Stormy Daniels, come on, do you really need the publicity?


So this bimbo, slut, porn star was arrested in Ohio for touching a customer with her tits. This customer turned out to be a cop or several cops. Duh! Apparently things were getting too quiet and she was becoming old news. So she did something she knew was illegal to get herself arrested. Her lawyer is a real loser and probably concocted this arrest to get her back in the news.

Then her attorney is acting all indignant and saying she was “set up.” I assume he was talking about being set up by the cops or Donald Trump? Why would Trump do this, she has become old news and no one cares if she had sex with the Donald. They were two consenting adults if it actually happened at all and it was 2006 and she allegedly was paid for her silence. BUT he became presidential candidate Trump and then president elect Trump and now President Trump so her and her sleezebag attorney think there is more money to be made. I mean what is the point here, she was allegedly paid for her services and silence. To me this sounds like another Democratic dirty trick.

The same Democrats that invented the “dossier.” Then the DNC was hacked, with Obama as president, and the Democrats refused to let the FBI look at their servers. NOW the Democrats and Mueller are trying to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and after more than a year they have NOTHING. Collusion, when it was the Democrats in power and their system that got hacked and yet it is Trump’s fault that Hillary lost. You have to be a moron to vote for these clowns. Actually the Democrats aren’t smart enough to be morons. 

It was just a few weeks ago publicity was dying again.

Things were getting quiet again and here comes old Stormy to the rescue of the illegal aliens children that were separated from their parents at the U.S. border. WTF happened to that? She was going to do something, whatever that was. As far as I know she did NOTHING but she did get some publicity. The last she said she was trying to decide how best to use her resources or something to that effect. What were her resources, her tits and ass? Was she going to go down there and spread her legs for the kids?

Then when she does get down there, one report said she ignored the illegal alien children and did nothing to help them. Does this surprise anyone? It was all a publicity stunt. And what could a porn star possibly do? NOTHING. They were too little to have sex with so that was out. She has no political clout or pull so that is out unless she slept with other government officials she can blackmail into helping the illegals.

Now as I said about news of Stormy was dying so her and her lawyer probably cooked up this scheme to get her arrested and in the news again. The lawyer whines a little and then she is released in the early hours of the morning the next day. 

Speaking of her attorney Avenatti, what happened to him working with ICE whistleblowers? He was going to bring this to the American people. Both seem to be liars. Does that surprise anyone? It has been a couple weeks since any Stormy news. We should be expecting the next installment of Stormy and Avenatti, a love story. 

What will it be next?

I suppose she could enroll in college and study medicine and become a brain surgeon. OR she could apply to become an astronaut they could probably use someone in space with her talents. Maybe a NASCAR or INDY car driver. She could be the first nude driver in history that should bring the male fans back anyway. She could start her presidential campaign now for 2020. Anyone else have any suggestions? 

She couldn’t be anymore of a joke if she tried. Then there is her attorney who, as I said is a sleezebag and looks the part. If you were casting a movie and doing auditions this would be the guy for the part. 

Talk about a joke this guy actually says he could beat Trump in an election. He says he is considering it. Look at his picture. Even his mother wouldn’t vote for him. He and his firm have $10 million in unpaid debts and back taxes. You can see why he is representing Stormy Daniels. He saw dollar signs figuring it was billionaire/President Donald Trump. Avenatti’s big payday.

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