I am damn sick of hearing about slavery, get over it.

I am really tired of people milking slavery.

This is bullshit. Every few years the damn Democrats talk about reparations for slavery as well as for Indians (no I don’t consider them native Americans).

Black people love that reparation talk and that’s what they vote on. Not the fact that white people freed the slaves or that it was the Republicans that freed the slaves. Now Democrats are trying to rewrite history to blame not freeing the slaves on Republicans. It was the Democrats that didn’t want them free or to be able to vote. Are you people too damn dumb to realize they are trying to buy your vote and that they only give a shit every four years. Wake the hell up.

How can one race of people be so stupid and blind to let a political party use them for decades not just years but decades.

Anyway I am sick of the whining by blacks. If you criticize them you are a racist. This is just a tactic to shut you up that the Democrats have perfected. Not only that they have a name for everything and if they don’t they make it up like homophobe or Islamaphobe. Well, screw you.

Now they have kind of worn out the racism thing so now it is white privilege. What a crock of shit. They tried to make us feel guilty calling us racist for decades and now they have moved on to white privilege. I’ll give them white privilege. What about Affirmative Action? What about the damn quotas? What about not lifting them up but dumbing down the rest of America? There has been about 60 years of this bullshit. How about all the blacks in government positions that were hired not because they were qualified but because they were black. Justice Sotomayor said she was an affirmative action baby. Every time I see a black person in a position of authority I wonder are they qualified or are they there because they are black. And the same goes for women and every other damn minority. Actually women aren’t a minority.

Civil Rights Acts.

Do you know there have been numerous Civil Rights Acts? Yes, 1866, 1964, 1968 and even 1991. I am sick of it all. Like hate crimes where a black is killed by a white person or persons and it is a hate crime but if blacks kill a white person they don’t even consider it a hate crime. It is the same with all these minorities.

Enough is enough if they can’t make it on their own now then too damn bad.

Black people are just whiners.

There is NO ONE alive today that slavery has affected so get the hell over it. Blacks are the biggest bunch of whiners in the history of the United States. A few years ago they whined about not getting Academy Awards and Emmys etc. Suddenly the next year and every year since they are winning awards. I doesn’t matter if they are any good they are black so they win.

Then there are TV, commercials etc. Blacks are in everything. It is ridiculous. You see 3 white women or men in a commercial and here comes their best buddy this black man or woman. Yeah right!! Blacks are 13% of the population of 320 million Americans. That means 13 out of a hundred are black while 87 out of a hundred are not black. So, that means that most of us don’t know any blacks, don’t hang out with them or work with them. We are not buddies, pals or best friends. HELLO!!! Yes, I know some of you are friends with blacks but every damn commercial, every damn TV show, every damn movie had blacks in it. The entertainment industry portrays them as judges, mayors, owners of companies etc. and yes these do exist in real life but when I watch a Hallmark movie about a small town or a small town in the mountains far from everything and here is a black mayor. Come on man.

I spent twenty years in the Air Force and worked with TWO black men. As far as I can remember there weren’t any black crew chiefs or engine mechanics or electronics technicians etc. Now, there probably were some but I didn’t know any or remember any. Now that I mentioned it the government will require them to be placed in these positions.

So as I said they are the biggest bunch of whiners in the history of the United States. Every group has had it rough and been discriminated against, Jews, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Italians etc. etc. but they worked hard and became Americans. They didn’t whine about “poor me”, you are picking on me, you don’t like me, you are a racist etc.

Anything to keep white people in line.

So today I see where Bed, Bath and Beyond had black face pumpkins. OH MY GOD!!!! Were there no white face pumpkins? This is what happens when we have become a bunch of candy asses and so sensitive that we wet our pants over this silly shit. You see a couple years ago some genius decided to make a real pumpkin white then came the fake white pumpkins and now I have seen purple, blue and black fake pumpkins. So they were just being inclusive when they made a black face pumpkin. OH HELL NO, they don’t want to be included this way.

So here comes the NAACP and their fearless leader in Nyack, NY. Wilbur Aldridge said the pumpkins displayed an extreme lack of sensitivity. Poor little Wilbur. The blacks in this country didn’t worry about sensitivity when they said President Trump should be assassinated did they? Or when Maxine Waters said impeach 45 from the time he was inaugurated did she?

Then they are whining about a fictional animal that has black face, WTF? How is any animal and especially a fictional animal relate to black people? Because they can use this to keep the racism bullshit going. To keep white people in line.

Just like the chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercials that they said was a negative stereotype. How is a dog a stereotype of a human? Because they want it to be so they can use it and make a large company do what they want. This small group of assholes that we give power to when in fact they did a survey an most Hispanic/Mexican people liked the commercial and didn’t find it offensive.

Comes to you from ihatebullshit.com.

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