Golf’s Ryder Cup – When did we get so stupid?

Are we stupid?

So for 44 years from 1927 to 1971 this was a contest between the United States and England which we won most of the time, England won three times. I guess it was too much for them because then in 1973 Ireland was allowed to compete with England against the U.S. and we still won those three matches of 1973, 1975 and 1977.

Then in 1979 they were allowed to cull all of Europe for the best players and we began to lose. From 1979 to today there have been 18 matches and we have won seven. That’s seven of 18 matches or a little over one-third of the matches, about 39% of the matches. We have lost about two-thirds or 61% of the matches.

What we have is the United States, one country competing against a continent. The continent of Europe. Does that make sense to anyone? It would be like going to the Olympics and the world picking the best players in every event to compete against us as one team.

The European Union.

There are 28 countries in the European Union. Are they selecting golfers from all 28 or is there even more to choose from. What I want to know is, who changed the format and what were they thinking? Were they tired of us winning? They essentially stacked the deck against us.

Phil and Tiger suck.

Part of the problem was even when Tiger Woods was the number one player he sucked in the Ryder Cup and so did Phil. These guys should have stepped down and let someone else play. The selection process should have been changed. And yet they are going to play whether they win or not. Whether America wins or not because they are selfish. Sorry Phil but when you keep losing why are you there? Why do you keep coming back so we can lose?

This year Davis Love III is the captain. The same Davis Love III that lost in 2012. We have lost the last three Ryder Cups. At the time of this writing we have won in 2016. I just don’t get it that we send inferior players to this tournament. Just like the Olympics we send people that have been there and lost and yet they go back again.

I like to win, Americans like to win and to hell with just competing. To hell with “I did my best.” If that is true and we lost then you need to play elsewhere. If you did your best and we lost then you suck. If you watch the Olympics they talk about how many medals they won not how many GOLD medals they won. If you are happy with a silver or bronze then stay home. As the old saying goes, “second place is the first loser.”

It wasn’t long ago some golfer said something like “it was an honor just to play.” That is the sign of a loser. You have to hate to lose to win. These guys today are probably those that got trophies just for playing like they do today. Sorry but it does no good to give everyone a trophy, it doesn’t help your self esteem. Winning builds character as well as the occasional loss. You have to have heart to win, the heart of a champion.

Update: This year we won and the Europeans had the balls to complain about our fans. Again we like to win and our fans are no worse than their fans. I believe it was 1999 when we won and our guys were giving high fives and celebrating and were exuberant and again the Europeans complained we were over the top. Too damn bad. We like to win and we win and we celebrate. We don’t play with a stick up our butts like Europeans.

Then it wasn’t long after that that Sergio Garcia I believe it was got called out for celebrating but that was ok.

They can complain about our fans but they don’t get run over or KILLED like at soccer games in Europe. In those games that end in a tie. No wonder they riot after the games.

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