All you good little white people do what you are told.

As long as you do what you are told you are OK.

So as long as you do as you are told or what you are told by the left i.e. the liberal media and the liberal Democrats you are OK. If not then you receive the wrath of the Democrats, the Party of Hate. If you don’t stay in line they will call you all kinds of names because that is all they have. They will call you racist, sexist, misogynist (and most of THEM don’t know what it means, especially celebrities) homophobe (they made this one up because their vocabulary is so limited). If they don’t have a word for YOU then they make one up, get it.

We also saw their wrath when Hillary lost. Here is Van Jones of CNN (Clinton News Network) ranting like a crazy man about a “whitelash”. Wow, if any white person had said this when Obama was elected and reelected that there was a “blacklash” then the left would be screaming racism. After all they cried racism every time someone criticized little Barack Obama.

Then there was Bill Clinton saying a lot of “angry white men” rose up and voted for Trump. Wow, again if a white person, oops, Slick Willie is white, had said a lot of angry black men had rose up and voted for Obama they would have called that person racist too. So you see what they think of white people. As long as you follow them then you are OK but go your way and they get angry and hateful and call you names. It is time to wake the hell up America.

No Russians involved in election.

It wasn’t that Hillary was a lousy candidate and a lazy one too? It wasn’t she didn’t campaign in the Blue Wall states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio etc. no it was the Russians. The Russians made her not go to those states, riiiggghhhttt!!! She was so elitist, so overconfident that she thought they would just fall in line and vote for her.

So she went to California to her celebrity friends and we see how that worked out. Oh yeah it was enough to give her the TOTAL popular vote by 3 million out of over 300 million Americans so that is less that ONE PERCENT of the population. And yet some morons say the people wanted her to be president.

In reality Trump won the popular vote in 30 states while she won the popular vote in ONLY 20 states. So get over it liberal Democrats. And it wasn’t the Russians. They didn’t affect the governorships which are NOW mostly Republicans. The Russians didn’t affect the state legislatures that are mostly Republican. The is still no proof the Russians did anything just a lot of people saying it happened.

They have you, white people trained OR brainwashed.

The left has you trained. So trained that you are now calling each other names like racist, sexist etc. etc. You people are so dumb and trying so hard to be politically correct you can’t see what is happening. This is why Obama got elected even though he is a racist and hater. You can’t see that as long as you do what you are told you are OK but vary from the liberal Democratic party line and then you become a racist, sexist etc.

Obama sat in a church where the pastor, a man of God, supposedly, said things like “Goddamn America.” What the hell were you thinking when you voted for a man that followed someone like this? And then Obama said he didn’t hear it or hear him.

So keep doing what you are told by the Democrats. Keep listening to and believing the liberally biased media. They are so biased and there are so many of them they don’t even try to hide it now. And then the Democrats have the balls to complain about Fox News. Ask yourself why one news outlet out of thousands bothers the Democrats? Because they don’t lie for the Democrats. They don’t kiss the Democrats asses.

A recent survey said 86% of Democrats believe the media over Trump. Then they criticize Trump followers and accuse Trump of lying etc. It is no wonder they have lost all the elections. It has been proven time and time again that the likes of CNN, The NY Times, MSNBC, The Washington Post have lied. And then there is lyin’ Brian Williams, Dan Rather and the NY Times reporter and others.

Liberal Democratic voters are dumber than a rock.

These people have been saying Trump will be impeached from the day he was sworn in. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN morons. THINK about it the Republican Congress is going to impeach the Republican president. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They didn’t impeach Obama why would they impeach Trump? You people are morons. It is no wonder you voted for Hillary.

These same people are so elitist or they think they are that their shit doesn’t stink. They have been calling Trump voters names since they LOST. Not only that they lost to the deplorables. The deplorables that kicked their asses. They are so mature they call Trump voters, Trumpettes, Trumpsters and other childish names. What pathetic losers. They have nothing else but names. They lost, they are snowflakes and cupcake nation. They had to go to a safe room and pet their puppies. They couldn’t take their exams because they were too stressed out. Then they rioted because they didn’t get their way after saying Trump supporters would riot when he lost.

Then there is the likes of George Soros, a domestic terrorist. Why hasn’t the government seized his assets or frozen them so he can’t do any more harm. They know he paid rioters after the election so what is the government waiting for?

Democrats kiss the wrong ass.

The fact is white people are about 80% of the population while blacks are 12% and Hispanics are 16% approximately. So they need white voters and yet they pander to minorities. I am not saying the minorities should be ignored but you can’t expect to win an election with only minority voters. When Bill Clinton said a lot of angry white men voted for Trump he was right and I am sure a lot of angry white women voted for Trump too.

So Hillary and others pander to illegal aliens and aliens in general. They get these kids and others to hold signs, “don’t separate me from my parents,” and other bullshit signs. Sorry, but your parents came here illegally and you are illegal too and should be deported. Then you won’t be separated. Sorry, getting off track here.

Mostly what the Democrats do is spread hate and division. They want us fighting against ourselves because if we came together the Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer. If you think I am crazy ask yourself what Democrat have you heard talking about Americans coming together? Ask yourself what have they tried to fix i.e. inner cities, infrastructure, education system any damn thing? Ask yourself what solution have they come up with for ANY DAMN THING? That is why I call them the Party of Hate and slavery. David Horowitz now named the Democrats the party of hate too. Not sure if he got that from me because I have been saying it for years.

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