The women’s soccer team can go to hell.

I am sick of athletes getting involved in politics.

I am about to use the F-word so here goes, you have had a warning. I am sick of athletes who have done nothing their whole lives but play sports getting involved in or giving their stupid opinion on the President and politics. The same goes for Hollywood. These people know nothing of the real world or life. Yes they have the right to their opinion and to free speech but that doesn’t mean you have to use it especially in the case of the lesbian bitch Megan Rapinoe.

Earlier in the basketball season LeBron James said Trump was using sports to divide the country. Well, I only see athletes using sports to divide the country because they are blind dumb ass Democrats. I know Trump called them names for kneeling during the National Anthem. Trump only said what many or a majority of us were thinking. They can go to hell. They get to play a game in the greatest country in the world and then they disrespect the flag, country, military, police; the President and all the citizens. Then they are trying to do a song and dance and say they aren’t doing any of that.

What gets me is NONE of these assholes were doing this before Colin Kaepernick and he only did it for the attention because he had lost his job as QB. Now the liberal assholes in the media are honoring him for his hate and disrespecting the country.

Then there is Shannon Sharpe. This asshole said the American flag is just a piece of cloth. OK. If that’s true then what the hell is all the bullshit about the goddamn Confederate flag. IT IS JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH, isn’t it? Oh no, it is a symbol of racism because the liberal black Democrats are offended by it. When the damn shoe is on the other foot it is totally different………for them.

I didn’t watch the last few games of the World Cup.

I didn’t watch the games after that lesbian Rapinoe opened her big mouth and said she wasn’t going to the FUCKING White House. Nice talk from an athlete that maybe millions of young girls are watching. But then she doesn’t care about them or her teammates or any of us in the United States or anyone else. She doesn’t care that Trump has done more for minorities than Obama thought about doing. Blacks have their lowest unemployment ever but Rapinoe doesn’t give a shit. She doesn’t care if unemployment for EVERYONE is at record lows. She doesn’t care if startups for black small businesses is at record highs. She has her list of liberal names and she is going to use them and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t true it is still a good reason to hate Trump.

I warned you I was going to use the F-word because Hollywood and all Democrats use it. Like Robert DeNiro said FUCK Trump. Tom Selleck said anyone that likes Trump/voted for Trump then FUCK you. This from a draft dodging coward. Then there is Rapinoe who said she wasn’t going to the FUCKING White House as I stated before. I can understand this from Hollywood because it is their favorite word in movies because they all have limited education. They have no idea how the real world works.

I realize this women’s soccer team is a team and the rest of the women are Rapinoe’s teammates but I think only one stood up against her. Where the hell are the rest of them? Do they all think this way? I guess like ALL liberal Democrats they can’t think for themselves. It is group think. They are a one celled animal with no brain.

Then there is Taylor Swift whom was singled out by Democrats for not saying anything in the last election. NOW, suddenly she is an expert on everything. This singer who has done NOTHING but be a singer, who probably doesn’t drive or dress herself, or buy groceries and doesn’t know what a loaf of bread costs. She does have her marching orders and her opinion was given to her and now she spews it out.

Here is a thought about the National Anthem.

ESPN decided it wasn’t going to show the National Anthem before games. So these assholes ruin it for the rest of us. So we can’t hear it or see the flag and country celebrated.

Here is a thought. Even before all this bullshit they didn’t show the Anthem anyway. I think most people didn’t realize it but they didn’t except during big events like the Super Bowl and the World Series etc.

Not only that a lot of these spoiled useless athletes didn’t kneel but they sure as hell didn’t face the flag when the Anthem was played. A lot look down. A lot have their eyes closed. A lot are doing other things other than standing at attention and facing the flag during the Anthem.

We have to remember.

We have to remember these assholes are still doing this even though it isn’t shown on TV. The last I heard the NFL attendance and ratings were down so don’t give in. The league is kissing the players asses about “Social justice” issues. The league has no business doing this.

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