Racism in America – I love it.

Trump is a racist according to Democrats.

You know what? I am a racist. How can we not be when Democrats are allowed to say any goddamn thing they want but as soon as Trump tells these Muslim women in Congress to go back to where they came from it is racism. BULLSHIT!!! To go back to their shithole country. This isn’t racism this is a fact. They did come from shithole countries, or their families did, otherwise they wouldn’t have left for a better life in America. This is why nothing was said to Obama for eight years. Because the media and Democrats would have hollered racism because Obama was HALF black.

These Muslim congresswomen make anti-semitic remarks and nothing is said. Omar downplayed 9/11 and almost nothing is said. These assholes talk down America and nothing is said ESPECIALLY BY THE DAMN DEMOCRATS. Democrats could care less about Americans and America. It is all about the vote and winning the election to gain power. This is why they want to take our guns, power.

Why do you thing Russia can control millions and China billions? The people don’t have guns but the government has a massive military. Hillary Clinton said she would like to collect ALL the guns, screw her. Eric Swalwell said he was going to nuke us to get our guns, can you imagine a goddamn American saying he would nuke other Americans? Another nut job from California where they have cities with shit and drug needles on the ground. That is your socialism for you.

America better wake up we have let the fox in the hen house with these Muslim women. England has been taken over and is a damn mess. Their leader said they will not join us in a fight with Iran. This after we saved their asses in two world wars.

No Trump is not a racist.

Lets see, they said Trump was a racist when he began to run for the presidency. Then they said he was a racist when he got the nomination for the Republican party. Then they said he was a racist when he was elected president. That worked really well didn’t it Democrats? NOT!! And they have no basis in fact for calling him a racist especially when he was all about making America great again and he did. He has unemployment at record lows including black unemployment. He has black small business startups at record highs so where does the racism come in? Trump has done more in three years than Obama did in eight years, hello.

Think of one thing Obama did for blacks in eight years. NOTHING except maybe when he gave that black church 29 million when people were shot. OR when he freed convicted murderers and drug dealers from prison. How about Flint Michigan and their polluted water? He didn’t do a damn thing.

Did you ever see a more incompetent, stupid, idiotic, sick, violent, hateful party in history than the Democrats? This is all they have is to call Trump and anyone else that gets in the way a racist.

It wasn’t long ago Omar criticized Trump for inciting violence against her. Of course NOTHING happened. Not only that but the parrots in the media and other politicians chimed in about inciting violence against Omar. BUT she makes anti-Semitic remarks and then a synagogue is attacked and people are killed and as usual NOTHING IS SAID. Then there is Antifa that attacks people all the time which is a wing of the Democrats, like it or not.

It is these sick Democrats in Washington and Hollywood and across the country that have said Trump should be assassinated. They are sick and if you vote for them you are as sick as they are.

A name for every occasion.

These goddamn Democrats have a name for every situation and it is all TO SHUT YOU UP!!! Because if you try to have a conversation with morons (Democrats) and they can’t think of anything to say or a good argument, which they NEVER can then the name calling begins. So if you criticize them because they are stupid or uneducated or don’t know shit then it is all about racism when THEY are the racists.

Check your history black people. It was the Democrats that didn’t want the slaves free or to be able to vote. President James K. Polk was a Democrat and a slave owner yet I don’t see them removing Polk from schools and our county etc. It was the Democrats that were the KKK and came out of the KKK. It was Lincoln and the Republicans that freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. HELLO!!!!

Lets own it.

Hell if they are going to call you every name under the sun then lets own it because the names mean nothing anymore. AND if they don’t have a name for you then they make one up like homophobic. I assume this means WE are suppose to be afraid of gays? Or is it just humans since we are all homo sapiens? Then there is Islamaphobe. Damn right we should be afraid of these psychos. These are people that kill Christians because they won’t convert to Islam/Muslim religion. They also cut off people’s heads and march around with it on a stick and drag the body through the streets. So next time a Christian talks to you about God consider yourself lucky he/she isn’t Muslim.

As I said lets own these names, be proud of it because if you have been called this by a Democrat it should be a badge of honor. Wear it with pride because they have nothing left but to call you a pathetic name that means nothing. It also means you pissed off some Democrat and they had to call you a name. It means you won.

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