All you good little white people do what you are told.

As long as you do what you are told you are OK.

So as long as you do as you are told or what you are told by the left i.e. the liberal media and the liberal Democrats you are OK. If not then you receive the wrath of the Democrats, the Party of Hate. If you don’t stay in line they will call you all kinds of names because that is all they have. They will call you racist, sexist, misogynist (and most of THEM don’t know what it means, especially celebrities) homophobe (they made this one up because their vocabulary is so limited). If they don’t have a word for YOU then they make one up, get it.

We also saw their wrath when Hillary lost. Here is Van Jones of CNN (Clinton News Network) ranting like a crazy man about a “whitelash”. Wow, if any white person had said this when Obama was elected and reelected that there was a “blacklash” then the left would be screaming racism. After all they cried racism every time someone criticized little Barack Obama.

Then there was Bill Clinton saying a lot of “angry white men” rose up and voted for Trump. Wow, again if a white person, oops, Slick Willie is white, had said a lot of angry black men had rose up and voted for Obama they would have called that person racist too. So you see what they think of white people. As long as you follow them then you are OK but go your way and they get angry and hateful and call you names. It is time to wake the hell up America.

No Russians involved in election.

It wasn’t that Hillary was a lousy candidate and a lazy one too? It wasn’t she didn’t campaign in the Blue Wall states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio etc. no it was the Russians. The Russians made her not go to those states, riiiggghhhttt!!! She was so elitist, so overconfident that she thought they would just fall in line and vote for her.

So she went to California to her celebrity friends and we see how that worked out. Oh yeah it was enough to give her the TOTAL popular vote by 3 million out of over 300 million Americans so that is less that ONE PERCENT of the population. And yet some morons say the people wanted her to be president.

In reality Trump won the popular vote in 30 states while she won the popular vote in ONLY 20 states. So get over it liberal Democrats. And it wasn’t the Russians. They didn’t affect the governorships which are NOW mostly Republicans. The Russians didn’t affect the state legislatures that are mostly Republican. The is still no proof the Russians did anything just a lot of people saying it happened.

They have you, white people trained OR brainwashed.

The left has you trained. So trained that you are now calling each other names like racist, sexist etc. etc. You people are so dumb and trying so hard to be politically correct you can’t see what is happening. This is why Obama got elected even though he is a racist and hater. You can’t see that as long as you do what you are told you are OK but vary from the liberal Democratic party line and then you become a racist, sexist etc.

Obama sat in a church where the pastor, a man of God, supposedly, said things like “Goddamn America.” What the hell were you thinking when you voted for a man that followed someone like this? And then Obama said he didn’t hear it or hear him.

So keep doing what you are told by the Democrats. Keep listening to and believing the liberally biased media. They are so biased and there are so many of them they don’t even try to hide it now. And then the Democrats have the balls to complain about Fox News. Ask yourself why one news outlet out of thousands bothers the Democrats? Because they don’t lie for the Democrats. They don’t kiss the Democrats asses.

A recent survey said 86% of Democrats believe the media over Trump. Then they criticize Trump followers and accuse Trump of lying etc. It is no wonder they have lost all the elections. It has been proven time and time again that the likes of CNN, The NY Times, MSNBC, The Washington Post have lied. And then there is lyin’ Brian Williams, Dan Rather and the NY Times reporter and others.

Liberal Democratic voters are dumber than a rock.

These people have been saying Trump will be impeached from the day he was sworn in. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN morons. THINK about it the Republican Congress is going to impeach the Republican president. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They didn’t impeach Obama why would they impeach Trump? You people are morons. It is no wonder you voted for Hillary.

These same people are so elitist or they think they are that their shit doesn’t stink. They have been calling Trump voters names since they LOST. Not only that they lost to the deplorables. The deplorables that kicked their asses. They are so mature they call Trump voters, Trumpettes, Trumpsters and other childish names. What pathetic losers. They have nothing else but names. They lost, they are snowflakes and cupcake nation. They had to go to a safe room and pet their puppies. They couldn’t take their exams because they were too stressed out. Then they rioted because they didn’t get their way after saying Trump supporters would riot when he lost.

Then there is the likes of George Soros, a domestic terrorist. Why hasn’t the government seized his assets or frozen them so he can’t do any more harm. They know he paid rioters after the election so what is the government waiting for?

Democrats kiss the wrong ass.

The fact is white people are about 80% of the population while blacks are 12% and Hispanics are 16% approximately. So they need white voters and yet they pander to minorities. I am not saying the minorities should be ignored but you can’t expect to win an election with only minority voters. When Bill Clinton said a lot of angry white men voted for Trump he was right and I am sure a lot of angry white women voted for Trump too.

So Hillary and others pander to illegal aliens and aliens in general. They get these kids and others to hold signs, “don’t separate me from my parents,” and other bullshit signs. Sorry, but your parents came here illegally and you are illegal too and should be deported. Then you won’t be separated. Sorry, getting off track here.

Mostly what the Democrats do is spread hate and division. They want us fighting against ourselves because if we came together the Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer. If you think I am crazy ask yourself what Democrat have you heard talking about Americans coming together? Ask yourself what have they tried to fix i.e. inner cities, infrastructure, education system any damn thing? Ask yourself what solution have they come up with for ANY DAMN THING? That is why I call them the Party of Hate and slavery. David Horowitz now named the Democrats the party of hate too. Not sure if he got that from me because I have been saying it for years.

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Sports are fixed Part three – Baseball

Baseball is fixed.

This sport, baseball is not as bad as the rest because they don’t have fouls to call as in basketball and football. They only have plays at the bases and home plate and strikes to call.

The umpires can control it with strikes and balls. They can force a pitcher to pitch it down the middle by shrinking the strike zone. They can also widen it for the pitcher and team that they want to win or is suppose to win.

Umpires get paid zilch.

The players are getting millions and the umpires get pocket change. Does anyone think they can’t be bribed? In the past umpires have been caught shoplifting. They were caught turning in first class tickets for coach so they could get the difference in money refunded to them. Does this tell you they need money? I am not suggesting they pay them millions and I don’t know what they are paid now but I imagine it isn’t much. Do any of them wear glasses? Do any of them have a drug problem? Do any of them have a gambling problem? How do we know any of these things? Are they monitored?

Their errors aren’t as egregious as in football or basketball where they are looking at a foul and don’t make the call or make the wrong call and now with replay in baseball it is getting harder to miss a call. The one problem is the manager only gets ONE replay per game. AND as with other sports there are things that can’t be looked at on replay. WHY? If you are going to review plays review all plays.

All these impossible things happened in the last 10 or 15 years.

Lets see the White Sox hadn’t won in 87 years and suddenly won a WS in 2005 and haven’t done a thing since.

The year before the Red Sox hadn’t won in 86 years and suddenly won a WS in 2004 and they got there by coming back in the playoffs from a 3 – 0 deficit against the Yankees a feat that had NEVER been done before in baseball. Not to mention there was David Ortiz and his PED/Steroid use. These records and wins should be vacated. They should be pulled from all records AND they should ban the players for the Hall of Fame.

The San Francisco Giants won a WS in 2010 and hadn’t won since they were in NY in 1954, 56 years earlier, hello!! Unlike some other teams they won two more WS.

The LA/Anaheim/California Angels won in 2002 and had NEVER won a WS before. And they have done nothing since.

The Kansas City Royals hadn’t won since 1985 and there they are in the WS in 2014 and win the WS in 2015 that’s 30 years. This year, 2016 they didn’t make the playoffs. There is a pattern here. Get in the playoffs one year and win the WS the next.

The Philadelphia Phillies won in 1980 and then in 2008 against a Tampa Rays team that were suppose to be a better team and have better pitching they beat the Rays 4 – 1. That’s 28 years since the Phils won. They went to the WS in 2009 and lost to the Yankees and haven’t done anything since.

The Cardinals last won in 1982 and then 24 years later in 2006 they win a WS. They got in again in 2013 but lost the WS.

Now the Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1908 and are now suddenly in the playoffs in 2016 and if they win it will be after 108 years. Update: The Cubs did win the World Series and on top of that did it by coming back from a 3 – 1 deficit. They were the first to do this since the 1985 Royals. So you can see it doesn’t happen very often. That is 31 years. Also they reached 100 games, the first time since 1935 and won a total of 103 games for the Cubs their highest total since 1910. All this in one year out of the blue. Come on.

This year, 2017 there are the Dodgers, Astros and Cleveland. Cleveland was in the WS last year and lost so I suppose if it follows the pattern they should win. Then there are the Astros, they sucked in the national league and were moved to the American league and after a couple 100 loss seasons they are now a powerhouse. Come on Cleveland suddenly and the Astros. I will mention the Nationals too. They were the Montreal Expos and now have been moved to Washington and they are suddenly a powerhouse too. Suddenly all these teams, management etc. suddenly got smart in drafting etc. and are now winners. COME ON.

There was a Sports Illustrated writer that predicted four years ago the Astros would win the WS in 2017 when they were in the midst of those 100 loss seasons. This is bullshit.

Then there are the winning streaks. Two teams with 13 game winning streaks which has never happened EVER in baseball at the same time.

So here are all these perennial losers that from 2002 to 2015 are suddenly winning WS titles, seven of them in 14 years. Yes, the odds are eventually they will win but not in a matter of 13 years.

The commissioner, PEDs and money.

After the strike of 1994 and now WS baseball attendance was down and declining. People were tired of the selfishness and greed. Then when they came back from the strike they had the balls to say they were coming back for the fans. Yeah, right, pure bullshit.

Then came the PEDs and Bud Selig let this happen until the government stepped in or it would still be going on. Now the record books have been destroyed or nullified. The players that earned their records were slapped in the face by these cheaters. They disrespected the game and other players by cheating and getting millions in contracts for stats that were skewed. It was like using a nuclear weapon in a game of darts.

I once saw and interview with Selig where he said baseball was making a billion a year and they were trying to figure out how to get it to two billion. I believe it is up to eight billion now. Apparently it does pay to cheat. He also said he was leaving their records so they would remember not to do it again. WTF kind of logic is that?

It worked so well they catch players every damn year still doing PEDs. Like last year, 2016, they caught Dee Gordon with the Marlins. A little skinny guy. What the hell was he trying to accomplish. Is it a coincidence Barry Bonds was the hitting coach?

Lastly, they should ban these cheaters because moron baseball writers/voters for the Hall of Fame will probably vote the cheaters in. Some fans don’t care if they cheated and Fox sports said the voting was broken because the cheaters weren’t getting voted in so apparently it does pay to cheat. They made millions and now get in the Hall of Fame possibly.

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Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and the other moron celebrities that haven’t left earth yet.

Did you ever see more stupid people than those in Hollywood.

These assholes that are on the View are as stupid as they come. The five of them don’t have a whole brain together. They are talking about the Russians hacking our election system. Yeah right!!

Whoopi was one of many celebrities that said she would leave the country if Trump was elected and yet not one of these morons has left. No they will stay here and be divisive, spreading the hate that Democrats are so good at and yet that is part of what cost them the election.

Now they want Trump to step down or resign. Are they crazy or brain damaged. The guy puts up with a year of campaigning and insults and being laughed at and not taken seriously. BUT who is laughing now. Now the left has lost their minds because they had a lousy candidate in Hillary. The woman is an elitist and thinks her shit doesn’t stink. That’s why she called many of us deplorables. But in the end the deplorables kicked her ass as well as other Democrats.

Democrats the party of hate.

I have been saying this for years they truly are the party of hate and slavery. The Democrats were the party that didn’t want the slaves to be free or to be able to vote. NOW they pander to them every four years for their votes AND I finally think it is starting to sink in with blacks and other minorities.

If you can’t tell Hillary Clinton didn’t give a damn about you then check out her comment about people being a “basket of deplorables.” If she thinks this about the opposition then what does she think about YOU her supporters. She took the blue wall states for granted and didn’t even campaign there in Pennsylvania, Michigan and several other states and lost them all. THIS WAS NOT THE RUSSIANS.

Liberal Democrats are the most hateful people on the planet.

Liberal Democratic voters are so programmed you can’t think for yourself. You can only regurgitate what you are told and told mostly by your favorite celebrity or your lying liberal/socialist media. Then have the balls to criticize Fox News.

I read comments under some of these political articles and some people are so hateful not to mention stupid that it boggles the mind. I realize most of these people are trolls and didn’t even vote and yet here they are spreading their hate and vitriol and lies.

And they continue to do it even though they LOST.

Everyone is at fault but Hillary for losing.

In the days and weeks that followed the election Obama has blamed Fox News for the loss, then James Comey. Now it is the Russians. Next it will be little green men from Mars or how about Bigfoot or ghosts or maybe the boogeyman.

Obama had mocked Trump just days before the election saying there was no way to rig the election because it was too decentralized. Just like he said Trump would NEVER be president. Mmmmmmm that crow is good.

As usual the double standard is in affect. Now that Hillary has lost Obama is spreading this Russian hack theory with no evidence. Also since she lost the electoral college is suddenly broken and needs replaced. Apparently all this is done to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Especially after Obama said “at least I will go down as a president.” on late night television. Well, ha ha you and millions of people including the so called “experts” were wrong Trump won.

Popular vote and the electoral college.

So all you whining about Hillary winning the popular vote by millions. Those millions from California. Here is a fact, Trump won the popular vote in 30 states while Hillary won in 20 states. This is the exact reason for the electoral college. Democrats would have been happy but how would that have been to have 20 out of 50 states elect HER president?

Democrats and their supporters are insane.

Have any of you read the shit they say and believe? That the Russians hacked the election and help Trump win all the while with NO EVIDENCE. A lot of WORDS and REPORTS from the intelligence sector of government but NO EVIDENCE. And now recently WikiLeaks released documents showing the CIA and Obama had the capabilities to do the hacking and make it look like the Russians hacked us. What a surprise and Director of Intelligence James Clapper and others said we had been hacked, no doubt about it.

We were hacked by the Chinese and they got millions of files on Americans and what did Obama do, NOTHING. They claim they knew the Russians were hacking America and what did Obama do, NOTHING. So if in fact they helped Trump win whose fault is it? OBAMA’S and his CIA, FBI, NSA etc. etc. etc.

Also if you Democrats can’t accept that then look at the governors that are mostly Republicans and the state congresses that are mostly Republicans. You got your asses kicked by the deplorables. So suck it.

Lastly, now that Trump has been sworn in you hear nothing of the hacking. There apparently is still no evidence to be released.

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When do the Hollywood elite leave?

I must have missed them leaving?

So all these celebrities that were going to leave if Trump won are apparently still here. I assume it would be news if they packed and left.

I haven’t seen any rockets go up with Cher and John Stewart on them. That would surely be news. They are both assholes. They can’t think for themselves just follow that Hollywood giant high school clique. They are the cool kids or at least they think they are. Get over yourselves. All your bullshit didn’t work. All the money you donated to Hillary’s campaign went down the drain and didn’t work.

Chelsea Handler going to Spain?

She said if Trump won she would go to Spain. News flash, she hasn’t left yet. These childish celebrities say this crap like it is going to matter. I just can’t imagine what they were thinking when they said this.

I saw Handler on some talk show and she was blubbering and saying, “I really want to move to Spain,” BUT “my friends say we need your voice here.” WTF. Is she serious? What voice was that? If I/we don’t win I will take my ball and go home or to Spain, yeah right.

Again what voice is she talking about. Other than her saying she would leave I heard nothing from her during the campaign. This woman, like the rest in Hollywood are so insecure and yet have this ego because they have a show with 50 people in the audience that clap when they say something. They think these people agree with them and I am sure some do.

But this woman is on when I am sure all of five people are watching late at night. Then there was the prime time show they made about her that lasted about three episodes and was canceled. So what makes her think she is important in the scheme of things?

This was just a cop out when she said her friends said they needed her voice here. BULLSHIT.

Cher and Jon Stewart have they left the planet yet?

Lets see Cher was going to Jupiter. She probably can’t spell Jupiter, so we can only hope this dried up old hag went to infinity and beyond. Of course there won’t be any plastic surgery there.

Then there was Jon Stewart that said he would leave the planet. No destination specified hopefully to a galaxy far far away. AND he won’t be missed except by the losers that follow him, all five of them.

Samuel L. Jackson to where?

Sammy was going to South Africa? OMG. This is the home of apartheid. It is probably still racist etc. even more so than here. These are well informed educated people, NOT. They would rather leave than have Donald Trump as president. That shows the maturity, intelligence and intellect of the Hollywood elite.

George Lopez to Mexico?

Please go and take some of the criminal illegal aliens with you. Then he said “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration, we’ll all go back,” Seriously, the ones that are here wouldn’t leave if you paid them. One of the great minds of this country. This is the sick crap this man comes up with. El Chapo, his hero holding Trump’s head.

Neve Campbell – Who?

She is going to Canada. This is where she is from so why did she leave and no one will stop her from going back. See ya.

Al Sharpton.

Do this country a favor or better yet leave the planet with Cher and Jon Stewart. One less asshole to deal with. He had no idea where to go, he was just leaving.

Then there are the ones that can’t think of a place to go.

Amber Rose, model, a damn model and she can’t come up with a destination, duh. Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t come up with a destination but we would be glad to see you leave. Miley Cyrus, does it surprise anyone she couldn’t think of a place to go. She probably doesn’t know there are other countries in the world.

Eddie Griffin Africa.

Once while serving in the military we went to Dakar. A fellow airman who happened to be black said “I have seen enough, I am ready to go home.” I told him you are home. This was said on the bus from the plane to the hotel. Griffin wouldn’t last a week in Africa except maybe at the Hilton if there is one.

Seems a lot want to go to Canada, puhlease!!!

Barbara Streisand, Australia or Canada. Like Cher another dried up old hag that I am sure neither country would want. Raven Symone to Canada.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, do us a favor.

This dried up old hag will probably outlive God. She is going to be a pain in the ass till she dies.

And lastly little plus size, chubby Amy Schumer.

Another one that won’t be missed. Born with a government silver spoon in her mouth there is no chance in hell she would leave. She said he would go to Spain apparently her and Chelsea Handler could share a penthouse or outhouse.

These people are losers. Just because they have some sort of celebrity status doesn’t make them smart and they have all proved it with the hate they are showing. If they don’t get their way they will stomp their feet and throw themselves on the ground crying.

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