The Power AirFryer Oven does it work?

Infomercials are bullshit.

I am sick of these informercials that make these products look so good and work perfectly. 

Years ago when my daughter was little, maybe 5 or 6 she use to love to watch these along with The Wizard of Oz. Not sure there is any correlation there but she loved them.

I even fell for a few of them. Like the power hand stick mixer that they made everything with including mayonnaise. I got suckered into buying this and used if for a time. It had a plastic stand that would allow you to stand it on the kitchen counter. I had mine in this stand and one day my wife knocked it over and the damn thing broke just from that small fall. There was an indentation where your hand fit to use it and hold it and that’s where it broke. The whole case just cracked in two at that point. 

The best part of infomercials are the warranties. 

They offer lifetime warranties or in my case with the mixer a 15 year warranty. That warranty is good IF THE DAMN COMPANY IS STILL AROUND. Mine wasn’t and so the mixer went in the trash.

“We’ll replace if free, no questions asked.” AGAIN IF THE COMPANY IS STILL AROUND.

Anyone remember the Hand Hammered Wok?

This was a good one. As usual they made it seem like it could or you could do anything with this wok and you just had to have it. This was back when woks were all the craze and you just had to have one to stir fry. The best part of this was they didn’t have some Chinese chef, no the guy was a bald British chef with a mustache. WTF?

It was supposedly hand hammered in China and not pressed by a machine. I use to think what if a machine did press it and then some guy hits it a few times to give it hammer marks? Anyway I think it is pretty much gone now. 

The Power AirFryer Oven.

Again, I was suckered into this machine. Sure it looked good. And I thought this would be great, frying with no oil. Now I realize it isn’t frying but here again they make it look perfect and the food perfect.

I belong to Sam’s Club and as luck would have it they were selling these. I say luck but in this case it was bad luck. I took the thing home and was anxious to use it. 

So I unpackaged it and started to cook with it. The first thing is it had a handle on the front and when you pulled this handle out there was a drawer where you put the food to cook it. I think this was made in China. I say that because the damn drawer wouldn’t go back in the machine. It didn’t fit. It came out of the machine but wouldn’t go back in. This particular model was the one that looked like a large black egg.

Now comes the new improved model?

This model is more square and has 6 and 8 quart models. They have two 6 quart models, why I don’t know and an 8 quart model. These have doors like the oven in your kitchen. Here is my problem. The Power AirFryer Elite, the first model has all these features that the other 6 quart model doesn’t have as well as the 8 quart model which doesn’t have the features either. WHY THE HELL NOT? Two out of three don’t have all the features. 

These are advertised by some schmuck that calls himself a chef. His name is Eric Theiss whom I had never heard of before infomercials. 

Here is my issue with this machine. The Power AirFryer Elite 6 quart model has measurements of 13.2 inches high X 12.6 inches wide X 13.4 inches deep. 

The Power AirFryer Oven, the other 6 quart model, which isn’t Elite for some reason has bigger measurements of 15 inches high X 13.4 inches wide X 14.6 inches deep. So it is 1.8 inches higher, .8 inches wider (that’s less than an inch) and is 1.2 inches deeper. But is still 6 quarts. WTF. Again it is bigger but has less features. Huh? 

Then there is the Power AirFryer Oven Family Size. Again WTF. 

So this model has measurements of 16.25 inches high X 14 inches wide X 15 inches deep. So it is 1.25 inches higher than the 6 quart model (not the Elite) and .6 inches wider than the 6 quart model (again not the Elite) and .4 inches deeper than the 6 quart model (not Elite). So it is 1.25 X .6 X .4 inches bigger than the 6 quart model (not the Elite). So how the hell did they get 2 more quarts out of this Family Model? 

So why does the Elite model have more features the others do not have? Why is the other 6 quart model have bigger measurements than the Elite model? It all makes no sense to me. I must be missing something?

So does it work? Who knows? It probably works in some capacity but probably not like they make it look. I assume they do some kind of testing for the recipes etc. But how many times do they cook the food to make it look good for the infomercial, then splice the segments together. 

To prove they splice segments together look at the part where Theiss takes a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken and puts it on a paper towel to show the grease content. He folds it in half then presses down on it. When he goes to unfold it the paper towel has been folded twice over the chicken not just in half. So he placed it in the middle and folded both ends over the chicken. 

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