David Ortiz – Cheater, now Mr. All – American.

So this dude is big, not doubt about it. They call him Big Papi which means Big Daddy or Big Papa. So if he is physically big and has this name indicating he a Big Daddy/Papi then why the hell did he have to cheat? Why the hell did he have to use PEDs/steroids? This is pathetic. He couldn’t play the field and was only a designated hitter yet people think he is great.

Trying to look good and innocent, NOW!!

There he is hitting home runs for some small cute little kid that has a heart condition and has had 30 surgeries. For some reason this little guy thinks Ortiz is great. He is 6 and that is all well and good but why now at the end of his career? I am guessing because he knows he will not or should not get into the Hall of Fame.

Call me cynical but I am tired of the campaigning that seems to be going on for Ortiz. To start with he was ONLY a designated hitter. Then most importantly he cheated.

ESPN and other sports outlets are talking him up. Saying stuff like he works hard to do what he does. If he works hard then why the hell did he have to cheat? Why?

Other morons say he is the most memorable Red Sox ever. Wow!! I guess Ted Williams and others that played a complete game and hit .400 doesn’t count. That’s because people today don’t know history, even baseball history. All they know is today. It is like when they voted Seinfeld the best comedy show ever. Yeah right! So the previous 60 years or so didn’t count. If you haven’t seen anything before Seinfeld how can you judge or vote?

Boston won three World Series with this guy and those victories will always be tainted. Boston hadn’t won in 86 years but it doesn’t matter if Ortiz cheated they won.

Is he being tested now?

This guy carried the Red Sox into and through the World Series in 2013. He hit .688 in six game while the rest of the team sucked. Was he juicing again? Did the league test him again? The fans have a right to know if he is cheating and if the league is checking.

There were 8 Boston players that didn’t get a hit in the series, that’s .000. There were players that hit .118, .143, 2 @ .154, .158, .188 and then .208, .250 and . 238. So six players only got one hit in 10 at bats average in six games. The other three got 2 hits in 10 at bats average. Yet Ortiz almost hit .700 when the hell did anyone else do this or come close?

1. Billy Hatcher 4 Games, 12 AB, 9 hits .750 15 1990 WS
2. David Ortiz 6 Games, 16 AB, 11 hits .688 25 2013 WS
3. Babe Ruth 4 Games, 16 AB, 10 hits .625 17 1928 WS
4. Hideki Matsui 6 Games, 13 AB, 8 hits .615 14 2009 WS
5. Ricky Ledee 4 Games, 10 AB, 6 hits .600 13 1998 WS
6. Danny Bautista 5 Games, 12 AB, 7 hits .583 13 2001 WS
7. Ivey Wingo 3 Games, 7 AB, 4 hits .571 11 1919 WS
8. Chris Sabo 4 Games, 16 AB, 9 hits .562 18 1990 WS
9. Lou Gehrig 4 Games, 11 AB, 6 hits .545 17 1928 WS
Hank Gowdy 4 Games, 11 AB, 6 hits .545 16 1914 WS

Not very damn many have done it and certainly not a designated hitter, an old designated hitter. Ortiz was in three WS and hit .308 and .333. Far from .688 and the first were in 2004 and 2007 and then 2013 so he was nine years older and six years older than the first and second WS he was in. In 2013 he was almost 38 years old during the WS. Was he cheating again? Most ball players have their prime about 28. Now at 40 he is having one of his best years. Is he cheating again? Look at all the 40 year old players and see if any are close. I DON’T THINK SO.

Billy Hatcher was in one WS. Ruth only did this one out of seven WS. He hit .300 in five WS and .400 in one WS. Matsui’s other WS he hit .261. Ledee in one WS. Bautista in one WS. Wingo in one WS. Chris Sabo in one WS. Gehrig hit .545 in one WS and .529 in another he was in seven WS. Gowdy was in three WS.

I just know that no one seems to care whether these guys cheated. Fox sports had a piece on about the voting for the Hall of Fame being broken because the best players aren’t in there…….Bonds and Clemens. THEY AREN’T THE BEST THEY CHEATED. They are the best cheaters. They are the best on PEDs/Steroids. You will never know how good they would have been.

I do know they wouldn’t have the home run totals Bonds, McGwire, Sosa and others have without PEDs. I know Melky Cabrera changed the outcome of a whole season by himself by cheating. He helped the National league win the All Star game giving the National League the home field advantage. That team was his San Francisco Giants and even though he didn’t play in the series they won.

When they caught Marion Jones in the Olympics they took her medals. When they “caught” Lance Armstrong they took his titles. Yet Commissioner Selig didn’t remove the records of these cheaters. Why? He doesn’t care he let this go on. Then he says he will leave their records so they remember to NOT do it again. Yet they catch players EVERY damn year, hello. Baseball profited from this cheating so he wasn’t going to do anything.

Basically what they did was nullify the record books. They slapped the players in the face of those that EARNED  their records with skill and determination. These guys took a short cut to win and get paid millions to cheat. A lot of these guys aren’t going to the Hall of Fame anyway so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, i.e. MONEY.

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