More stupid crap in movies and TV.

How about commitment?

EVERYONE, that is EVERY character is afraid of commitment. God help us. Is this all the writers can come up with. Again they are in a fantasy world and don’t know how the real world works. They live in a bubble and think they know the ways of the world. I have never known anyone that was afraid of commitment.

Sex in the movies and especially TV.

Why bother showing this on TV. They can’t show nudity so why bother. Then there are those women with their bras on and that are suppose to be having sex? OMG. Again why bother if you can’t show a woman’s breasts on TV? The last thing I would do is have sex with a woman and she has her bra on. She might as well leave her panties on and everything else too.

What I really like is the middle school writers that must have come over from Playboy magazine and are writing sex scenes. The same old crap in most shows.

There are the two people that are so hot they can’t stop kissing to get in the door or to even unlock the door. Then they fall in the door on the floor or fall against the furniture, come on man. I like to kiss before, during and after sex but I also like to get to the naked part, hello. I am not going to be so hot that I can’t stop kissing to¬†get into the door and more importantly into the bedroom.

Or the camera follows a line of clothes from the door or wherever to the bedroom. Who the hell does this? I may drop my clothes and hers on the floor in the bedroom but not in a neat line to the bedroom from the front door.

Then they have people having sex all over the house. On the table, ewwwww! On the counter, up against the wall, anywhere but in the nice soft comfortable bed. Is this suppose to be sexy? If I knew my friends had sex on their dining room table I would never eat there again and I don’t care how much or how well they cleaned it.

Lastly, I think, is when they show people having sex in public. NOT!! You go to jail for this and yet these writers have no sense of reality. Yes there are a few morons out there that try it I am sure.

Here is my problem. What the hell do you do with all the fluids after you have had sex somewhere out there? Do you leave it running down your legs, both of you? Just saying. Do you just put your underwear back on over the yuk?

What is really disgusting is when they show people having sex in a public restroom. WTF. I don’t like even standing in there to pee and will only use the toilet if I am dying and yet here are people having sex in the most disgusting, most dirtiest place I can think of in public. Sure there are clean restrooms out there but none clean enough for sex.

Then the moron writers have people doing it at work on a damn desk. They sweep away the crap on the desk and start doing it, yeah right!! As with doing it in public and going to jail this is going to get you fired, on the spot AND how embarrassing if you get caught. But THEY NEVER THINK OF THAT WHEN WRITING THIS CRAP.

Whipped cream and chocolate, WTF.

This is almost as nasty as sex in public or a public restroom. Again these writers in Hollywood know nothing about sex and I know there are some strange people out there that have and will try this, but why?

So you put this on someone’s body or body parts and then lick it off? I have never tried this but it sounds gross. Then when that is over, the licking, then you put your bodies together and yuk. You stick. It is nasty and I don’t know what but it isn’t sexy. What I like is a clean bed, clean sheets and two clean bodies for sex. I don’t want to do it in the sand on the beach, on the floor, on the table, in the grass or anywhere else. This is not sexy or romantic.

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