Charlize Theron – one of many Hollywood weirdos.

Is she an actress or not?

So I just read an article that it was a slap in the face for Charlize to be asked to play Wonder Woman’s mother in the movie. Oh, my! Lets see, Gal Godot is 34 and Charlize Theron is 43 only 9 years older than Gal Godot. The part ended up going to an actress that was 51.

So what I am guessing is that Charlize can’t act or can’t act older. I guess she hasn’t heard of makeup to make her look older? That’s not true because they used makeup to make her look like Aileen Wuornos the serial killer in the movie Monster and that was 2003 or 16 years ago when Charlize was only 27. Wuornos was only 43 when she died and committed her killings in 1989 and 1990 when she was ………… wait for it, about 34. So apparently Charlize didn’t mind playing a woman about 7 years older in 2003. So the Wonder Woman part went to an actress that was 8 years older, hmmm. So I guess it is easier now to be eye candy in a movie than be a real actress?

Again they made Charlize unrecognizable with makeup in Monster but I guess now she is getting older it is harder to accept your age. She is trying to hang on to being a twenty something or thirty something actress when she is a forty something actress. We all get older so face it. The problem is the profession she chose and she did choose it so she will have to live with it.

Lastly, the Hollywood crowd lives in such a bubble Charlize said she didn’t know anything about Wonder Woman. How could you not know anything about the character?

How about the other loonies in Hollywood?

Much like Madonna who is NOW fighting ageism at 60. WTF? She didn’t plan ahead. She didn’t mature and reinvent herself as she grew older. NOOOOO, now she complains because people don’t accept her as a 25, 30 or 35 year old “Material Girl” any more. Hello, you are 60, grow up, move on.

Then there are people like Mick Jagger, who looks like hell by the way, who once said he didn’t want to be 40 years old and still singing Satisfaction. Heeellllooo Mick you passed 40 a damn long time ago and you are still singing Satisfaction. He is now 75, yes he is 75. It is kind of pathetic to see these old rockers still trying to be something they are NOT. They are trying to be something that passed them by a damn long time ago.

Lets not forget Cher who is 73 and starting her Here We Go Again tour. Didn’t she have a “farewell” tour in 2005 then return to touring and now in 2019 more? Anyone want to see your grandma singing on stage. Hell she is old enough to be some people’s great grandma. How about all that plastic surgery and dressing half naked? It is no wonder Chastity Bono turned herself into a man.

Hollywood is a fantasy world.

That is the problem. Almost every movie is bullshit. You can find 100 things in movies that are stupid, crazy or unreal. Things that wouldn’t happen in the real world. Not only that they get old and they go and get Botox or plastic surgery. Look at Cher and Jane Fonda and many others. Even the likes of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy. Here is the kicker he lets his hair go all gray but has had plastic surgery or Botox or something to look younger. WTF?

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Amy Schumer is turning down Super Bowl ads. OMG NOOOOO.

Who the hell cares?

So Amy Schumer is going to turn down Super Bowl ads. OMG. I am crushed we won’t be able to see this almost celebrity. Who the hell cares? The game and ads have sucked for several years now. Who cares what any of these people in Hollywood think? Oops, THINK was the wrong word. What a tough stand, NOT!! It is just lip service and a publicity stunt by Schumer.

Who cares about the cliques opinion because most of them have the same sick stupid opinion. They are like that high school clique of so called “cool kids”, if you don’t have the same opinion or act like them then you aren’t cool. Not to mention they threaten your job much like Tim Allen was dropped by ABC. If these losers in Hollywood could only read and think for themselves they would know the Democrats are only for themselves and only care about votes and could care less about anyone’s rights. Democrats only care every damn four years when elections roll around. Wake the hell up America and especially black America.

Amy Schumer is just another hateful liberal Democrat that is trying to keep the blacks in the fold. She is a racist why else would she use the phrase “people of color?” WTF are white people? White being the adjective here. I remember when I first went into the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida and they forced us to go to the Defense Race Relations Institute. The instructor told us about calling blacks “colored” people. Now they call themselves colored people i.e. people of color which is the same damn thing. Anyway the instructors big visual was a 64 crayon set of Crayola crayons to show us the colors and he would pull out this WHITE crayon to tell us we were “colored” too. But today we aren’t colored we apparently are supersonic clear. So Amy Schumer is a racist and so is everyone else that uses the phrase “people of color”. 

Democrats lie to blacks all the time.

Democrats have been lying to blacks for years and years and why not they believe Democrats are actually for them. If any of you black people don’t believe this ask yourself what the hell have they done for you, EVER. What the hell did Obama do for you in 8 years, NOTHING. He and the Democrats didn’t do a damn thing. They didn’t rebuild any inner city or stop the opioid/drug crisis. How about teen pregnancy, or black on black crime or black unemployment or gun violence? Oh sure they can say they want gun control and that is it, nothing else, no other solutions.

How about this idiot from California? Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) this guy says he wants to nuke Americans to get our guns (I don’t have any guns). Then tries to backtrack and say he was being sarcastic. Don’t you believe it. This guy is from California the land of fruits and nuts. This is how bad they want gun control or just to take your guns period. This is in the Constitution and this is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms. To protect us from the damn government. They knew 244 years ago this would happen. That the government would be capable of tyranny. Swalwell thinks they can overpower us NOW with there being 300 million guns in the U.S. and 320 million people, while the military has 1.2 million people spread all over the world and 1 million in the reserves. They can’t control protests and riots in the cities. How could they possibly stop us in and all out war? As usual this politician isn’t good with numbers 320 million versus 2.2 million military and that is if they were all in the U.S.

Racism is rampant, NOT!!!

What they do is call everything racist and no one cares anymore. They started calling Trump a racist as soon as he ran, when he won the nomination the Democrats called him a racist again and when he was elected president they called him a racist. Why? Because the Democrats have no solutions they just want to control you. It is funny Trump has black unemployment the lowest is has ever been along with unemployment in general so it appears HE ISN’T A RACIST. And the economy is screaming along. He is working for everyone. Does the media say that? HELL NO. By the way that loser Obama is trying to take some of the credit for the economy. Eight years of nothing and now two years after leaving office this is his doing? Not only no but hell no. What a loser. 

How about those blacks in congress; the black congressional caucus. 

Maxine Waters and the rest of the black congressional caucus are the same. This woman makes $174,000 a year as a congresswoman. How many of you blacks out there make anywhere near that? How many whites make that kind of money for that matter? What does she know about being poor and being black or living from paycheck to paycheck or worse with no paycheck and on welfare? THIS WOMAN LIVES IN A 6000 SQUARE FOOT, $4.3 MILLION MANSION IN ONE OF THE RICHEST PARTS OF LOS ANGELES AND IT’S NOT EVEN IN THE DISTRICT SHE REPRESENTS. Wake the hell up black America. How in the world does mad Marxist Maxine Waters afford to live in a $4.3 million mansion in one of the richest parts of Los Angeles on a government salary of $174,000?

Waters recently said that she wanted to take HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s “ass apart” because he knows nothing — in her view — about public housing and that he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave. What does she know about being a slave? Just because she is black? What does she know about public housing and what has she done about it or to improve it? NOTHING. So is she promoting violence? Is she promoting violence against a black man? 

Democrats are the violent ones.

Remember how liberals demonized the Tea Party when they formed. They couldn’t have Americans thinking for themselves or rebelling against the government. The Tea Party was accused of all kinds of things that were bullshit. Certainly nothing near like what the rioters and Antifa are doing. 

So lets see it was the liberal democrats that rioted and destroyed other people’s property after the 2016 election.

It is liberal democrats like Antifa running around terrorizing people and attacking people and sucker punching people all the while wearing a cover over their faces much like MIDDLE EASTERN TERROISTS. Why is that? Why do they need to wear a mask to hide their identity? Because they are doing something WRONG or illegal and the damn cops do nothing. They show up at people’s houses and threaten them. If they were on my property I would give them 20 seconds to leave and then start shooting especially if they were threatening my family. That is what it will take, for us to fight back against this tyranny. 

It was a liberal democrat that shot the senator at the baseball field in Washington. Lets not forget that either. 

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Hollywood, what have they done for America? Not a damn thing.

I am sick of these entitled brats whining.

Anyone else sick of these whining assholes in Hollywood? I am, not one of them, or almost none of them have done a damn thing for the country. They sure as hell haven’t served in the military. Sure, they have their little charity that benefits one group or another so they can say they “give back.” Yeah right! As far as I am concerned it is a photo op and good publicity. I know there are some that are really involved in these charities and some have a connection to it like a friend or relative had cancer etc. 

BUT THEY HAVEN’T DONE A DAMN THING FOR AMERICA. In fact guys like Danny Glover went to Venezuela and praised the dictator Hugo Chavez and called him “my brother.” Even now five years after his death Venezuela is still a mess which should tell you (are you listening Hollywood?) socialism doesn’t work. 

Then there is Michael Moore who thinks Cuba is so great because they get free education. Sure they get educated that communism is great and Castro is great all the while living in poverty. Moore thinks they are great because they get free health care. Yes, but what kind of health care? Piss poor I imagine. Then this moron wants people to resist Trump and what he is trying to do. So, America does he give a damn about you, me or us? NO HE DOESN’T. Hillary lost and like a spoiled child Moore wants to wreck or destroy America. He doesn’t even give Trump a chance. 

You in Hollywood will come to realize this if socialism takes over eventually they will want to silence you too. You morons in Hollywood that have never done anything but stand in front of a camera and recite lines someone else wrote. Most of you don’t cook, drive, shop or even dress yourselves. You wear borrowed clothes and jewelry to these red carpet events. A damn lot of you are on drugs and alcohol, need life coaches, need an analyst or psychiatrist or some other crutch to just live. How many have committed suicide? Then you want to tell us how to live. Then you want to tell us how to vote. Kiss my ass losers.

Real Stars of Hollywood served in the war.

Guys like Jimmy Stewart, Yogi Berra, Clark Gable, Ted Williams and many others actually served and served with distinction IN COMBAT in WWII. These cowards today can shoot their mouths off and NOTHING MORE. These late night guys can be nasty and criticize Donald Trump when he has already done more for us and America than Obama did in eight years. 

How about Harrison Ford? This guy dodged the draft while others went to Vietnam. He let others get maimed and killed so he could stay here and build a career and make 20 million a picture or more. The guy is a coward and then shows up on the WWE’s salute to the troops. I use to be a big Harrison Ford fan but no more. I served 20 years in the military and have no respect for this guy.

I am a big Tom Selleck fan. I wasn’t the first three or four years of Magnum P. I. because the guy was a model and not an actor. But he won me over. Now I find he supposedly served in the Army National Guard. He served from 1967 to 1973. Prime Vietnam years and got out in 1973 the same year Vietnam ended. Now he is proud of his service. Why? Because no one remembers what it was like back then.

During the Vietnam War, Selleck was issued draft orders. “And then I was going to be drafted, and I got into an infantry National Guard unit and did six months active duty (in California) in the middle of my time at Fox,” Selleck said. To take some measure of control over the situation, he joined the California National Guard in the 160th infantry regiment. More like so he wouldn’t get drafted and sent to Vietnam so he stayed in California. Now that’s tough duty.

The military left a strong impression on Selleck, who recalls his service with pride, “I am a veteran, I’m proud of it,” he said. “I was a sergeant in the U.S. Army infantry, National Guard, Vietnam era. We’re all brothers and sisters in that sense.” He puts that Vietnam era in there like it means something. That just means he was in while Vietnam was going on but safe at home in California. Sorry Tom, that is the same as NOT serving. As I said you knew there was no chance of getting activated/called up to active duty and especially not to Vietnam. 

People were running to Canada to avoid the draft and guys like Selleck were joining the Reserves so they wouldn’t get drafted and be safe knowing full well they would NEVER get called up to active duty (Vietnam) as they do today in the Middle East. Back then if the military needed more warm bodies they just drafted more people. 

Below are the medals he “earned” which everyone got just for showing up.

California National Guard Federal Service Ribbon
California State Service Ribbon
California Drill Attendance Ribbon

Hollywood celebrities contribute nothing to society. 

What useless people they are. America and society in general would do just fine if they didn’t exist. 

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Stormy Daniels, come on, do you really need the publicity?


So this bimbo, slut, porn star was arrested in Ohio for touching a customer with her tits. This customer turned out to be a cop or several cops. Duh! Apparently things were getting too quiet and she was becoming old news. So she did something she knew was illegal to get herself arrested. Her lawyer is a real loser and probably concocted this arrest to get her back in the news.

Then her attorney is acting all indignant and saying she was “set up.” I assume he was talking about being set up by the cops or Donald Trump? Why would Trump do this, she has become old news and no one cares if she had sex with the Donald. They were two consenting adults if it actually happened at all and it was 2006 and she allegedly was paid for her silence. BUT he became presidential candidate Trump and then president elect Trump and now President Trump so her and her sleezebag attorney think there is more money to be made. I mean what is the point here, she was allegedly paid for her services and silence. To me this sounds like another Democratic dirty trick.

The same Democrats that invented the “dossier.” Then the DNC was hacked, with Obama as president, and the Democrats refused to let the FBI look at their servers. NOW the Democrats and Mueller are trying to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and after more than a year they have NOTHING. Collusion, when it was the Democrats in power and their system that got hacked and yet it is Trump’s fault that Hillary lost. You have to be a moron to vote for these clowns. Actually the Democrats aren’t smart enough to be morons. 

It was just a few weeks ago publicity was dying again.

Things were getting quiet again and here comes old Stormy to the rescue of the illegal aliens children that were separated from their parents at the U.S. border. WTF happened to that? She was going to do something, whatever that was. As far as I know she did NOTHING but she did get some publicity. The last she said she was trying to decide how best to use her resources or something to that effect. What were her resources, her tits and ass? Was she going to go down there and spread her legs for the kids?

Then when she does get down there, one report said she ignored the illegal alien children and did nothing to help them. Does this surprise anyone? It was all a publicity stunt. And what could a porn star possibly do? NOTHING. They were too little to have sex with so that was out. She has no political clout or pull so that is out unless she slept with other government officials she can blackmail into helping the illegals.

Now as I said about news of Stormy was dying so her and her lawyer probably cooked up this scheme to get her arrested and in the news again. The lawyer whines a little and then she is released in the early hours of the morning the next day. 

Speaking of her attorney Avenatti, what happened to him working with ICE whistleblowers? He was going to bring this to the American people. Both seem to be liars. Does that surprise anyone? It has been a couple weeks since any Stormy news. We should be expecting the next installment of Stormy and Avenatti, a love story. 

What will it be next?

I suppose she could enroll in college and study medicine and become a brain surgeon. OR she could apply to become an astronaut they could probably use someone in space with her talents. Maybe a NASCAR or INDY car driver. She could be the first nude driver in history that should bring the male fans back anyway. She could start her presidential campaign now for 2020. Anyone else have any suggestions? 

She couldn’t be anymore of a joke if she tried. Then there is her attorney who, as I said is a sleezebag and looks the part. If you were casting a movie and doing auditions this would be the guy for the part. 

Talk about a joke this guy actually says he could beat Trump in an election. He says he is considering it. Look at his picture. Even his mother wouldn’t vote for him. He and his firm have $10 million in unpaid debts and back taxes. You can see why he is representing Stormy Daniels. He saw dollar signs figuring it was billionaire/President Donald Trump. Avenatti’s big payday.

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Meryl Streep, average actress, hater and snob.

Meryl Streep, hater.

I believe it was last year at the Academy Awards where she pronounced that Hollywood has become full of “outsiders and foreigners.” WTF. What kind of attitude is that? Especially when the Hollywood crowd embraces faggots and lesbians. As usual Hollywood accepts anything that is perverted and abhorrent.

They are a bunch of losers and like politicians never had a real job. They stand in front of a camera and recite lines someone else wrote. WOW, what talent. The fact is ANYONE can do this, ANYONE. This is why it takes them years to “make” it in Hollywood. It takes them years to perfect their “craft”. What a joke. What purpose do they fulfill? What do they do for society? NOTHING. Sure they have some pet charity they “work” on, whatever that means.

Like I said in my other article, last I heard they had contributed a “whopping” 10 million dollars to hurricane Harvey relief while they make millions and sometimes billions on ONE DAMN MOVIE.

Streep blaming Trumps for not saying anything about sexual misconduct.

Wait a damn minute. Isn’t most of this, if not all of it coming out of Hollywood and also Democrats? Hell yes. This is incredible, the woman is an asshole. Why didn’t she say anything in ALL THESE YEARS. Why? Here is what she said.

Meryl Streep called out Melania and Ivanka Trump, while looking the other way concerning criticism of herself, for not speaking up following a wave of sexual assault allegations against men in various industries.

“I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump.” Of course you do because this deflects attention from your sorry ass. I want to hear from Melania. She has so much that’s valuable to say,” Streep said. “And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.” But Streep had to take time to reflect on the news though but the Trumps should speak NOW. Is she full of shit or what? And if the Trumps had said something then the media would have been all over them. Saying what about Donald Trump and the accusations against him? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Her comments came as she was asked questions about her own initial silence following the allegations made against disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein. Streep said when she found out about Weinstein she had to go “deep into my life,” and take time to reflect on the accusations. Oh how dramatic. Again she is full of shit. This is a cop out. Streep and others must have known. Weinstein had done this for years and there wasn’t talk? There weren’t rumors? Apparently Jane Fonda knew and kept quiet but Streep didn’t know? No she had to go to her fortress of solitude and go “deep into my life.” Pure bullshit.

“I really had to think,” Streep said. “Because it really underlined my own sense of cluelessness, and also how evil, deeply evil, and duplicitous, a person he was, yet such a champion of really great work.” And what is with, “he was such a champion of really great work?” Cluelessness? How is that possible in all these years she is clueless? Just another cop out or more bullshit. From her statement about Weinstein being a champion of really great work this leads me to believe she looked the other way. She wanted Oscar nominations so she didn’t worry about some mother, daughter or wife losing her soul and dignity to this sexual predator.

Streep told Fox News in December that she “wasn’t deliberately silent” following the accusations made against Weinstein.

“I didn’t know. I don’t tacitly approve of rape. I didn’t know. I don’t like young women being assaulted. I didn’t know this was happening,” the star said in a statement. She told The Times she “really didn’t know,” and thought “he was having girlfriends.” To deny it that many times sounds like a guilty conscience.

Following her denials about Weinstein’s alleged crimes, posters popped up around Los Angeles with a photo of Streep and the words “She Knew” placed across the actress’ eyes.

During an acceptance speech at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards for her role in “The Iron Lady,” Streep famously referred to Weinstein as “God.”

This is where Obama and Hillary looked to for campaign contributions.

So all you Democratic voters this is what you have sunk to. To vote for your two candidates that looked to these losers and perverts for campaign contributions. But then what do you expect when congress is full of perverts etc. Look at Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank, Al Franken, and then there are Ted Kennedy and Gary Condit both killed women even though it wasn’t proven and there are even more than listed. So it is not a stretch for politicians to go to their own kind for money.

As I said, average actress. 

So she has been nominated 20 times for Academy Awards, more than any other actress BUT only won 3 times. That’s 15%. The odds are in your favor if you are nominated 20 damn times you will win eventually.

What really pisses me off is they are suppose to be so accepting of others?

They are not suppose to be racist yet black actors in Hollywood had to embarrass the Academy into just nominating blacks. The same with the Emmys.

As I said above Streep made the comment that Hollywood is full of “outsiders and foreigners.”

How about their fascist tendencies while accusing others of being Nazis and Fascists. Actors were afraid to go to the Trump inauguration. Tim Allen got his show cancelled for saying Hollywood was like 1930’s Nazi Germany. Depp talked of assassinating Trump while Madonna wanted to blow up the White House.

The Hollywood crowd isn’t just the opposition they are hateful, spiteful, uneducated, mean, nasty people. So why are you watching their TV shows and movies. Because the people they hate are YOU.

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Bill Maher, HBO’s House Nigger

So why is he still on the air?

I just saw an advertisement for HBO and here is Bill Maher. The same Bill Maher that called himself the “house nigger.” Why is he still on the air? I’ll tell you why, because he is a liberal Democrat and apparently HBO is run by liberals. The mainstream media assholes quickly buried this story and now it is as if it never happened or never existed. If this had been Trump or any other white conservative, the damn end of the world would have happened. So as usual the liberals can say anything but if a conservative looks the wrong way they are battered in the media for days and even weeks. They call for the firing or resignation of the offender.

Once said the real heroes of 9/11 were the terrorists, they were brave. 

“We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly,” Bill Maher. NO IT IS INSANE.

This from a coward who never served, never got his ass shot at, never even put the uniform on. So he called crazy people that flew into a building to kill innocent people BRAVE? He apparently is as sick as the 9/11 terrorists.

Then he says we have the most ridiculous mass murder machine the world has ever seen, he was talking about the U.S. military. Apparently he was a lousy actor and doesn’t know a damn thing about history. I would say his buddy Hitler and the Nazis had a mass murder machine. And if it wasn’t for that mass murder machine we have his ass might be speaking Japanese or possibly Russian if we hadn’t won the cold war. So kiss my military ass Bill Maher, you are a loser and not just a loser but a loser with a big ignorant mouth.

No, lobbing cruise missiles is no different than sending bombers to bomb before ground troops show up. Lobbying cruise missiles is no different than a battleship  lobbing artillery shells from off shore to kill as many of the enemy as possible. No, Billy boy would rather the troops go in and just get killed, maimed and shot to prove they are brave. Bill is such a dumb ass he doesn’t understand that just putting on the uniform makes them brave.

I can’t stand to look at this creep. 

This guy makes a living being a smartass and attacking Christians most of the time. He was at one time an actor and not a very good one apparently. You can find him occasionally on shows like Murder She Wrote, Married With Children and others. Yes he has 47 glorious credits as an actor that I could find.

He apparently is a Christianophobe or Christian hater. He is a sick man. He like Hitler and the Nazis can’t stand Christians and continually has to put forth insults to make himself feel superior. Apparently he doesn’t understand the Bible was the first book printed on the printing press. Apparently he doesn’t know the Bible is the best selling book OF ALL TIME. Apparently he has never read it or understands it is a history book and that most of the people in it were real including Jesus.

I would never subscribe to HBO because of Maher and their movies suck.

Before this I would never have subscribed to HBO because of Bill Maher. Now with this I damn sure won’t have anything to do with HBO. They don’t get it and will keep him on apparently because he and the executives are liberals.

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Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim Opens Up About ‘Sad’ Exit, ‘Honor’ of Playing Chin Ho

Kim and Park want the same money as the stars.

So the supporting cast think they deserve as much as the star? They should be grateful they aren’t living in the real world and making not nearly what they are for just standing in front of a camera and reciting lines someone else wrote. Now that is a tough job. Oh, yeah they are there sometimes 16 hours a day, yeah in their trailer eating food the show provides. Every job I ever worked everyone didn’t make the same money. These people need a reality check. Equality, come on.

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Not the same as the original, not even close.

McGarrett was bad. He ALWAYS got his man, men or woman. As one character said “I’d hate to get a parking ticket here.”

  • Image result for original hawaii five 0

I use to watch the original Hawaii Five-0. This is a pale comparison but for those that don’t know the original this is cool. These guys in the new version are trying to be Starsky and Hutch in Hawaii.  Trying to get the younger viewers I suppose.

Here are some issues I had with this version which I don’t watch any more:

1. I can’t stand Scott Caan. I am sick of this twerp wearing his tie undone and his sleeves rolled up and then says he is trying to look professional? WTF. How many people in real life show up for work like this? Not cops.
2. In the same vein McGarrett asks him why he is wearing that tie. McGarrett tells him when it gets to be 100 degrees he will be sorry. Apparently the writers didn’t do any research. As far as I know it never gets or has gotten near 100 degrees EVER. In fact it rarely gets to 90 degrees or even 85, hello. I have been there numerous times over the years. In the original they ALL wore suits and ties unlike today’s Danny Williams/Scott Caan.
3. Can’t stand all the family crap, uncles, aunts, grandmas, ex-wives and children. This is a crime drama not Family Ties that solves crimes. The best show on TV is NCIS. It was three seasons before you found out Gibbs had a wife and child and then they are OCCASIONALLY mentioned over the years.
4. In this article it says Daniel Dae Kim’s character goes to start San Francisco 50. HELLO. It is Hawaii Five-0 because Hawaii was the 50th state. This is why Hollywood continues to make sequels and remakes because they don’t know what the hell they are doing and have no imagination. They apparently don’t do any research either. Apparently a bunch of college kids are the writers that drank their way through college.
5. Danny’s daughter calls him Dano because she couldn’t say Danny or so the story goes thus eliminating one of the great TV lines ever. “Book ’em Dano.” Why the hell would she be calling her father Danny or Dano? Not daddy, da da, pops etc. Dano? Come on.
6. Grace Park can’t weigh more than 80 pounds and yet she is fighting and throwing men around. Come on that is BS. She might not even weigh 80 pounds.
7. Why are they using Danny’s car for work and McGarrett drives it?                         
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Disney, God, homosexuals, no morals and Karma.

Let me preface my blog article by saying I am not overly religious. I haven’t attended church in more than 10 years. I have read the Bible several times from beginning to end. I believe in God, heaven, hell and Satan. I believe we are heading for the end times. It may be next week or 100 years or more from now but don’t count on it. The Bible says NO ONE knows the day or the hour. So here are my thoughts on Disney.

Disney is following the liberal agenda.

This is not what Walt Disney had in mind when he created Disneyland and Disney studios and later Disneyworld. The Disney company has been heading towards this homosexual agenda for years while not admitting it.

They have allowed this gay day to happen at their parks and I can almost understand that because they don’t want to alienate anyone and lose MONEY. To hell with what is right, moral and family oriented.

Please don’t give me that liberal schlock of, there are all kinds of families and though that may be true the model family is a husband/father, wife/mother, and children. Yes there are single mother and single father families. I myself was raised by a single mother. There are also adoptive parents and usually is the model family listed above until the liberals got a hold of the system.

Now we give homosexual couples that go around calling each other their husband. We give them normal heterosexual children to raise because THEY CAN’T REPRODUCE. They aren’t normal, gay marriage isn’t normal. They can’t reproduce. The anus in NOT a sex organ.

Anyway recently Disney put a gay character in a cartoon for children to indoctrinate society i.e. children to begin accepting the abnormal as normal. Just like the rest of Hollywood that is slipping this into movies and TV shows to indoctrinate America to accept this perversion.

Not only do they now openly support gays/the gay agenda the moron that runs the Muppets comes out in support of gay marriage.

Hollywood, a city and industry of losers and insecure actors that need psychologists, analysts, life coaches, assistants to tell them how to live. These people that do nothing but stand in front of a camera and recite lines someone else wrote. These people that contribute nothing to society. They are like a giant high school clique. No one thinks for themselves just follow the crowd. I say crowd because there is no leader, just sheep.

So what we have here is the hand of God.

I know you people are going to say I am a religious zealot, crazy Christian. I don’t care. I am sure some ministers or priests are going to say God doesn’t do that, i.e. punish people or companies. Maybe not but no one knows because Disney has pursued or supported this gay agenda and now some hacker has gotten the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, hello. The franchise has grossed 3.7 billion dollars and they were expecting this current movie to possibly gross half a billion.

Call it what you will God or Karma or whatever but this could cost Disney big time. Anyway hackers keep it up, make them pay for what ever reason.

Another note on the ESPN/ABC/Disney family.

I wrote ESPN back when the fired Hank Williams Jr. for criticizing Obama. Then they give Brucey Jenner, the pervert, the sicko at age 65 decides he wants to be woman and ESPN gives him a courage award. I told them they would go out of business and wouldn’t know why or be able to stop it. And so they are losing subscribers at an alarming rate. Karma or God or coincidence or competition?

Several years ago ESPN advertised that they were “number one is sports.” I wrote and told them they were the ONLY sports channel. Not hard to be number one when you are the ONLY one. Now there is CBSSports network, NBCSports network, FS1, MLB network, NHL network so now they have competition and are sinking fast. Goodbye ESPN.

I see the same thing coming for ABC and Disney

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Actors and celebrities, stupidity, ignorance and hate.

Damn tired of these actors trying to tell us how to think and vote and live.

These are people just like you and I that can’t find a real job. They can’t do anything else but stand in front of a camera and read lines they memorized. Lines that someone else wrote. On top of that they can’t read those lines very well. Have you ever seen a bloopers show?

They live in a bubble and have no idea or they have a twisted idea of the world. When they go to Cuba and praise a dictator like Castro then they are traitors to freedom and the United States and to the Cuban people. How damn dumb can you be to see the plight of the Cuban people. How they have for decades risk their lives to get away from the island and Castro. Ah, but they have free education and free medical care. What kind of moron thinks this is a good thing while they have no freedom or anything else free? I’ll tell you, dumb ass civilian actors that never served in the military or served their country in any capacity.

Then there was Danny Glover who went to Venezuela and praised Hugo Chavez and called him “my brother.” What sick SOB could think this guy was his brother? A communist dictator that oppressed his people and killed any opposition. How in any way shape or form could Glover praise this man?

How about Michael Moore who thinks Castro is so great because of the free education (communist brainwashing) and free medical care. It doesn’t matter these people are so oppressed they continue to flee the country in droves. Apparently those freebies aren’t so great? Michael Moore is a fat lazy moron who has to lie and take stuff out of context in his movies to make himself right or to make his point.

Celebrities serve no useful purpose and contribute nothing to society.

They like to think they do with their little movies on social issues that might be 50% factual. Or their charity work as long as they get credit and face time for it. They contribute nothing to America. They don’t cure diseases, discover a planet, invent something to improve our lives or anything else. AND no I don’t either. I did serve my country in the military for 20 years unlike the likes of Harrison Ford who dodged the draft as a conscientious objector. So he let others go and die and get shot and lose limbs so he could make 20 million or more on a picture and marry or live with a younger woman. Now that is serving America, NOT.

Back in the day actors actually served and fought in WWII but not today. They can sure preach and protest and curse President Trump and call a lot of us Americans names and they can sure spread the HATE. But serve their country, not a damn chance.

How about those disasters and they go and do a concert and then donate some of the money. Yes, they DONATE YOUR DAMN MONEY NOT THEIRS. They sure don’t get out there and help rebuild and clean up but they are sure good at tearing things down, LIKE THE COUNTRY AND PRESIDENT. They wouldn’t get their hands dirty but have dirty minds and mouths.

And when the hell are they leaving the country or planet?

Not one has left yet but they can sure make jokes, lie, cheat and steal. How about that genius Madonna who said she thought about blowing up the White House. Her ass should have been in jail/prison for that. Then said she was talking in metaphor? So saying she thought of blowing up the White House is a metaphor for blowing up the White House? Again they show us how smart celebrities are when she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word metaphor. But they do know misogynist, they all learned that in 2016 a new big word that another genius, Alicia Keyes said she wouldn’t let her kids watch the 1938 Disney classic, Snow White because it was misogynistic. Hello moron this was 1938 AND it is in no way misogynistic. This was 1938 when America had more common sense and education. When celebrities didn’t show us their ignorance.

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When do the Hollywood elite leave?

I must have missed them leaving?

So all these celebrities that were going to leave if Trump won are apparently still here. I assume it would be news if they packed and left.

I haven’t seen any rockets go up with Cher and John Stewart on them. That would surely be news. They are both assholes. They can’t think for themselves just follow that Hollywood giant high school clique. They are the cool kids or at least they think they are. Get over yourselves. All your bullshit didn’t work. All the money you donated to Hillary’s campaign went down the drain and didn’t work.

Chelsea Handler going to Spain?

She said if Trump won she would go to Spain. News flash, she hasn’t left yet. These childish celebrities say this crap like it is going to matter. I just can’t imagine what they were thinking when they said this.

I saw Handler on some talk show and she was blubbering and saying, “I really want to move to Spain,” BUT “my friends say we need your voice here.” WTF. Is she serious? What voice was that? If I/we don’t win I will take my ball and go home or to Spain, yeah right.

Again what voice is she talking about. Other than her saying she would leave I heard nothing from her during the campaign. This woman, like the rest in Hollywood are so insecure and yet have this ego because they have a show with 50 people in the audience that clap when they say something. They think these people agree with them and I am sure some do.

But this woman is on when I am sure all of five people are watching late at night. Then there was the prime time show they made about her that lasted about three episodes and was canceled. So what makes her think she is important in the scheme of things?

This was just a cop out when she said her friends said they needed her voice here. BULLSHIT.

Cher and Jon Stewart have they left the planet yet?

Lets see Cher was going to Jupiter. She probably can’t spell Jupiter, so we can only hope this dried up old hag went to infinity and beyond. Of course there won’t be any plastic surgery there.

Then there was Jon Stewart that said he would leave the planet. No destination specified hopefully to a galaxy far far away. AND he won’t be missed except by the losers that follow him, all five of them.

Samuel L. Jackson to where?

Sammy was going to South Africa? OMG. This is the home of apartheid. It is probably still racist etc. even more so than here. These are well informed educated people, NOT. They would rather leave than have Donald Trump as president. That shows the maturity, intelligence and intellect of the Hollywood elite.

George Lopez to Mexico?

Please go and take some of the criminal illegal aliens with you. Then he said “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration, we’ll all go back,” Seriously, the ones that are here wouldn’t leave if you paid them. One of the great minds of this country. This is the sick crap this man comes up with. El Chapo, his hero holding Trump’s head.

Neve Campbell – Who?

She is going to Canada. This is where she is from so why did she leave and no one will stop her from going back. See ya.

Al Sharpton.

Do this country a favor or better yet leave the planet with Cher and Jon Stewart. One less asshole to deal with. He had no idea where to go, he was just leaving.

Then there are the ones that can’t think of a place to go.

Amber Rose, model, a damn model and she can’t come up with a destination, duh. Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t come up with a destination but we would be glad to see you leave. Miley Cyrus, does it surprise anyone she couldn’t think of a place to go. She probably doesn’t know there are other countries in the world.

Eddie Griffin Africa.

Once while serving in the military we went to Dakar. A fellow airman who happened to be black said “I have seen enough, I am ready to go home.” I told him you are home. This was said on the bus from the plane to the hotel. Griffin wouldn’t last a week in Africa except maybe at the Hilton if there is one.

Seems a lot want to go to Canada, puhlease!!!

Barbara Streisand, Australia or Canada. Like Cher another dried up old hag that I am sure neither country would want. Raven Symone to Canada.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, do us a favor.

This dried up old hag will probably outlive God. She is going to be a pain in the ass till she dies.

And lastly little plus size, chubby Amy Schumer.

Another one that won’t be missed. Born with a government silver spoon in her mouth there is no chance in hell she would leave. She said he would go to Spain apparently her and Chelsea Handler could share a penthouse or outhouse.

These people are losers. Just because they have some sort of celebrity status doesn’t make them smart and they have all proved it with the hate they are showing. If they don’t get their way they will stomp their feet and throw themselves on the ground crying.

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