Sports are fixed Part three – Baseball

Baseball is fixed.

This sport, baseball is not as bad as the rest because they don’t have fouls to call as in basketball and football. They only have plays at the bases and home plate and strikes to call.

The umpires can control it with strikes and balls. They can force a pitcher to pitch it down the middle by shrinking the strike zone. They can also widen it for the pitcher and team that they want to win or is suppose to win.

Umpires get paid zilch.

The players are getting millions and the umpires get pocket change. Does anyone think they can’t be bribed? In the past umpires have been caught shoplifting. They were caught turning in first class tickets for coach so they could get the difference in money refunded to them. Does this tell you they need money? I am not suggesting they pay them millions and I don’t know what they are paid now but I imagine it isn’t much. Do any of them wear glasses? Do any of them have a drug problem? Do any of them have a gambling problem? How do we know any of these things? Are they monitored?

Their errors aren’t as egregious as in football or basketball where they are looking at a foul and don’t make the call or make the wrong call and now with replay in baseball it is getting harder to miss a call. The one problem is the manager only gets ONE replay per game. AND as with other sports there are things that can’t be looked at on replay. WHY? If you are going to review plays review all plays.

All these impossible things happened in the last 10 or 15 years.

Lets see the White Sox hadn’t won in 87 years and suddenly won a WS in 2005 and haven’t done a thing since.

The year before the Red Sox hadn’t won in 86 years and suddenly won a WS in 2004 and they got there by coming back in the playoffs from a 3 – 0 deficit against the Yankees a feat that had NEVER been done before in baseball. Not to mention there was David Ortiz and his PED/Steroid use. These records and wins should be vacated. They should be pulled from all records AND they should ban the players for the Hall of Fame.

The San Francisco Giants won a WS in 2010 and hadn’t won since they were in NY in 1954, 56 years earlier, hello!! Unlike some other teams they won two more WS.

The LA/Anaheim/California Angels won in 2002 and had NEVER won a WS before. And they have done nothing since.

The Kansas City Royals hadn’t won since 1985 and there they are in the WS in 2014 and win the WS in 2015 that’s 30 years. This year, 2016 they didn’t make the playoffs. There is a pattern here. Get in the playoffs one year and win the WS the next.

The Philadelphia Phillies won in 1980 and then in 2008 against a Tampa Rays team that were suppose to be a better team and have better pitching they beat the Rays 4 – 1. That’s 28 years since the Phils won. They went to the WS in 2009 and lost to the Yankees and haven’t done anything since.

The Cardinals last won in 1982 and then 24 years later in 2006 they win a WS. They got in again in 2013 but lost the WS.

Now the Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1908 and are now suddenly in the playoffs in 2016 and if they win it will be after 108 years. Update: The Cubs did win the World Series and on top of that did it by coming back from a 3 – 1 deficit. They were the first to do this since the 1985 Royals. So you can see it doesn’t happen very often. That is 31 years. Also they reached 100 games, the first time since 1935 and won a total of 103 games for the Cubs their highest total since 1910. All this in one year out of the blue. Come on.

This year, 2017 there are the Dodgers, Astros and Cleveland. Cleveland was in the WS last year and lost so I suppose if it follows the pattern they should win. Then there are the Astros, they sucked in the national league and were moved to the American league and after a couple 100 loss seasons they are now a powerhouse. Come on Cleveland suddenly and the Astros. I will mention the Nationals too. They were the Montreal Expos and now have been moved to Washington and they are suddenly a powerhouse too. Suddenly all these teams, management etc. suddenly got smart in drafting etc. and are now winners. COME ON.

There was a Sports Illustrated writer that predicted four years ago the Astros would win the WS in 2017 when they were in the midst of those 100 loss seasons. This is bullshit.

Then there are the winning streaks. Two teams with 13 game winning streaks which has never happened EVER in baseball at the same time.

So here are all these perennial losers that from 2002 to 2015 are suddenly winning WS titles, seven of them in 14 years. Yes, the odds are eventually they will win but not in a matter of 13 years.

The commissioner, PEDs and money.

After the strike of 1994 and now WS baseball attendance was down and declining. People were tired of the selfishness and greed. Then when they came back from the strike they had the balls to say they were coming back for the fans. Yeah, right, pure bullshit.

Then came the PEDs and Bud Selig let this happen until the government stepped in or it would still be going on. Now the record books have been destroyed or nullified. The players that earned their records were slapped in the face by these cheaters. They disrespected the game and other players by cheating and getting millions in contracts for stats that were skewed. It was like using a nuclear weapon in a game of darts.

I once saw and interview with Selig where he said baseball was making a billion a year and they were trying to figure out how to get it to two billion. I believe it is up to eight billion now. Apparently it does pay to cheat. He also said he was leaving their records so they would remember not to do it again. WTF kind of logic is that?

It worked so well they catch players every damn year still doing PEDs. Like last year, 2016, they caught Dee Gordon with the Marlins. A little skinny guy. What the hell was he trying to accomplish. Is it a coincidence Barry Bonds was the hitting coach?

Lastly, they should ban these cheaters because moron baseball writers/voters for the Hall of Fame will probably vote the cheaters in. Some fans don’t care if they cheated and Fox sports said the voting was broken because the cheaters weren’t getting voted in so apparently it does pay to cheat. They made millions and now get in the Hall of Fame possibly.

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