Hillary panders and lies and says nothing

Hillary panders to every group.

When the hell are you people going to wise up. She is just telling you what you want to hear whether you are black, Hispanic, a woman etc. She does two things with her mouth, lie and pander.

In one of her ads she says she has spent her whole life fighting for people. Who the hell has she been fighting and for what? In the same ad she says she is fighting to make sure everyone in this room, this state can realize their full potential. WTF does that mean, NOTHING. How does she know or how is she going to know their full potential and potential for WHAT?

Some people’s full potential is to work at WalMart or McDonald’s or become a lawyer or doctor. How the hell is or does Hillary know. Did she follow their progress? Did she interview everyone and help them realize their full potential? Hell no but she was fighting for them. Again who was she fighting and for what? How was she fighting for them? Does she give one example of someone she helped. NO.

Hillary lies all the time.

Lets see, she lied about Benghazi when we were told it was caused by a movie. She still hasn’t answered for this and on top of that she says the people that were there are lying and NOT HER.

Of course she wasn’t lying when she said they “took fire” while overseas. She must have served with John Kerry.

She lied about the email controversy and didn’t release her servers until they were scrubbed clean and then goes on late night talk and says her emails are boring. Well if they were so boring why erase them?

Then Bill meets with the head of the Department of Justice Loretta Lynch right before the FBI whitewashes Hillary. The agents weren’t happy. They built a case and this James Comey dismisses it. He is a boot licking Obama appointee. I am sure Obama gave the order to clear her but what are the damn Republicans doing? I think they have had seven or eight damn investigations and do nothing.

Why don’t they do anything? Like it says in the Bible, he who is without sin cast the first stone. So these assholes in congress all have skeletons in the closet. Not only that there are no Democrats or Republicans in congress, just lying, pandering, ass kissing politicians who are bought by the highest bidder.

It is all about divide and conquer. They can’t defeat over 300 million Americans with guns. Why else does China and Russia control billions and millions? They have no damn guns. That is why the Democrats are gun control freaks. That is why the founding fathers gave us the second amendment and the right to bear arms. That is why the damn Democrats, including Hillary are trying to tell us the Constitution doesn’t say we have the right to bear arms.

They have lied for decades about this separation of church and state. IT IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION.

No equal time anymore.

There is no equal time. I see ad after ad for Hillary and none for Trump except derogatory ads. Ads they edited and clipped together, one have nothing to do with the other to make it look bad. The media doesn’t car because the public is too damn dumb anymore. All the public cares about is getting drunk, TV, legalized marijuana etc. etc.

Like Caesar fiddling while Rome burned you people are jerking off while they take your rights one after the other. Except the right to murder your unborn babies. It is even said 63% of those getting abortions are coerced into it. They even lie to those women and tell them it isn’t alive, it isn’t a person.

Hillary a pathetic excuse for a woman not to mention President.

This is a woman who was embarrassed on a national level with her husband the president screwing several women and STAYED with him. WTF was she thinking. Of course she probably hasn’t had sex with Bill in decades. She is probably as cold and hard as the marble in the White House and Capital building.

Then there is Bill, all he wants is back in the White House even as the First Lady.

I am sick of the hate.

I am damn tired of the representative government because they have long forgotten they are representatives and NOT the government. WE THE PEOPLE are the government.

This is a country of over 300 million people with guns. This is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms to prevent tyranny. To prevent the government from controlling us and who is it that wants gun control and why? The damn people that represent us want to control us they want gun control. Get a damn clue people.

If just one percent showed up in Washington that would be over 3 million people. There is nothing they could do to stop us. There are only about 500,000 military and they are scattered all over the world. There probably aren’t that many cops in the whole United States and they are scattered all over the country. These people can’t control little riots in these cities. What would they do if millions showed up and threw their asses out of Washington.

I am a 20 year veteran and have never owned a gun but I am about ready to pick up arms and take back MY country. Do away with the crooks, liars, murderers etc. Do away with the lobbyists etc. Clean up Washington. This is exactly what they are afraid of and that is why they want gun control.

Obama signs order to use military against Americans.

Hope and change is what you were promised and what did you really get? Threats. Did you know the guy you voted for wants to use force against you? Read this:


So you go ahead and vote for Hillary. Obama put this in place. Will Hillary use it to take your guns, your homes, your money etc. etc.?


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