Working at Walmart sucks.

I have heard so much crap about Walmart, mostly from women and mostly about wages. This is retail. You don’t get paid like a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. It is not Walmart’s problem to give you a wage you can support your family on. Like teachers you picked your job so don’t complain about the wages. I have worked several low paying jobs and moved on to higher paying jobs.

If it is so bad why are you working there?

Here’s what I know. Almost every store I have been in the manager is a woman. It looks to me like most of the management is women as well as the workers. If you don’t believe me look at the display board with the managers on it. Look at the workers, most are women. I would guess 80% are women maybe more.

A couple years ago I worked for a company called Teletech. It is a work from home company. They had a line called We Hear You for confidential complaints about the company etc. I called because I thought I was being held back by women. I told them I thought the women numbered about 90% and that doesn’t happen by accident. When they answered me they said it was 80% and blah blah blah blah blah. Then they blew me off. It wasn’t long before Teletech relocated what we were doing to the Philippines call center. I don’t know if this was from my complaint and they were worried about a lawsuit or what.

Walmart and my son, a male worker.

Anyway back to Walmart and my son. A few years ago he was in a car accident and almost died. He came away with a Traumatic Brain Injury and a tremor in his left hand making it difficult to use. He has had trouble getting and keeping jobs because he has some trouble following directions and with his memory.

Well, his mother knew someone that worked at Walmart who told him to do an application and then he got an interview. When they hired him this woman said “you can thank your mother for this.” Not sure what she meant.

So he works there for over three months and was there every day and on time and never missed a day. He even worked for other people who wanted the day off. He started being harassed by this female assistant manager named Linda.

She was following him to the time clock.

She accused him of taking a set of keys that later turned up in another assistant mangers possession who had taken them on vacation.

She accused him of taking $200.00 apparently because this was his transaction. I knew she was lying because they have tons of security cameras and security people. Also the register is used and can be used by everyone in the store. They always had 3 or 4 workers working in electronics all the time (where my son worked) so anyone could and did use the same register including this Linda.

Lastly she accused him of using his cell phone while working. HE DIDN’T HAVE A CELL PHONE. What she saw was him with was a scanner they use to check inventory. Since then I have seen women in the Walmart stores as well as Sam’s Club on cell phones texting etc. There was even a woman pulling a pallet and texting at the same time in Sam’s.

This manager, Linda, calls him in and says he is still temporary, less than 90 days which he was not. He was past 90 days because he had started getting his store discount which is after 90 days. So this woman is a liar and maybe a thief if she took the $200.00. Then she fired him.

As far as management they had a male manager while my son was there and he was fired. A female manager was having sex with a worker and was fired and eventually they ended up with a female manager again.

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LGBT and other perverts.

I am sick of these perverts and those that support them.

To start off with I don’t care what you do in your bedroom. I do care that you infiltrate the schools and government to spread your sickness and agenda. I do care that you are trying to brainwash Americans and their children to accept this as normal. IT IS NOT. You can’t reproduce so it isn’t normal.

I am sick of those that support you for they are as sick as you are. I am sick of Hollywood putting gay characters in their movies and TV shows and now trying to pervert children by putting gay characters in Disney cartoons etc.

What the hell is wrong with you people? What kind of sex can two lesbians have? They use sex toys or brooms or whatever. This is not normal. How about two guys sticking their penis’ up each other’s ass holes i.e. anus/rectum and getting shit on their dicks. Does that sound romantic or normal. NO. The anus is not a sex organ. Sorry to be blunt but everyone tries to make gays look normal, funny and just like you and I. Well, they are not.

How about transvestites? These are cross dressers. Don’t you people see there is a problem here? Most of them look ridiculous if not weird or disgusting.

I won’t hardly talk about bi-sexuals. What stupid woman would have sex with a man that had sex with another man? I know a lot of men wouldn’t mind having sex with a woman who has been with another woman, hell they probably want to watch.

If this is ok then why the assuming of the male and female roles?

Why do these sickos assume male and female roles? If you have seen Ellen DeGeneres you can tell she is the male in her relationship. I am also sure you have seen those girly men too that prance around and talk like a girl. So why the hell are they playing the roles? Because they know what is right and wrong. This is why they have a high suicide rate and alcoholism rate. I assume they can’t live with what they are doing because they know it is wrong.

Hollywood, TV and movies oh my.

These people in Hollywood are so lost they have no idea what is real or what reality is. They have no idea what is normal after all they need life coaches, analysts, drugs, alcohol, just to cope. They also don’t mind committing adultery, or perversions.

These people in Hollywood commit suicide, murder, rape, are caught and die in sex traps and devices. How many have gotten away with murder? How many do so many drugs they should be dead and some are i.e. Whitney Houston and she took her daughter with her.

And my favorite, Michael Jackson. What the hell happened to this man? He was cute and talented and turned into a freak sleeping with children and giving them “Jesus juice.” He turned himself white and didn’t look anything like himself when he died. Then they claimed it was a skin disease.

And then they can criticize you if you don’t accept these perverts (LGBTs) and their perversion. They try to make what is wrong right. This is what is wrong when people don’t stand up and say this is wrong and it is wrong. Then they stand up and say who are you to judge? Well, liberal Democrats in Hollywood and the rest of the country judge you ALL the time. When you don’t agree they call you names to shut you up. They judge you as sexist, racist, homophobic etc. etc. AND THAT is judging you. They are also telling you if you think for yourself and not like the crowd/clique then you are wrong. Where is the tolerance and acceptance for you if you disagree with THEM?

I don’t watch TV shows or movies with gay characters or gay actors.

My favorite show, like most people, is NCIS. When they started NCIS: New Orleans I watched because I liked NCIS and Scott Bakula. When they had the episode with the gay coming home from the grocery store and he leaves the infant in the car, the human, and takes in the groceries first. Not only does he take in the groceries he puts them away leaving the child in the car longer. Of course the car is stolen with the child in it. Then the other male comes home and they are calling each other their husband. If that isn’t sick and you don’t see that you are as sick as they are and you have been brainwashed to accept this as normal.

I just watched the new show Bull with Michael Weatherly and right off the bat, a gay character so I am done with that show. I don’t think it would last anyway. This happened last season with Quantico. In the first minute or two here are two gays so no more of that. I implore you to do the same, don’t watch, don’t go to their movies. Tell them it isn’t normal no matter what middle school name they call you. These elitists in Hollywood are losers no matter how much money they have.

Just watched Rachael Ray and she had Judith Light on and her show Transparent. Judith says you don’t watch it you feel Transparent. Then she says the show is about if you tell someone your secret will they, your family, still love you? Of course they didn’t say it but you know they are talking about being gay.

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Where is Christmas?

I know this is a little early but before you know it Christmas will be here along with Black Friday. I am damned tired of Christmas being a dirty word. I am damned tired of those that claim not to believe in God and Jesus and Christmas but they sure as hell celebrate, buy presents and take the damn day off. I think their asses should be at work and their businesses should be open. And yet almost all businesses are closed on this day of Christmas that they won’t mention or acknowledge.

How about government offices? This is Christmas which is suppose to celebrate the birth of Christ. Why are government offices closed for a religious holiday? There should be separation of church and state and they should be open for business. After all they can’t put a nativity on government property or the ten commandments. So why aren’t the government offices open and the people at work. The police, fire department and military work why not the rest of the government?

Are you offended by Christmas?

Are you offended by Christmas? Too damn bad. This is America and most of us celebrate Christmas. We don’t care what you celebrate and we aren’t offended by what you want to celebrate so piss off.

America is 85 or 90 percent Christian and that means we celebrate Christmas. This country was started and run on majority rules and not a bunch of loud mouth special interests. So again piss off.

The damn stores won’t allow their employees to say Merry Christmas while some leave it up to the employees. Most stores are now not even using the word Christmas in their sale ads. Stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and others. Even when selling Christmas trees they won’t say Christmas. One store even said they were selling holiday trees. WTF is that?

I have several solutions for these morons.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If they don’t like it too bad. This is our country and we have freedom of speech. Boycott the stores that won’t use the word Christmas. This is their busiest time of the year and then they bite the hand that feeds them, Christians and Christmas.

Send out Christmas cards and any mail and write Merry Christmas on the outside of the envelope. A few years back someone suggested sending cards and letters to the ACLU with Merry Christmas on the envelope wishing them a Merry Christmas and put it on the inside too. They have to open every one.

You may also write to the ACLU at 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004. There are local offices to on the internet. Send them all best Christmas wishes.

Give gift cards for Christmas.

This serves several purposes. One, they don’t get the sale during the Christmas season more than likely because whomever receives the gift card probably won’t use it until the first of the year. Two, they may not get the sale at all if you buy general gift cards like a Visa gift card or gift cards from stores that do use the word Christmas in their ads etc. Three, the person that receives it may not use it for months that will really screw up their Christmas sales figures.

OR you can give vacations or holidays. Like a two or three days stay in a bed and breakfast. How about a gift card for a nice dinner for two. Use some imagination and get around these people/businesses that don’t want to offend the small percentage of people in the U.S. but don’t mind telling you to go to hell. That’s right the 85 or 90 percent that celebrate Christmas and they think you won’t do anything. They think you don’t count. They think you need to buy at Christmas.

Order and purchase from the internet. A lot of people are doing this anyway but continue to do it especially if they acknowledge Christmas. Some of these stores are struggling to survive already. It won’t take much to push them over the edge. Sears use to be the number one retailer in the country and is now struggling along with K-Mart. Target is failing. J.C. Penney was losing customers and on the verge of failing. None of these retailers are smart enough when it comes to marketing. They will continue to pander to these special interest groups all the while claiming it is about inclusion while they are excluding Christmas and those that celebrate it. 90 percent of over 300 million Americans is over 270 million Americans. Which would you rather sell to? 30 million or 270 million.

How about those alternatives?

How about Kwanzaa? These people that are offended by Christmas claim it is not inclusive while Kwanzaa is strictly an African-American holiday. Sounds exclusive to me or racist. This was created in 1966 and why was it put in December? December 26 to January 1st. Kwanzaa means “first fruits of the harvest.” Harvesting is usually done in the fall before winter so why is this right behind Christmas except to be divisive and again racist.

How about Hanukkah? Now this has been celebrated longer than Christmas but again why in December. December 24 to January 1st. During this time they light the eight candles of the menorah. Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication. This like Kwanzaa appears to have nothing to do with the birth of Christ. So why does one start the day before Christmas and the other the day after Christmas. As I said above why not at harvest time in the fall?

Neither one of these uses a tree, i.e. a Christmas tree as part of its celebration so why then are retailers not selling “Christmas” trees?

It is time for us to take back out country and our traditions etc. As stated above Americans don’t care what you celebrate for the most part. We are not offended by your holiday so if Christmas offends you maybe you should consider returning to your country. If you came here to be American and part of America then be part of America.

They use to call America a melting pot because we came and blended or “melted” into American society and became one nation. We became Americans. Now thanks to liberals we are divided. Under the guise of keeping your countries traditions etc. they have divided us into smaller groups i.e. Italian-Americans, Native-Americans, etc. etc. etc.

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God, the Bible, Heaven, Hell and Satan.

Let me state, there is a God, heaven, hell and Satan. How do I know? The Bible tells me it is so.

I am going to give you some of your lame arguments against it and the facts as stated in the Bible.

2000 years in the making.

Yes it has been written by many people over 2000 years and it discloses that. Yes it has been translated over those same 2000 years and these are some of the reasons people use to dismiss the Bible. The fact is that people dismiss it because then they don’t have to believe it is from God and that there is a God.

The Gutenberg Bible

This was the first book printed in mass on a movable type printing press, the Gutenberg Bible. It is estimated that 5 billion Bibles have been sold with sales of 100 million a year. So what does that tell you? It tells me this was the most important book and that it needed to be printed first. 49 copies have survived to present day though only 21 are complete. So if it is not fact why have so many people over the centuries bought it and read it and more importantly BELIEVED it?

The stories and people are real.

We know Jesus, Pontius Pilate, Pharaoh and others in the Bible were real people and that Jesus was crucified. This is history even if you don’t believe in God. The problem here for non-believers is you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by not believing. If there is a God and you don’t believe and reject God you will go to hell for all eternity and it is damn hot there. Believers have nothing to lose by believing that there is a God and everything to gain. Everlasting life and eternity with God. You want eternal life, to live forever, well here it is. All you have to do is believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.

Evolution and the Big Bang.

It is just beyond logic to believe in the Big Bang and Evolution a theory they say they can prove but how?

The scientists claim that all the universe and everything in it came from NOTHING in the Big Bang. Even a kindergartener can tell you that you can’t make something from nothing but because some scientists said it most people believe it. Oh sure they have tests and experiments and they read tea leaves but how do you prove something that happened before any life existed. You can’t. Over the centuries science is always revising or rewriting their theories or ideas or “facts” but the Bible never changes. Sure there have been slight variations but the ideas and stories are the same down through the centuries.

If the Big Bang created something from nothing and they can prove it then how about making some more petroleum or water or air or how about a damn Ferrari for me? Make anything. A coke or pepsi and make the can or bottle too while you are at it from nothing.

Then there is evolution. OMG. If you believe this fairy tale then you need help. That this too, like the Big Bang, just happened. That everything came from the primordial ooze. Come on man!! They can’t prove it. They tell you they can because they can inundate you with scientific jargon. They told us we evolved from apes. Well then how come there are still apes? How come there isn’t something in between that hasn’t evolved all the way like a half man half ape etc. How come apes and other animals can’t talk? Why are we the only species to talk? How come there aren’t other species that are evolved and the same species that hasn’t finished evolving? How come since this theory of evolution there isn’t something out there still evolving?

How do they evolve? Do they just decide to evolve? Say a bird needed wings to fly so it just decided to develop wings? Or like the giraffe that had a short neck and couldn’t reach its food so it evolved with a long neck? And what does it do while waiting for evolution to take place? It dies and there goes the species so how did it evolve.

The human body is enough to prove that evolution didn’t just happen. All the functions of the body, the regeneration, reproduction, digestion, the circulatory system, eyes, heart, your skin etc. all just happened. The Bible tells you how things, people and animals came about, through God. What we have is the THEORY of evolution and Darwin’s THEORY of natural selection. This still doesn’t explain how we walked, talked, see etc. etc. I know they say it does but when will they change that because they have proof of something else?

I like carbon dating myself. This is a procedure scientists came up with to determine the age of something and then they tell us how it works. When will they tell us they made a mistake and are wrong. Are they lying to us like they have in the past to prove themselves and their theories right? Everyone lies today. Oops they misspoke, yeah right!!

Then there are the dinosaurs and how they were all destroyed by an asteroid that impacted the earth. AND they can’t even agree on that. Whether it cooled the earth or heated it up. So this asteroid supposedly hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs on the whole earth, on all sides of the earth but wasn’t big enough to destroy the earth? Come on man? The scientists can always come up with an excuse or story or theory as to why something happened.

So we have a book that tells you how everything came to be but it is easier to make up stories/theories and dismiss the Bible. And more importantly dismiss God.

As far as Hell and Satan that too is in the Bible. Apparently there are no theories on this but we do have ghost hunters and ghostbusters, kidding. I know there are a lot of people that don’t believe in one or both but isn’t there always evil when there is good?

I am not a scientist or genius I am just a guy with questions, logic and common sense, I hope. Like most people I have had science in school and college. I also have read the Bible several times from cover to cover. My problem is that the people that believe in evolution and the big bang are zealots. They mock you and call you stupid or like a talk show host that tells you that you are abusing your kids because you don’t teach them these theories.

They have forced religion out of the public square, schools and government. Why? It must be because it is true otherwise they wouldn’t be afraid of it. Their theories would stand up to the test and to scrutiny and comparison of and to religious principles. What are they afraid of? Why can’t you have both and let people and humanity decide what is true? Like a country with a dictator they cut off communication with the outside world because they only want one message going to the people. They want the people to hear the “truth” the dictator’s “truth.”

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Curtis Reeves, Retired Police Captain and murderer.

Pasco County protecting this psycho.

Curtis Reeves has not yet gone to trial or even received a trial date as of today August 5, 2016 and won’t get a date till he goes before Judge Susan Barthle on February 20th of 2017. That is over 3 years after the murder of Chad Oulson in the Cobb Theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida on January 13, 2014. How the hell does this happen and why is it happening. Oulson’s wife and children are without a husband and father while Reeves sits at home in his air conditioning and not in jail after the murder of Oulson. He was released on $150,000.00 bond.

The first judge Pat Siracusa recused himself in July 2015 because the defense was taking too long to put together a case. When the hell is the last time you heard that? NEVER. This was a delaying tactic by the judge and the county. He recused himself 18 months after the murder. Again, if this were anyone else the judge would have told them you have had enough time. And now there is another judge. Why is it taking another year and a half to just set a trial date. Special treatment, favoritism, I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine by police and judges.

When they came to arrest Reeves they handcuffed him in front and did not put his hands behind him to handcuff him. I guess he would have been too uncomfortable. I believe they even got him a bottle of water because he was thirsty while Oulson was DEAD.

Why aren’t the local and national news covering and investigating this crap?

Where are the news stations? This is news with all the shootings by police and shootings of police so why isn’t this news anymore? Why is the court system protecting this guy? This is bullshit. If this were anyone but a cop they wouldn’t be out on bond and a small bond at that.

Reeves shot Oulson for throwing popcorn at him.

So Chad Oulson was shot during an argument about texting during the damn PREVIEWS not even the movie. AND he was texting not talking on his phone yet this psycho felt the need to complain to management and when that didn’t work took matters into his own hands and committed murder. Did anyone else complain to management about Oulson texting, probably not.

So Oulson threw a bag of popcorn at Reeves and Reeves was so afraid he took out a gun and shot Oulson in the chest and KILLED him. What kind of stupid son of a bitch carries a gun to a movie theater? What kind of stupid son of a bitch fires it with other people in the theater without regard for them? There were no punches thrown or fighting just popcorn being thrown and Reeves was so frightened he shot and KILLED Oulson like a dog or wild animal. Now his damn lawyer, Richard Escobar, is going to use Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. If the jury finds him not guilty or acquits him this sets a ridiculous precedent. So it has taken 3 years to put together a defense? Why? So witnesses forget details?

Other incidence reported.

During the news coverage a woman was interviewed who also had a conflict with Reeves and claimed Reeves even followed her out of the theater. This man was obviously looking for trouble and because he once was a cop thinks he can bully people not to mention shoot them.

Reeves’ attorney was former Hillsborough County prosecutor.

Yes, Richard Escobar was a former Hillsborough County prosecutor. Reeves was a police captain in Tampa, Florida which of course is in Hillsborough County. Does anyone see the connection here and the special treatment Reeves is being given. Not only that Pasco county, where the incident took place is part of the conspiracy to get Reeves off.

Stand Your Ground Law

This law basically states that people can stand their ground in a dispute if they think retreating will result in their own death or great bodily harm. WTF. So running from danger could result in death or great bodily harm. Getting popcorn thrown at you could result in death or great bodily harm? WTF. Again why would Reeves carry a gun to a theater unless he was looking for trouble or at the very least anticipated trouble? And if you think your life might be in danger why not keep your mouth shut? Why does a 70 year old man start trouble and carry a gun?

I don’t care what the jury eventually calls it but it was a murder not manslaughter or self defense from popcorn. His lawyer was a former Hillsborough prosecutor. How much favoritism will he and Reeves be given during the trial? Will the current prosecutor present the other victims of Reeves that were interviewed on TV? I doubt it. They will throw a half assed case before the court so as not to give the jury too much evidence so they can’t possibly find Reeves guilty or get a hung jury for their old friend Curtis Reeves.

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Stupid things

Things I think are stupid. 

Some of these things you are probably going to think, so what? As I get older things/styles are more ridiculous. Some of you are going to think I am stupid so lets dispense with that.

Pants too long.

I am tired of morons wearing their pants about 4 or 5 inches too long. They look really stupid, like they are wearing their dad’s pants or their big brother’s pants. I look and see all this material gathered or bunched up at the bottom of their pants. When the hell did this become the style? Then my son makes me watch Marine, a movie with John Cena in it and he is wearing what is suppose to be a marine dress uniform and here is all this material at the bottom of his pants. Not going to happen. The pants should just touch the top of the shoes on a military uniform with a slight break in the crease.

Hat on backwards.

I am really sick of this one. Not sure why people are STILL doing this. This goes back to the 90s at least and should no longer be in style if it ever was. Guys you don’t look cool with your hat on backwards, with the bill in the back. The whole idea of the hat and the bill is to shade your eyes from the sun. If you are at a baseball game etc. it should be to show support for your team. Instead the emblem is in the back.


This kind of goes under sports but it is kind of insulting when you want someone’s autograph and they do this scribble that you can’t even begin to read. Usually it is one letter and a scrawl or maybe two letters for first and last name. Either they can’t write or don’t give a damn about you to write legibly so you can read it. What the hell is the point collecting an autograph if you have to tell someone who it is? Then there are people selling this crap. Why would I pay for someone’s signature that can’t be read? Anyone could have signed it. I have several autographs from the days when players could write. I have the likes of Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Namath and a few others and I can read them all. So what the hell happened here. Like I said these athletes or whomever don’t give a damn about you. By the way this scribbling is the easiest signature to forge.

The National Anthem.

There are two parts to this one. First the singers. Sing the damn song the way it was written. It is not suppose to be sung to “make it your own.” This is the National Anthem, it belongs to all of us and not just some lame singer that is probably lip synching. Also it is not to be soulized, countrified, jazzed, or any other form of music. And most important learn the words.

The second part is again about sports. When they play the Anthem you are suppose to stop what you are doing and face the flag. Not looking at the ground or having your eyes closed or shooting baskets or anything but listening and looking at the flag. I see people walking around and other things that can wait that one minute you have to give your attention to what is really important. You can salute or put your hand over your heart. Another thing for athletes, when you take off your hat it is not your hat that goes over your heart, it is your hand and your hat should be held in the other hand or if you hold it in the same it the hat should be on or over your shoulder.

Where is that razor?

This is getting old. Almost every man you see in TV, movies and commercials hasn’t shaved. Real people don’t walk around like that. If there are there aren’t many. This seems to be coming back or never left since the damn 80s and Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Lets get over it. What is really ridiculous is when they put on a suit and tie or worse a tuxedo then have this unshaved face. Some of these people look like derelicts and I know women don’t want to be kissing them with several days of growth. Of course there are exceptions I suppose. Most people in the real world don’t put on a suit and go to a business meeting without shaving.

Along with not shaving the face, they do shave or wax their chests. This one kills me. They look like they have a rubber chest or rubber superhero chest on instead of a man’s chest. Nobody’s chest is totally hairless. And now this has been going on women apparently like it like this? Is this screwed up or what?

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