hell they probably want to watch.

If this is ok then why the assuming of the male and female roles?

Why do these sickos assume male and female roles? If you have seen Ellen DeGeneres you can tell she is the male in her relationship. I am also sure you have seen those girly men too that prance around and talk like a girl. So why the hell are they playing the roles? Because they know what is right and wrong. This is why they have a high suicide rate and alcoholism rate. I assume they can’t live with what they are doing because they know it is wrong.

Hollywood, TV and movies oh my.

These people in Hollywood are so lost they have no idea what is real or what reality is. They have no idea what is normal after all they need life coaches, analysts, drugs, alcohol, just to cope. They also don’t mind committing adultery, or perversions.

These people in Hollywood commit suicide, murder, rape, are caught and die in sex traps and devices. How many have gotten away with murder? How many do so many drugs they should be dead and some are i.e. Whitney Houston and she took her daughter with her.

And my favorite, Michael Jackson. What the hell happened to this man? He was cute and talented and turned into a freak sleeping with children and giving them “Jesus juice.” He turned himself white and didn’t look anything like himself when he died. Then they claimed it was a skin disease.

And then they can criticize you if you don’t accept these perverts (LGBTs) and their perversion. They try to make what is wrong right. This is what is wrong when people don’t stand up and say this is wrong and it is wrong. Then they stand up and say who are you to judge? Well, liberal Democrats in Hollywood and the rest of the country judge you ALL the time. When you don’t agree they call you names to shut you up. They judge you as sexist, racist, homophobic etc. etc. AND THAT is judging you. They are also telling you if you think for yourself and not like the crowd/clique then you are wrong. Where is the tolerance and acceptance for you if you disagree with THEM?

I don’t watch TV shows or movies with gay characters or gay actors.

My favorite show, like most people, is NCIS. When they started NCIS: New Orleans I watched because I liked NCIS and Scott Bakula. When they had the episode with the gay coming home from the grocery store and he leaves the infant in the car, the human, and takes in the groceries first. Not only does he take in the groceries he puts them away leaving the child in the car longer. Of course the car is stolen with the child in it. Then the other male comes home and they are calling each other their husband. If that isn’t sick and you don’t see that you are as sick as they are and you have been brainwashed to accept this as normal.

I just watched the new show Bull with Michael Weatherly and right off the bat, a gay character so I am done with that show. I don’t think it would last anyway. This happened last season with Quantico. In the first minute or two here are two gays so no more of that. I implore you to do the same, don’t watch, don’t go to their movies. Tell them it isn’t normal no matter what middle school name they call you. These elitists in Hollywood are losers no matter how much money they have.

Just watched Rachael Ray and she had Judith Light on and her show Transparent. Judith says you don’t watch it you feel Transparent. Then she says the show is about if you tell someone your secret will they, your family, still love you? Of course they didn’t say it but you know they are talking about being gay.

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