The Constitution and the First Amendment.


I read recently where 67% of Americans believe that “separation of church and state” is in the first amendment. It is NOT. Below is the first amendment to the Constitution. Read it for yourself.

The amendment as adopted in 1791 reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Shout it loud enough and long enough.

It was the Nazis, Hitler and Goebbels that said the following things about lies. Apparently this is the case with the separation of church and state. The liberals in the government, the media, the ACLU and the supreme court have used what is not there. They have shouted it long enough and loud enough until people believe it.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.     Adolf Hitler.

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

The truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Joseph Goebbels

So when they tell you there is a separation of church and state they are lying. It does not exist in the Constitution. They are interpreting it to be there. The Constitution is not to be interpreted it should be read exactly as it is written. You can twist anything if you interpret it. To say this or that is what the writers of the Constitution meant is ludicrous. To say you can read or KNOW what was in their minds over 200 hears ago is arrogant and self-serving.

Just like if Hillary is elected she is going to tell you the Second Amendment doesn’t mean we get to bear arms. Bullshit. It has been that way for 240 years and now her highness wants to rewrite it? Bullshit. The Second Amendment follows. They want to twist this part about the Militia, (that is us) and it being necessary for the security of a free state, not the country but a state. To protect us from tyranny from our own government as was the case in England.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I am a twenty year veteran of the military and every time I reenlisted I took the almost the exact same oath everyone else takes including the President. To defend and protect this country for all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

Liberals like to label you.

Above you can see how the Nazis used lies to literally brainwash people. I believe this is why the whole nation when crazy and followed a madman. Today the liberal Democrats like to throw the term Hitler and Nazis around when speaking of the opposition i.e. the Republicans. So that means you all you registered Republicans, they are judging you and labeling you.

Because of his limited education and vocabulary Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day called Trump a fucking Hitler. Cher, one of the great minds of our time called Trump Hitler. These people are sick to compare anyone to this maniac. Not only that the liberal media is doing it. Why? Because they fear Hillary can’t beat him.

So what they are doing is Saul Alinsky tactics along with Hitler and Goebbels ideals. Accuse someone of doing what Democrats are doing or being i.e. Hitler. Tell the lie long enough and people will believe it. They are sick.

Liberals can say anything but when you disagree they label you a racist, sexist or some other name and my favorite homophobic. A word they made up because they have little to no vocabulary or education and if they do have an education it is a faux degree they never used or will use like the celebrities in Hollywood.

Christianity and the Bible.

Like the Nazis, Hitler and the Communists they didn’t believe in God or the Bible. They burned books as well as the Bible. Well, here in America they can’t burn books, at least not yet.

This is why they have come up with this lie of “separation of church and state.” We the people are the government. If WE want a nativity one the courthouse lawn then that is where is should be. If WE want the 10 commandments in the courthouse or other government buildings, then that is where it should be. It is NOT up to our representatives or the Supreme Court to decide that.

The Supreme Court was never meant to be that powerful. It was never meant to make laws and that is exactly what they are doing. It is up to US to stop them and I don’t mean by voting because people continue to vote for the same liars, thieves, cheats, crooks and murderers.

Physically take back our country.

We need to take back our country. We aren’t going to do it with votes because most voters are uneducated as to what your representative has done.

What we need is the American Revolution the sequel. This is why they want gun control. This is why Hillary talks of confiscating your guns. This is why China and Russia can control billions and millions of people. NO DAMN GUNS.

This is why Obama signed a directive to be able to use the military against Americans. Yes, the very people that voted him in he wants to use the military against US. Why would he feel he needs this option? HE is a hate monger and racist. Why else would he sit in a church where the pastor said “Goddamn America.”

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Gus Bilirakis – Gus is for Gus and not for US.

Gus is NOT for us.

Gus Bilirakis has these cute little signs around his district saying, “Gus is for us.” He is not. Old Gus is a member of congress from a district in Pasco county Florida. That would be Florida’s 12th district in the Tampa area.

I am a twenty year veteran of the United States Air Force. For the past two years or so I have been ignored by Gus and his staff. I have emailed them to no avail. They have ignored the emails and removed me from Gus’ newsletter list. Apparently to keep me in the dark for whatever reason.

So I finally sent a real letter to his Washington office and apparently it got to the right person and got noticed. Suddenly I received a call and then an email from his chief of staff an Elizabeth Hittos who told me they didn’t get my emails. Yeah, right.

Funny, I have been represented by Ginny Brown Waite, Richard Nugent and never had a problem emailing them through their website. I also never had a problem receiving their newsletter in fact I still receive one from Rich Nugent.

She even told me they have a retired military man working in Gus’s office and yet I didn’t hear from him either and I am a 20 year veteran. I was enlisted so this guy is probably a retired officer and too good to correspond with me i.e. the riff raff.

Anyway this Elizabeth Hittos blamed me for not receiving the newsletter as they misinterpreted my saying that I didn’t want to hear from their office. So if they didn’t get my emails where did it say I didn’t want to hear from them? I hadn’t received anything from them in two years or longer. She claims they didn’t receive my emails so how did they assume I didn’t want to hear from them?

Then this Elizabeth Hittos says she will get me answers on several subjects and then I hear NOTHING again. That was July 8th and NOTHING. That’s three damn months and she said she would get back to me early the following week.

I again sent a letter to the Washington office again and apparently someone there has been told to ignore me now. I received no answer since then.

Politicians lie and their staffs too.

They have a 90% reelection rate so they think they can do anything they want. They must be right because voters are too dumb to look at records or find out what these losers have done while in office. It is see the name and vote for him. And in this case of Bilirakis his daddy held the office from 1983 to 2007and when he retired good old Gus jumped in and ran and the moron voters seeing the Bilirakis name voted for him probably not realizing it was Michael Bilirakis’ son.

As for me I don’t vote for any incumbent. They have to dazzle me with their record and that is NEVER going to happen because they don’t do a damn thing. Try to look up Gus’ record. See how many votes occurred during his term. How many votes he showed up for and how many votes he cast and for what. Or is he like Marco Rubio that doesn’t show up and then when he does he votes against things his constituents want.

What do they do while in office?

WTF do they do? Try to find information on votes he made. Legislation he submitted. As far as I can tell old Gus has done nothing. I see no bills submitted. I see no bills he voted for. All I see is a career politician who has never held a real job.

We have a lot of those in Florida I am sure you do too wherever you are. Guys like Charlie Christ who has lost in the last three or four elections and here he is running again in 2016. WTF. Why doesn’t this guy take a hint WE DON’T WANT HIM IN ANY OFFICE IN ANY CAPACITY. Another career politician that can’t get a real job or never held a real job.

So if you live in old Gus’ district vote his ass out. I will vote against him I don’t care if they run a goat against him and I will continue to vote against him. Old Gus is not for US or you or me or anyone but Gus Bilirakis.


Hillary panders and lies and says nothing

Hillary panders to every group.

When the hell are you people going to wise up. She is just telling you what you want to hear whether you are black, Hispanic, a woman etc. She does two things with her mouth, lie and pander.

In one of her ads she says she has spent her whole life fighting for people. Who the hell has she been fighting and for what? In the same ad she says she is fighting to make sure everyone in this room, this state can realize their full potential. WTF does that mean, NOTHING. How does she know or how is she going to know their full potential and potential for WHAT?

Some people’s full potential is to work at WalMart or McDonald’s or become a lawyer or doctor. How the hell is or does Hillary know. Did she follow their progress? Did she interview everyone and help them realize their full potential? Hell no but she was fighting for them. Again who was she fighting and for what? How was she fighting for them? Does she give one example of someone she helped. NO.

Hillary lies all the time.

Lets see, she lied about Benghazi when we were told it was caused by a movie. She still hasn’t answered for this and on top of that she says the people that were there are lying and NOT HER.

Of course she wasn’t lying when she said they “took fire” while overseas. She must have served with John Kerry.

She lied about the email controversy and didn’t release her servers until they were scrubbed clean and then goes on late night talk and says her emails are boring. Well if they were so boring why erase them?

Then Bill meets with the head of the Department of Justice Loretta Lynch right before the FBI whitewashes Hillary. The agents weren’t happy. They built a case and this James Comey dismisses it. He is a boot licking Obama appointee. I am sure Obama gave the order to clear her but what are the damn Republicans doing? I think they have had seven or eight damn investigations and do nothing.

Why don’t they do anything? Like it says in the Bible, he who is without sin cast the first stone. So these assholes in congress all have skeletons in the closet. Not only that there are no Democrats or Republicans in congress, just lying, pandering, ass kissing politicians who are bought by the highest bidder.

It is all about divide and conquer. They can’t defeat over 300 million Americans with guns. Why else does China and Russia control billions and millions? They have no damn guns. That is why the Democrats are gun control freaks. That is why the founding fathers gave us the second amendment and the right to bear arms. That is why the damn Democrats, including Hillary are trying to tell us the Constitution doesn’t say we have the right to bear arms.

They have lied for decades about this separation of church and state. IT IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION.

No equal time anymore.

There is no equal time. I see ad after ad for Hillary and none for Trump except derogatory ads. Ads they edited and clipped together, one have nothing to do with the other to make it look bad. The media doesn’t car because the public is too damn dumb anymore. All the public cares about is getting drunk, TV, legalized marijuana etc. etc.

Like Caesar fiddling while Rome burned you people are jerking off while they take your rights one after the other. Except the right to murder your unborn babies. It is even said 63% of those getting abortions are coerced into it. They even lie to those women and tell them it isn’t alive, it isn’t a person.

Hillary a pathetic excuse for a woman not to mention President.

This is a woman who was embarrassed on a national level with her husband the president screwing several women and STAYED with him. WTF was she thinking. Of course she probably hasn’t had sex with Bill in decades. She is probably as cold and hard as the marble in the White House and Capital building.

Then there is Bill, all he wants is back in the White House even as the First Lady.

I am sick of the hate.

I am damn tired of the representative government because they have long forgotten they are representatives and NOT the government. WE THE PEOPLE are the government.

This is a country of over 300 million people with guns. This is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms to prevent tyranny. To prevent the government from controlling us and who is it that wants gun control and why? The damn people that represent us want to control us they want gun control. Get a damn clue people.

If just one percent showed up in Washington that would be over 3 million people. There is nothing they could do to stop us. There are only about 500,000 military and they are scattered all over the world. There probably aren’t that many cops in the whole United States and they are scattered all over the country. These people can’t control little riots in these cities. What would they do if millions showed up and threw their asses out of Washington.

I am a 20 year veteran and have never owned a gun but I am about ready to pick up arms and take back MY country. Do away with the crooks, liars, murderers etc. Do away with the lobbyists etc. Clean up Washington. This is exactly what they are afraid of and that is why they want gun control.

Obama signs order to use military against Americans.

Hope and change is what you were promised and what did you really get? Threats. Did you know the guy you voted for wants to use force against you? Read this: 

So you go ahead and vote for Hillary. Obama put this in place. Will Hillary use it to take your guns, your homes, your money etc. etc.?


Working at Walmart sucks.

I have heard so much crap about Walmart, mostly from women and mostly about wages. This is retail. You don’t get paid like a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. It is not Walmart’s problem to give you a wage you can support your family on. Like teachers you picked your job so don’t complain about the wages. I have worked several low paying jobs and moved on to higher paying jobs.

If it is so bad why are you working there?

Here’s what I know. Almost every store I have been in the manager is a woman. It looks to me like most of the management is women as well as the workers. If you don’t believe me look at the display board with the managers on it. Look at the workers, most are women. I would guess 80% are women maybe more.

A couple years ago I worked for a company called Teletech. It is a work from home company. They had a line called We Hear You for confidential complaints about the company etc. I called because I thought I was being held back by women. I told them I thought the women numbered about 90% and that doesn’t happen by accident. When they answered me they said it was 80% and blah blah blah blah blah. Then they blew me off. It wasn’t long before Teletech relocated what we were doing to the Philippines call center. I don’t know if this was from my complaint and they were worried about a lawsuit or what.

Walmart and my son, a male worker.

Anyway back to Walmart and my son. A few years ago he was in a car accident and almost died. He came away with a Traumatic Brain Injury and a tremor in his left hand making it difficult to use. He has had trouble getting and keeping jobs because he has some trouble following directions and with his memory.

Well, his mother knew someone that worked at Walmart who told him to do an application and then he got an interview. When they hired him this woman said “you can thank your mother for this.” Not sure what she meant.

So he works there for over three months and was there every day and on time and never missed a day. He even worked for other people who wanted the day off. He started being harassed by this female assistant manager named Linda.

She was following him to the time clock.

She accused him of taking a set of keys that later turned up in another assistant mangers possession who had taken them on vacation.

She accused him of taking $200.00 apparently because this was his transaction. I knew she was lying because they have tons of security cameras and security people. Also the register is used and can be used by everyone in the store. They always had 3 or 4 workers working in electronics all the time (where my son worked) so anyone could and did use the same register including this Linda.

Lastly she accused him of using his cell phone while working. HE DIDN’T HAVE A CELL PHONE. What she saw was him with was a scanner they use to check inventory. Since then I have seen women in the Walmart stores as well as Sam’s Club on cell phones texting etc. There was even a woman pulling a pallet and texting at the same time in Sam’s.

This manager, Linda, calls him in and says he is still temporary, less than 90 days which he was not. He was past 90 days because he had started getting his store discount which is after 90 days. So this woman is a liar and maybe a thief if she took the $200.00. Then she fired him.

As far as management they had a male manager while my son was there and he was fired. A female manager was having sex with a worker and was fired and eventually they ended up with a female manager again.

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Golf’s Ryder Cup – When did we get so stupid?

Are we stupid?

So for 44 years from 1927 to 1971 this was a contest between the United States and England which we won most of the time, England won three times. I guess it was too much for them because then in 1973 Ireland was allowed to compete with England against the U.S. and we still won those three matches of 1973, 1975 and 1977.

Then in 1979 they were allowed to cull all of Europe for the best players and we began to lose. From 1979 to today there have been 18 matches and we have won seven. That’s seven of 18 matches or a little over one-third of the matches, about 39% of the matches. We have lost about two-thirds or 61% of the matches.

What we have is the United States, one country competing against a continent. The continent of Europe. Does that make sense to anyone? It would be like going to the Olympics and the world picking the best players in every event to compete against us as one team.

The European Union.

There are 28 countries in the European Union. Are they selecting golfers from all 28 or is there even more to choose from. What I want to know is, who changed the format and what were they thinking? Were they tired of us winning? They essentially stacked the deck against us.

Phil and Tiger suck.

Part of the problem was even when Tiger Woods was the number one player he sucked in the Ryder Cup and so did Phil. These guys should have stepped down and let someone else play. The selection process should have been changed. And yet they are going to play whether they win or not. Whether America wins or not because they are selfish. Sorry Phil but when you keep losing why are you there? Why do you keep coming back so we can lose?

This year Davis Love III is the captain. The same Davis Love III that lost in 2012. We have lost the last three Ryder Cups. At the time of this writing we have won in 2016. I just don’t get it that we send inferior players to this tournament. Just like the Olympics we send people that have been there and lost and yet they go back again.

I like to win, Americans like to win and to hell with just competing. To hell with “I did my best.” If that is true and we lost then you need to play elsewhere. If you did your best and we lost then you suck. If you watch the Olympics they talk about how many medals they won not how many GOLD medals they won. If you are happy with a silver or bronze then stay home. As the old saying goes, “second place is the first loser.”

It wasn’t long ago some golfer said something like “it was an honor just to play.” That is the sign of a loser. You have to hate to lose to win. These guys today are probably those that got trophies just for playing like they do today. Sorry but it does no good to give everyone a trophy, it doesn’t help your self esteem. Winning builds character as well as the occasional loss. You have to have heart to win, the heart of a champion.

Update: This year we won and the Europeans had the balls to complain about our fans. Again we like to win and our fans are no worse than their fans. I believe it was 1999 when we won and our guys were giving high fives and celebrating and were exuberant and again the Europeans complained we were over the top. Too damn bad. We like to win and we win and we celebrate. We don’t play with a stick up our butts like Europeans.

Then it wasn’t long after that that Sergio Garcia I believe it was got called out for celebrating but that was ok.

They can complain about our fans but they don’t get run over or KILLED like at soccer games in Europe. In those games that end in a tie. No wonder they riot after the games.

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David Ortiz – Cheater, now Mr. All – American.

So this dude is big, not doubt about it. They call him Big Papi which means Big Daddy or Big Papa. So if he is physically big and has this name indicating he a Big Daddy/Papi then why the hell did he have to cheat? Why the hell did he have to use PEDs/steroids? This is pathetic. He couldn’t play the field and was only a designated hitter yet people think he is great.

Trying to look good and innocent, NOW!!

There he is hitting home runs for some small cute little kid that has a heart condition and has had 30 surgeries. For some reason this little guy thinks Ortiz is great. He is 6 and that is all well and good but why now at the end of his career? I am guessing because he knows he will not or should not get into the Hall of Fame.

Call me cynical but I am tired of the campaigning that seems to be going on for Ortiz. To start with he was ONLY a designated hitter. Then most importantly he cheated.

ESPN and other sports outlets are talking him up. Saying stuff like he works hard to do what he does. If he works hard then why the hell did he have to cheat? Why?

Other morons say he is the most memorable Red Sox ever. Wow!! I guess Ted Williams and others that played a complete game and hit .400 doesn’t count. That’s because people today don’t know history, even baseball history. All they know is today. It is like when they voted Seinfeld the best comedy show ever. Yeah right! So the previous 60 years or so didn’t count. If you haven’t seen anything before Seinfeld how can you judge or vote?

Boston won three World Series with this guy and those victories will always be tainted. Boston hadn’t won in 86 years but it doesn’t matter if Ortiz cheated they won.

Is he being tested now?

This guy carried the Red Sox into and through the World Series in 2013. He hit .688 in six game while the rest of the team sucked. Was he juicing again? Did the league test him again? The fans have a right to know if he is cheating and if the league is checking.

There were 8 Boston players that didn’t get a hit in the series, that’s .000. There were players that hit .118, .143, 2 @ .154, .158, .188 and then .208, .250 and . 238. So six players only got one hit in 10 at bats average in six games. The other three got 2 hits in 10 at bats average. Yet Ortiz almost hit .700 when the hell did anyone else do this or come close?

1. Billy Hatcher 4 Games, 12 AB, 9 hits .750 15 1990 WS
2. David Ortiz 6 Games, 16 AB, 11 hits .688 25 2013 WS
3. Babe Ruth 4 Games, 16 AB, 10 hits .625 17 1928 WS
4. Hideki Matsui 6 Games, 13 AB, 8 hits .615 14 2009 WS
5. Ricky Ledee 4 Games, 10 AB, 6 hits .600 13 1998 WS
6. Danny Bautista 5 Games, 12 AB, 7 hits .583 13 2001 WS
7. Ivey Wingo 3 Games, 7 AB, 4 hits .571 11 1919 WS
8. Chris Sabo 4 Games, 16 AB, 9 hits .562 18 1990 WS
9. Lou Gehrig 4 Games, 11 AB, 6 hits .545 17 1928 WS
Hank Gowdy 4 Games, 11 AB, 6 hits .545 16 1914 WS

Not very damn many have done it and certainly not a designated hitter, an old designated hitter. Ortiz was in three WS and hit .308 and .333. Far from .688 and the first were in 2004 and 2007 and then 2013 so he was nine years older and six years older than the first and second WS he was in. In 2013 he was almost 38 years old during the WS. Was he cheating again? Most ball players have their prime about 28. Now at 40 he is having one of his best years. Is he cheating again? Look at all the 40 year old players and see if any are close. I DON’T THINK SO.

Billy Hatcher was in one WS. Ruth only did this one out of seven WS. He hit .300 in five WS and .400 in one WS. Matsui’s other WS he hit .261. Ledee in one WS. Bautista in one WS. Wingo in one WS. Chris Sabo in one WS. Gehrig hit .545 in one WS and .529 in another he was in seven WS. Gowdy was in three WS.

I just know that no one seems to care whether these guys cheated. Fox sports had a piece on about the voting for the Hall of Fame being broken because the best players aren’t in there…….Bonds and Clemens. THEY AREN’T THE BEST THEY CHEATED. They are the best cheaters. They are the best on PEDs/Steroids. You will never know how good they would have been.

I do know they wouldn’t have the home run totals Bonds, McGwire, Sosa and others have without PEDs. I know Melky Cabrera changed the outcome of a whole season by himself by cheating. He helped the National league win the All Star game giving the National League the home field advantage. That team was his San Francisco Giants and even though he didn’t play in the series they won.

When they caught Marion Jones in the Olympics they took her medals. When they “caught” Lance Armstrong they took his titles. Yet Commissioner Selig didn’t remove the records of these cheaters. Why? He doesn’t care he let this go on. Then he says he will leave their records so they remember to NOT do it again. Yet they catch players EVERY damn year, hello. Baseball profited from this cheating so he wasn’t going to do anything.

Basically what they did was nullify the record books. They slapped the players in the face of those that EARNED  their records with skill and determination. These guys took a short cut to win and get paid millions to cheat. A lot of these guys aren’t going to the Hall of Fame anyway so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, i.e. MONEY.

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