Amy Schumer is turning down Super Bowl ads. OMG NOOOOO.

Who the hell cares?

So Amy Schumer is going to turn down Super Bowl ads. OMG. I am crushed we won’t be able to see this almost celebrity. Who the hell cares? The game and ads have sucked for several years now. Who cares what any of these people in Hollywood think? Oops, THINK was the wrong word. What a tough stand, NOT!! It is just lip service and a publicity stunt by Schumer.

Who cares about the cliques opinion because most of them have the same sick stupid opinion. They are like that high school clique of so called “cool kids”, if you don’t have the same opinion or act like them then you aren’t cool. Not to mention they threaten your job much like Tim Allen was dropped by ABC. If these losers in Hollywood could only read and think for themselves they would know the Democrats are only for themselves and only care about votes and could care less about anyone’s rights. Democrats only care every damn four years when elections roll around. Wake the hell up America and especially black America.

Amy Schumer is just another hateful liberal Democrat that is trying to keep the blacks in the fold. She is a racist why else would she use the phrase “people of color?” WTF are white people? White being the adjective here. I remember when I first went into the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida and they forced us to go to the Defense Race Relations Institute. The instructor told us about calling blacks “colored” people. Now they call themselves colored people i.e. people of color which is the same damn thing. Anyway the instructors big visual was a 64 crayon set of Crayola crayons to show us the colors and he would pull out this WHITE crayon to tell us we were “colored” too. But today we aren’t colored we apparently are supersonic clear. So Amy Schumer is a racist and so is everyone else that uses the phrase “people of color”. 

Democrats lie to blacks all the time.

Democrats have been lying to blacks for years and years and why not they believe Democrats are actually for them. If any of you black people don’t believe this ask yourself what the hell have they done for you, EVER. What the hell did Obama do for you in 8 years, NOTHING. He and the Democrats didn’t do a damn thing. They didn’t rebuild any inner city or stop the opioid/drug crisis. How about teen pregnancy, or black on black crime or black unemployment or gun violence? Oh sure they can say they want gun control and that is it, nothing else, no other solutions.

How about this idiot from California? Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) this guy says he wants to nuke Americans to get our guns (I don’t have any guns). Then tries to backtrack and say he was being sarcastic. Don’t you believe it. This guy is from California the land of fruits and nuts. This is how bad they want gun control or just to take your guns period. This is in the Constitution and this is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms. To protect us from the damn government. They knew 244 years ago this would happen. That the government would be capable of tyranny. Swalwell thinks they can overpower us NOW with there being 300 million guns in the U.S. and 320 million people, while the military has 1.2 million people spread all over the world and 1 million in the reserves. They can’t control protests and riots in the cities. How could they possibly stop us in and all out war? As usual this politician isn’t good with numbers 320 million versus 2.2 million military and that is if they were all in the U.S.

Racism is rampant, NOT!!!

What they do is call everything racist and no one cares anymore. They started calling Trump a racist as soon as he ran, when he won the nomination the Democrats called him a racist again and when he was elected president they called him a racist. Why? Because the Democrats have no solutions they just want to control you. It is funny Trump has black unemployment the lowest is has ever been along with unemployment in general so it appears HE ISN’T A RACIST. And the economy is screaming along. He is working for everyone. Does the media say that? HELL NO. By the way that loser Obama is trying to take some of the credit for the economy. Eight years of nothing and now two years after leaving office this is his doing? Not only no but hell no. What a loser. 

How about those blacks in congress; the black congressional caucus. 

Maxine Waters and the rest of the black congressional caucus are the same. This woman makes $174,000 a year as a congresswoman. How many of you blacks out there make anywhere near that? How many whites make that kind of money for that matter? What does she know about being poor and being black or living from paycheck to paycheck or worse with no paycheck and on welfare? THIS WOMAN LIVES IN A 6000 SQUARE FOOT, $4.3 MILLION MANSION IN ONE OF THE RICHEST PARTS OF LOS ANGELES AND IT’S NOT EVEN IN THE DISTRICT SHE REPRESENTS. Wake the hell up black America. How in the world does mad Marxist Maxine Waters afford to live in a $4.3 million mansion in one of the richest parts of Los Angeles on a government salary of $174,000?

Waters recently said that she wanted to take HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s “ass apart” because he knows nothing — in her view — about public housing and that he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave. What does she know about being a slave? Just because she is black? What does she know about public housing and what has she done about it or to improve it? NOTHING. So is she promoting violence? Is she promoting violence against a black man? 

Democrats are the violent ones.

Remember how liberals demonized the Tea Party when they formed. They couldn’t have Americans thinking for themselves or rebelling against the government. The Tea Party was accused of all kinds of things that were bullshit. Certainly nothing near like what the rioters and Antifa are doing. 

So lets see it was the liberal democrats that rioted and destroyed other people’s property after the 2016 election.

It is liberal democrats like Antifa running around terrorizing people and attacking people and sucker punching people all the while wearing a cover over their faces much like MIDDLE EASTERN TERROISTS. Why is that? Why do they need to wear a mask to hide their identity? Because they are doing something WRONG or illegal and the damn cops do nothing. They show up at people’s houses and threaten them. If they were on my property I would give them 20 seconds to leave and then start shooting especially if they were threatening my family. That is what it will take, for us to fight back against this tyranny. 

It was a liberal democrat that shot the senator at the baseball field in Washington. Lets not forget that either. 

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