When do the Hollywood elite leave?

I must have missed them leaving?

So all these celebrities that were going to leave if Trump won are apparently still here. I assume it would be news if they packed and left.

I haven’t seen any rockets go up with Cher and John Stewart on them. That would surely be news. They are both assholes. They can’t think for themselves just follow that Hollywood giant high school clique. They are the cool kids or at least they think they are. Get over yourselves. All your bullshit didn’t work. All the money you donated to Hillary’s campaign went down the drain and didn’t work.

Chelsea Handler going to Spain?

She said if Trump won she would go to Spain. News flash, she hasn’t left yet. These childish celebrities say this crap like it is going to matter. I just can’t imagine what they were thinking when they said this.

I saw Handler on some talk show and she was blubbering and saying, “I really want to move to Spain,” BUT “my friends say we need your voice here.” WTF. Is she serious? What voice was that? If I/we don’t win I will take my ball and go home or to Spain, yeah right.

Again what voice is she talking about. Other than her saying she would leave I heard nothing from her during the campaign. This woman, like the rest in Hollywood are so insecure and yet have this ego because they have a show with 50 people in the audience that clap when they say something. They think these people agree with them and I am sure some do.

But this woman is on when I am sure all of five people are watching late at night. Then there was the prime time show they made about her that lasted about three episodes and was canceled. So what makes her think she is important in the scheme of things?

This was just a cop out when she said her friends said they needed her voice here. BULLSHIT.

Cher and Jon Stewart have they left the planet yet?

Lets see Cher was going to Jupiter. She probably can’t spell Jupiter, so we can only hope this dried up old hag went to infinity and beyond. Of course there won’t be any plastic surgery there.

Then there was Jon Stewart that said he would leave the planet. No destination specified hopefully to a galaxy far far away. AND he won’t be missed except by the losers that follow him, all five of them.

Samuel L. Jackson to where?

Sammy was going to South Africa? OMG. This is the home of apartheid. It is probably still racist etc. even more so than here. These are well informed educated people, NOT. They would rather leave than have Donald Trump as president. That shows the maturity, intelligence and intellect of the Hollywood elite.

George Lopez to Mexico?

Please go and take some of the criminal illegal aliens with you. Then he said “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration, we’ll all go back,” Seriously, the ones that are here wouldn’t leave if you paid them. One of the great minds of this country. This is the sick crap this man comes up with. El Chapo, his hero holding Trump’s head.

Neve Campbell – Who?

She is going to Canada. This is where she is from so why did she leave and no one will stop her from going back. See ya.

Al Sharpton.

Do this country a favor or better yet leave the planet with Cher and Jon Stewart. One less asshole to deal with. He had no idea where to go, he was just leaving.

Then there are the ones that can’t think of a place to go.

Amber Rose, model, a damn model and she can’t come up with a destination, duh. Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t come up with a destination but we would be glad to see you leave. Miley Cyrus, does it surprise anyone she couldn’t think of a place to go. She probably doesn’t know there are other countries in the world.

Eddie Griffin Africa.

Once while serving in the military we went to Dakar. A fellow airman who happened to be black said “I have seen enough, I am ready to go home.” I told him you are home. This was said on the bus from the plane to the hotel. Griffin wouldn’t last a week in Africa except maybe at the Hilton if there is one.

Seems a lot want to go to Canada, puhlease!!!

Barbara Streisand, Australia or Canada. Like Cher another dried up old hag that I am sure neither country would want. Raven Symone to Canada.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, do us a favor.

This dried up old hag will probably outlive God. She is going to be a pain in the ass till she dies.

And lastly little plus size, chubby Amy Schumer.

Another one that won’t be missed. Born with a government silver spoon in her mouth there is no chance in hell she would leave. She said he would go to Spain apparently her and Chelsea Handler could share a penthouse or outhouse.

These people are losers. Just because they have some sort of celebrity status doesn’t make them smart and they have all proved it with the hate they are showing. If they don’t get their way they will stomp their feet and throw themselves on the ground crying.

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