The women’s soccer team can go to hell.

I am sick of athletes getting involved in politics.

I am about to use the F-word so here goes, you have had a warning. I am sick of athletes who have done nothing their whole lives but play sports getting involved in or giving their stupid opinion on the President and politics. The same goes for Hollywood. These people know nothing of the real world or life. Yes they have the right to their opinion and to free speech but that doesn’t mean you have to use it especially in the case of the lesbian bitch Megan Rapinoe.

Earlier in the basketball season LeBron James said Trump was using sports to divide the country. Well, I only see athletes using sports to divide the country because they are blind dumb ass Democrats. I know Trump called them names for kneeling during the National Anthem. Trump only said what many or a majority of us were thinking. They can go to hell. They get to play a game in the greatest country in the world and then they disrespect the flag, country, military, police; the President and all the citizens. Then they are trying to do a song and dance and say they aren’t doing any of that.

What gets me is NONE of these assholes were doing this before Colin Kaepernick and he only did it for the attention because he had lost his job as QB. Now the liberal assholes in the media are honoring him for his hate and disrespecting the country.

Then there is Shannon Sharpe. This asshole said the American flag is just a piece of cloth. OK. If that’s true then what the hell is all the bullshit about the goddamn Confederate flag. IT IS JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH, isn’t it? Oh no, it is a symbol of racism because the liberal black Democrats are offended by it. When the damn shoe is on the other foot it is totally different………for them.

I didn’t watch the last few games of the World Cup.

I didn’t watch the games after that lesbian Rapinoe opened her big mouth and said she wasn’t going to the FUCKING White House. Nice talk from an athlete that maybe millions of young girls are watching. But then she doesn’t care about them or her teammates or any of us in the United States or anyone else. She doesn’t care that Trump has done more for minorities than Obama thought about doing. Blacks have their lowest unemployment ever but Rapinoe doesn’t give a shit. She doesn’t care if unemployment for EVERYONE is at record lows. She doesn’t care if startups for black small businesses is at record highs. She has her list of liberal names and she is going to use them and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t true it is still a good reason to hate Trump.

I warned you I was going to use the F-word because Hollywood and all Democrats use it. Like Robert DeNiro said FUCK Trump. Tom Selleck said anyone that likes Trump/voted for Trump then FUCK you. This from a draft dodging coward. Then there is Rapinoe who said she wasn’t going to the FUCKING White House as I stated before. I can understand this from Hollywood because it is their favorite word in movies because they all have limited education. They have no idea how the real world works.

I realize this women’s soccer team is a team and the rest of the women are Rapinoe’s teammates but I think only one stood up against her. Where the hell are the rest of them? Do they all think this way? I guess like ALL liberal Democrats they can’t think for themselves. It is group think. They are a one celled animal with no brain.

Then there is Taylor Swift whom was singled out by Democrats for not saying anything in the last election. NOW, suddenly she is an expert on everything. This singer who has done NOTHING but be a singer, who probably doesn’t drive or dress herself, or buy groceries and doesn’t know what a loaf of bread costs. She does have her marching orders and her opinion was given to her and now she spews it out.

Here is a thought about the National Anthem.

ESPN decided it wasn’t going to show the National Anthem before games. So these assholes ruin it for the rest of us. So we can’t hear it or see the flag and country celebrated.

Here is a thought. Even before all this bullshit they didn’t show the Anthem anyway. I think most people didn’t realize it but they didn’t except during big events like the Super Bowl and the World Series etc.

Not only that a lot of these spoiled useless athletes didn’t kneel but they sure as hell didn’t face the flag when the Anthem was played. A lot look down. A lot have their eyes closed. A lot are doing other things other than standing at attention and facing the flag during the Anthem.

We have to remember.

We have to remember these assholes are still doing this even though it isn’t shown on TV. The last I heard the NFL attendance and ratings were down so don’t give in. The league is kissing the players asses about “Social justice” issues. The league has no business doing this.

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90 year old “athlete” caught doping.

Age is not a factor.

Can you believe it this 90 year old guy was busted for doping/cheating. What the hell? AND like all good liars, cheats and dopers 90-year-old Carl Grove told the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency his failed drug test was the result of a piece of contaminated meat he ate the night before his race. 

How the hell does he know it was a contaminated piece of meat? Not only that why would he eat it and how did the drug get in the meat? 99.9% of these cheats say they didn’t know they were taking it or they don’t know how it got in their bodies. BULLSHIT!!!

Almost all world class athletes know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and if they don’t they are morons. The problem is they know the penalties and they don’t care. To them it is worth the risk and if you don’t get caught you get the glory and money and everything that goes with it. 

It is like that one moron sports announcer once said in front of millions on TV, “if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’.” That is a hell of a thing to say when kids are probably watching. Maybe this genius thought this was funny. If you can’t win on your own ability then you shouldn’t win. 

Baseball seems to be the worst.

Of course it seems they catch cyclists EVERY YEAR along with baseball players. What losers these people are. What baseball needs to do is a lifetime ban when the player is caught to hell with this 80 games which is only a half season. And they need to ban them from consideration and entry into the Hall of Fame. Fox Sports thinks the HOF voting is broken because these cheats can’t get in the HOF. They claim the best players aren’t in the HOF. Well they aren’t the best players. Fans will never know if they were the best players. Look a Barry Bonds and his early pictures. He was a skinny kid and when he finished you could tell he had used something. Then he makes the comment he doesn’t know what cheating is? How about Roger Clemens? After getting caught and lying his way through a trial etc. he says using PEDs/steroids hurt his career, WTF. Is he insane? YES!!! Bonds never has failed a drug test and was found guilty of obstruction of justice which the wonderful NINTH CIRCUIT court of appeals overturned 10 to 1. So they protect another criminal and that’s what Bond’s is, a damn cheat. 

I know there are penalties beyond the 80 game suspension but we don’t know if baseball tests the cheats again. In fact we don’t know how many tests are done every year and we don’t know who is tested. We don’t know if 10 players are tested or 100 or 1000. Then they wonder why attendance and viewership is falling. I guess the players think it is worth the risk since the testing is so minimal. 

Also we need to know who was caught in this Balco investigation. We need the names. Also in case you didn’t know this all started in wonderful San Francisco, California. Home to cheats, liars and frauds of all kinds like the entertainment industry, politicians and more. They also harbor illegal aliens AND let them get away with murder i.e. Kate Steinle. This is a sick place, California and the politicians go out of their way to BREAK THE LAW. And they do break the law. They have created sanctuary cities which are illegal. In the case of Kate Steinle’s parents they can’t even sue because California is protecting a murdering illegal alien. 

As I said baseball needs to ban the cheaters from the Hall of Fame voting and consideration before these loser sports writers vote them in. Getting in the HOF would be a slap in the face of those players that EARNED their place in the HOF. 

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Ridiculous Bullshit or Trying to make something out of NOTHING.

The ignorance of the media and “reporters.”

Ron Darling uses slur in reference to Masahiro Tanaka on TBS broadcast of Yankees/Red Sox Game 2. This is the headline from the Daily News. Who the hell they are I haven’t a clue except they are so ignorant they make a stupid statement and a shit storm out of nothing. This is total BULLSHIT!!!

Ron Darling may be in hot water after a boneheaded comment during the TBS broadcast of Game 2 of the American League Division Series Saturday night.

With Masahiro Tanaka on the mound in the fourth inning, Darling referenced the right-hander losing his command and used a racial slur. From the NY Daily News.

“Chink in the armor for Tanaka here,” Darling said. “It’s the first inning he has lost a little of his control.” In this case a chink is a weakness not a CHINESE person of which, again, Tanaka IS NOT, he is Japanese. Hello, morons.

Darling did not appear to realize that he had used the slur in reference to Tanaka, who is Asian. To be more precise Tanaka is Japanese. They have to use the term ASIAN because it fits their narrative and their FAKE OUTRAGE. AND Tanaka being Japanese makes this NOT a slur, morons. “Darling didn’t realize he used the slur,” because it WASN’T A SLUR morons. 

This is how they twist things to make an issue out of NOTHING. Why? Because “chink” doesn’t apply to the Japanese people it is a slur used to describe the CHINESE. Hello morons at the Daily News. In this case it is not even a slur if Tanaka were Chinese because this is a metaphor (A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true, but helps explain an idea…) which if used about a black pitcher or white pitcher or a damn pitcher from the Dominican Republic or almost anywhere else it wouldn’t mean a damn thing. In other words morons, Tanaka was pitching so well and so strong it was like being in armor. They couldn’t touch him, hello morons at the Daily News, New York Post and all you other liberal moronic news outlets. 

The idiom “chink in one’s armor” refers to an area of vulnerability. It has traditionally been used to refer to a weak spot in a figurative suit of armor. The standard meaning is similar to that of Achilles’ heel. NOTHING to do with race morons. Figurative suit of armor MEANS IT ISN’T A REAL SUIT OF ARMOR. 

So this has NOTHING to do with race or a slur.

This has to do with the ignorance of the reporters, their editors and anyone else involved at these publications. Like the saying “the shit hit the fan” this is not even shit hitting the fan but someone trying to make an issue out of NOTHING because they are ignorant and don’t understand the damn English language. That’s sad and they are suppose to be able to use words and know their damn meanings along with idioms, sayings and metaphors. 

Fake news AGAIN.

I am so sick of these assholes writing fake news stories and no one calls them on it. And of course they never admit they are wrong or it is fake or a DAMN LIE. They just keep spewing lies and hate. Well here is some for you. You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground morons.

Where the hell is TBS?

Where the hell is TBS? They have nothing to say? Like this is a bogus news story and has NOTHING to do with a racial slur. It is nice to know you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye because the boss, TBS, isn’t going to have your back especially since Darling did NOTHING wrong. 

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LaVar Ball, a major asshole.

Lavar Ball is a lousy father too.

So every time I see this asshole he has that stupid grin on his face while I NEVER see his kids smiling. Why is that? Are they embarrassed by him? Are they tired of his crap? Or do they know he is full of shit?

The guy wasn’t even a mediocre basketball player and yet here he is trying to bullshit his kids into a basketball career. It seems they aren’t any better than he was.

I asked myself what the hell was Magic Johnson thinking when he signed his kid Lonzo Ball. This guy had no big rep or experience just a loud mouth dad who was bullshitting everyone that this kid was good? In one interview the kid says he could beat Michael Jordan one on one. I doubt if he could beat Jordan at his age of 54 today. But that was pretty ballsy of him to say he could beat a 54 year old man. WOW!!

The truth is Lonzo is an asshole like his dad. He isn’t any better at playing basketball than his dad. The guy can’t even beat anyone in the damn NBA today. The Lakers, at the moment are 10 and 16 and in third place in the Pacific division on 12/13/17. If this guy is good enough to beat Michael Jordan then why is the Laker ship sinking?

So what kind to athlete was LaVar Ball, not very damn good. 

Ball first began playing college basketball at West Los Angeles College in the low-tier Western State Conference despite having little experience at the prep level. In the season opener in 1986, he recorded 33 points and 18 rebounds against Porterville College. Who? Ball then transferred to NCAA Division I Washington State and became a starting forward. So he didn’t get his way he transferred much like he pulled his kid out of UCLA. In 26 games for the Cougars, however; he averaged only 2.2 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.0 assists per game. Spectacular, NOT!! After one season, Ball transferred again to Cal State Los Angeles, which competed in the NCAA Division II, playing alongside three of his four brothers. So as you can see he sucked and didn’t get his way he transferred. Cry baby, cry.

So basketball didn’t work how about football? 

Following college, Ball was invited to a football tryout and eventually made a return to the sport. After finishing his college basketball career, he played a single year of college football at Long Beach City College as a tight end. On May 1, 1994, Ball signed with the New York Jets of the National Football League as a defensive end. He returned to the Jets on March 7, 1995, as a tight end and was immediately loaned to the London Monarchs of the World League of American Football in 1995. In the 1995 season for the Monarchs, Ball recorded 28 yards in kick returns. WOW, again impressive, NOT!! During his NFL career, he was also a part of the practice squads of both the Jets and Carolina Panthers, remaining with the Panthers until late November 1995, albeit with no yards played due to injury. After Ball rose to fame in 2017, his former Monarchs teammate Kenny McEntyre said that he was “garbage,” a comment Ball refutes as jealousy from McEntyre. The truth is never pretty.

So LaVar wasn’t good at any sport so he ran, he transferred just like his kid isn’t good enough so he pulls him out of school.

This is all about LaVar Ball and no one else.

Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks the guy sucks. Here is what he had to say; “A great instance of misguided parenting,” Abdul-Jabbar said of how LaVar has handled Gelo, Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball. “I wouldn’t have done that to my children. I haven’t.” “One of the sons might’ve been much better off studying law or medicine or computer science or something that they really felt from within,” he continued, “instead of their father’s fevered ideas of how wealthy he wants to be.” “It’s all about him.”

The guy is clearly a loser and a bully, especially a bully.

As far as a loser goes, what has he done in life? What he has done is because of his self promotion and the unworthy promotion of his kids. The guy is a bully a sore loser. If his kids don’t play because they aren’t good enough then he goes after the coach and anyone else in his way. What they need to do is put the brats on the court and let them lose about 10 games and show the world they suck. Also the Lakers need to tell him every time he opens his mouth Lonzo gets benched for a game. I guarantee he will shut up quick enough. Or he will take his Ball and go home.

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So, Jerry Jones, how many days suspension should Ezekiel Elliot get?

How many days Jerry?

Lets see, Ezekiel Elliott was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend FIVE times. This guy is 22, a hair under 6 feet tall and weighs 225 pounds. I am guessing but if his ex-girlfriend weighs 125 pounds he outweighs her by 100 pounds. And at 6 feet tall he is probably 8 or 9 inches taller than her not to mention his reach, his arm strength and the size of his hands.

This is a guy that hits other players. Blocks other players that probably weigh more than him and are bigger and taller than him. Yet here he is hitting a woman. Now there is a man for you, a real man. I wonder if he slapped his mother around or what he would do if she was assaulted? How would he feel about the attacker?

This guy is an animal and here is old Jerry Jones defending him. Jerry says this is an overreaction to the Ray Rice incident. Really? So what should Elliott’s punishment be Jerry? Six games and five accusations of assault. What should the punishment be Jerry? What will you do when Elliott kills his wife or girlfriend?

Then there is the punishment and endless appeals.

On August 11, 2017, the NFL suspended Elliott for the first six games of the 2017 season for violating the personal conduct policy. His suspension stemmed from accusations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend on five occasions in 2016. NFL officials conducted a year-long investigation into the allegations, and though Elliott was never criminally charged, decided to suspend him. On August 16, Elliott announced that he would appeal the suspension. Although the suspension was upheld on September 6 by a league-appointed arbitrator, on September 8 a federal judge granted a request for injunction by the NFL Players Association, putting the suspension on hold indefinitely.

On October 12, the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals announced that Elliot’s suspension had been reinstated, meaning that he would have to serve the six-game suspension up from that point. On October 18, Elliott was granted a temporary restraining order, meaning that he would not have to serve his suspension from that point, allowing him to play in Week 7.

On October 30, Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the New York Southern District Court, denied Elliott’s request for a preliminary injunction, which reinstated the 6-game suspension. The following day, the NFLPA filed an emergency motion for the injunction.

So, he was given a suspension. He appealed the suspension. The arbitrator upheld the suspension. A federal judge granted a request for injunction (no suspension) by the NFLPA. The Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals reinstated the suspension, AGAIN. Six days later Elliott was granted a temporary restraining order. 12 days later another judge denied the injunction and reinstated the suspension. The next day the NFLPA filed an emergency motion for the injunction.

So Elliott had a suspension, and injunction which was later denied then he files a restraining order which is denied AND then the NFLPA files an injunction. Did I miss something? Didn’t they file ONE injunction which was eventually overturned/denied and now files another. WTF. This is why it takes 20 damn years to execute criminals. Endless appeals of the same thing over and over and over.

Here is what I am hoping for.

I am hoping the Cowboys make the playoffs and Elliott is finally suspended. You see Elliott and Jerry Jones aren’t too damn smart. Actually Jerry Jones is the George Steinbrenner of football. He once was smart enough to hire Jimmy Johnson and won two Super Bowls. Then Jimmy was more popular than Jerry and was getting all the credit which he deserved. Jerry sure didn’t. So he fires Jimmy and hires Barry Switzer who wins another Super Bowl with Jimmy’s team. Later Barry is fired.

Then he runs through numerous coaches and players and Tony Romo. Jerry sticks with Romo no matter how many big games he loses. Sure he has some stats but nothing else. Then of all things he stumbles on Dak Prescott and Romo gets hurt and the rest is history, so far.

Does anyone remember the black quarterback Jerry Jones drafted back before Tony Romo? Jerry said he would be the biggest thing since the forward pass, my words, not Jerry’s, but you get the idea. Does anyone know what happened to that QB? I don’t either.

So finally he accepts the suspension. 

So after an amazing number of appeals and Elliott saying he was innocent then why the hell is he accepting the suspension and why didn’t he do it in the first place. Another thing I am sick of the loser fans that defend this guy and find fault with the NFL. The league is not perfect but is trying to do the right thing I believe. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It is the Kobayashi Maru, the unwinnable scenario. Unless the commissioner was Captain Kirk.

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So you don’t think sports is fixed? Try the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers collarbone broken on illegal hit.

Mike Pereira says it was a good hit. HE IS A LIAR. Aaron Rodgers rolls to his right, releases the ball. Anthony Barr is following. He takes three steps after Aaron Rodgers releases the ball and grabs Rodgers then takes three more steps before driving him into the ground and falling on Rodgers with his full weight. There is no way that can be legal and not be unnecessary roughness or a late hit. There is no way they can justify this because he left the pocket he still released the damn ball and there was absolutely NO REASON to tackle Rodgers. This was nothing but a cheap shot and an intentional attempt to hurt Rodgers. I have seen a lot less of a hit on a QB and there are flags all over.

These refs were obviously on the take, the damn game is fixed and that is why Fox has Pereira there. Because the fans know it and that along with the protests are why the NFL ratings are sinking. More and more realize the game and all other sports are fixed. Pereira and Joe Buck and Troy Aikman try to tell you what you just saw isn’t what you saw. There is no way EVERY damn sport can have lousy refs/officials. There is no way EVERY damn sport in every game that the refs are sometimes looking right at a play and make a bad call.

During the Green Bay/Dallas game Troy says on one play he thought the Green Bay defender got away with interference. Then when they did the replay it was clear it was good defense with the safety reaching in front of the receiver to knock the ball away. He should know pass interference since almost none of the Dallas safeties and corners play clean. They were bumping, grabbing and running into the receivers of Green Bay. It happens all the time in games. Most can’t play defense. There are four things they can call, pass interference, illegal contact, holding and face guarding on defensive backs yet they call nothing.

Face guarding is when a defensive back runs right into a receiver without looking at the ball and his back to the QB and his arms and hands in the receivers face. This happens all the time and never gets called, NEVER. Then Troy and Joe look at it and say I don’t see anything or I don’t see much or my personal favorite, GOOD NO CALL. WTF does that mean? If it was illegal it needs to be called. Just like when the defender and the receiver get their feet tangled and fall. I think this is done on purpose because they know it won’t get called and the defender is beaten.

Every damn sport has lousy refs, umpires etc. 

You can’t tell me these refs are that bad. No, they are bought and paid for by gamblers or TV or both. Hell television tells them when to televise and who to televise. I am sure they decide who is in the playoffs etc. because they want the high profile teams. The teams THEY think will draw the biggest audience. The problem is they don’t get it and that’s why the ratings and attendance are dropping. The damn networks are in love and get orgasmic over the damn NFC East and they are all lousy. Sure Dallas finally had a good year last year with a soft schedule and they caught some people by surprise.

There is no way that all the refs in that Green Bay game thought that was a legal hit. I don’t care if Rodgers was out of the pocket he had released the ball and Barr knew it. He deliberately went after Rodgers and drove him into the ground.

It was the same thing in 2013.

The same thing happened in 2013 when a Chicago player tackled Rodgers and fell on top of him with his full weight. How often do you see a player fall directly on top of any player and especially the QB. He too was deliberately trying to hurt Rodgers. Rodgers missed seven games and his first game back was against Chicago. The same damn player did the same thing trying to hurt him again. He tackled him and fell on top of him with his full weight.

This is why they had to take him out, they and the rest of the division can’t win. Also all three teams, Detroit, Chicago, and Minnesota are dirty teams and that is why they can’t win. Then there is the league that probably wants someone else to win that division.

Only a couple of “experts” on ESPN said this was a cheap shot.

I watched several shows the next day and only a few said it was a cheap or late shot. When asked most avoided the question and talked about football is rough and players get hurt all the time blah, blah, blah, blah. They didn’t have the balls to say it was a cheap shot.

As for me I quit watching with all the taking a knee crap and now I am damn sure not going to watch the NFL. If this wasn’t illegal I don’t need to watch. If eight damn refs and Mike Pereira don’t think it was illegal then they suck. THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN JUSTIFY THAT HIT. NO WAY.

So the liberals are always calling everything and everybody a racist. 

Was this racism? A black player taking out the best player in the NFL who happens to be white. Was this a hate crime? I know people don’t relate this kind of stuff in sports to the real world. Take the fighting at a NASCAR race and these guys fight and come after each other swinging helmets and attack each other with tools like wrenches. Anywhere else in the real world they would go to jail for assault or assault with a deadly weapon. So was this racism?

Lets not forget New Orleans having a bounty on Brett Favre a couple of years ago and how all those black defensive players hit Favre and hit him late a lot of the time. They were not penalized or if they were it was minimal. Was this racism or a bush league attempt to win a game and take out the QB?

Then there were the black receivers who left Green Bay and criticize Rodgers, clearly racism because I haven’t heard one player criticize a black QB whether he is white or black because he would be called a racist. Like Thomas Jones of the Jets criticizing Brett Favre for throwing interceptions. Who the hell does he think he is. And then he has the balls to say Favre would do the same thing if he fumbled or screwed up. Sorry but we have evidence to the contrary. The year before when Favre was still in GB and Ryan Grant fumbled the first two possessions that cost GB touchdowns and all Favre said was “keep playing.”

This clown played for FIVE teams so he wasn’t very good obviously while Favre held most QB records when he retired, won a Super Bowl and had the most consecutive games at QB ever.

Jones on the other had played 12 seasons and only gained 10,591 yards. Not even averaging 1000 yards a season. He had only five seasons with a thousand yards and he has the balls to criticize Favre and then Jones is RELEASED by the Jets. So it is clearly racism much like the protests.

I almost forgot the black receiver Antonio Brown that criticized Roethlisberger for not throwing to him. When did you ever hear a white receiver criticize a black QB, ah, NEVER. Clearly racism again.

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Racists kneeling for the National Anthem.

I am sick of this crap.

I am done with the NFL and any other sport that doesn’t clean this up and do it NOW!! This is bullshit. In the real world if you were protesting anything your ass would be fired. Trump is right, fire them. I don’t want to hear about free speech. This has nothing to do with free speech it has to do with racism. Almost all of the people doing this are black. To prove my point even Stevie Wonder is kneeling. Also some congresswoman took a knee in congress I guess. What was the point to pander to the voters? Isn’t this kind of hollow when these people are making millions?

If you want to protest then go to the park or the courthouse etc. You don’t get to protest at work. If you think I am wrong then go to work and tell them you can’t work you are protesting police brutality or for BLM and see what happens. Tell them you need the first 15 minutes of every day to protest. To go out in front of the business and protest in public. See WTF happens.

What is the damn purpose?

I am sick of these pampered and OPPRESSED athletes protesting. Like Colin Kaepernick, it is just for attention and nothing more. He did this for a whole season and didn’t SAY A DAMN THING. HE DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING. He didn’t go to any inner cities and talk to kids, or raise money, or donate money, or arrange a conference or ANY DAMN THING. He just knelt the same as these other assholes. This is racism and nothing else.

How about talking to kids and tell them NOT to carry weapons. They just want more free crap from white people, keep the gravy train going. Did Kaepernick talk to them about drugs, selling drugs, committing crimes. No because everything is the police’s fault or white people’s fault. It doesn’t matter if you committed a crime and are carrying a weapon when the police shoot you.

These big brave athletes couldn’t talk to kids about crime and carrying a gun because that would be hard because they would have to get rid of their weapons. These big strong brave men that never served in the military and never defended their country and damn sure never had anyone shooting at them or throwing grenades or mortars or rockets at them. Then they have the balls to lie and say they love the military. Bullshit!

More racism not going to the White House.

I’ll bet their asses would be going if Obama was there. I guess this is what he meant by hope and change. Spreading hate and divisiveness across the country. And you people are too damn stupid to realize it is us against the liberal/socialist haters and all the politicians. They can’t win against an armed country of over 300 million people, so divide and conquer.

Again this is more racist crap, spread the hate.

I gave up basketball years ago. Steph Curry is just another loser. A guy that can’t shoot 50% (.476) they have to carry it out to three decimal points. A guy that runs with the ball, walks with the ball, palms the ball, travels with the ball and throws up 40 or 50 shots a game. That takes real talent, WOW.

Screw the sponsors and the NFL.

I have never bought anything because an athlete endorses it so I guess the sponsors aren’t losing anything here. I damn sure don’t buy anything because a loser celebrity endorses it. But as far as buying personal equipment etc. I sure as hell won’t buy anything from the places these morons endorse or represent. I won’t be buying any team stuff.

The NFL can kiss my ass too. The damn game is fixed anyway and attendance and viewing is down. I believe it was 8% last year and 12% the first week and 15% the next week. So all you kneelers see what happens when the NFL goes out of business much like ESPN. I told them a couple years ago ESPN was going to go out of business and not know why and they wouldn’t be able to stop it. Not only that they will take liberal ABC and Disney with them.

If I were the commissioner of the NFL I would shut it down till all this stopped or suspend the players doing it. The teams have taxi squads or bring back cut players as long as they don’t protest.

Get the hell out of this country. 

We use to say love it or leave it during the Viet Nam War protests. You can do the same. If it is so terrible here go the hell to Canada and play football or better yet go to Europe, socialist Europe and start your own league. You basketball players can do the same thing, get the hell out of here and take these lying celebrities with you. All those assholes that said they would leave if Trump was elected. Like that would make a difference to us what their opinion was. They may have gotten Trump elected because most don’t have half a brain and who the hell cares who a celebrity wants for president? Actually we did so we could vote against Hillary and the rest of the loser liberals.

Seriously, if it is so damn bad go the hell elsewhere. Get the hell out of my country. Even better go the hell to Africa all you black racist protesting athletes. I’ll bet everything I have you wouldn’t last or stay a year. Probably not even that long. GO, GO, GO, NOW. Speaking of Africa why aren’t they protesting the killing and murder and genocide going on in Africa? Places like Darfur.

The “Darfur Genocide” refers to the current mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, and children in Western Sudan. The killings began in 2003, as the first genocide in the 21st century.  Unrest and violence persist today. Why aren’t they protesting this? Why? Why? Why? 14 years of genocide and do these pampered athletes care? Not only no but hell no.

I am a 20 year veteran and they are full of shit saying they love the military.

Sure they say they love the military. All the while the military is fighting and dying and getting blown the hell up. Losing legs, arms and lives. They are away from their families for months maybe a year, missing birthdays and holidays. But you assholes keep kneeling, you oppressed, down trodden assholes.

You don’t love the military. You don’t respect the military. They don’t respect the flag or the National Anthem or the President or this damn country or Americans. It’s all about the attention. All they care about is money. And this is as racist as it gets.

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I am tired of hearing about Jackie Robinson, anyone else?

I am sick of hearing about Jackie Robinson.

I realize the affect he had on the game and how he changed it and America but if it hadn’t been him it would have been someone else. I know you are saying but it was him. My point is he was the right person, in the right place at the right time.

I know or have heard of all the nasty stuff that was said to him and about him. I know how even some of his teammates rejected him. I know how during those years a black couldn’t eat in a restaurant, use a bathroom, stay in a hotel, drink out of a water fountain, swim in a pool etc. etc. etc. It was the worst of times for black people. (so when these whiners of today complain about racism they need to look back at those days.)

Back in the 1980s I believe it was they took a survey of black players and asked about Jackie Robinson. Most didn’t know who he was. So apparently baseball took it upon themselves to educate players. So they retired the number 42 in all of baseball. Then this Jackie Robinson day all players, coaches, umps, everyone that wears a number has 42 on their uniform. It is a little ridiculous and seems to have been brought on by Ken Griffey Jr. years ago when he asked baseball if he could wear the number on Jackie Robinson day. So baseball got the idea for EVERYONE to wear it. They couldn’t just put a patch on everyone’s uniform. It looks a little ridiculous.

I am sick of all the black history that excludes whites.

Baseball is racist. They celebrate Jackie Robinson day on April 15th every year when they should be celebrating Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey day every year because without Branch Rickey there would be no Jackie Robinson and maybe no blacks in baseball. Yes, MAYBE someone else would have stood up and done the same thing but we will never know, so Branch Rickey deserves as much credit and honor as Jackie Robinson.

Last year baseball again proved it was racist and not in the traditional form but white racism when they named the two annual awards/trophies for hitting in each league after two black players. Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn. Yes they won a lot of batting titles but what else? And yes I know that Carew is Panamanian but still is black. My point is in over 100 years of baseball they had to name these two? How about Joe DiMaggio with his 56 game hitting streak and WS wins and career .325, 2214 hits, 361 home runs, 1537 rbis. 13× All-Star (19361942, 19461951) 9× World Series champion (19361939, 1941, 1947, 19491951) 3× AL MVP (1939, 1941, 1947) 2× AL batting champion (1939, 1940) 2× AL home run leader (1937, 1948) 2× AL RBI leader (1941, 1948) MLB record 56-game hitting streak Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Then there was Ted Williams the last player to hit .400. How about the Babe himself who saved baseball single handedly. How about Lou Gehrig with his 2130 consecutive games look at Gehrig’s stats you will be amazed. How about Ty Cobb, the hits leader for decades with 4191 hits. And there are so many more but baseball is trying to get black players to come back to baseball so they name these two and honor Jackie Robinson every year.

This like most other events in black history couldn’t have happened without white people or a white person. i.e. How about the underground railway? All we hear is about Harriet Tubman while I am sure there were others who performed the same service, there were also white land owners who risked their lives, homes, land and possibly their children’s lives helping get the slaves to freedom. BUT you never hear about them do you? Freeing the slaves. A white president, Abraham Lincoln and a white REPUBLICAN party that voted for freeing them and allowing them to vote while the DEMOCRATS were against it. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Another white president, actually two white presidents and again the white congress would pass this law. John F. Kennedy started it and put it into play and then of course was assassinated. And Lyndon Johnson and congress would sign it into law in 1964, again another white president.

So as you can see whites are the object of hate today due mostly in part because of the hate and divisiveness of the Democrats. In the election of 2016 I believe blacks finally realized Democrats only care about them every election. After all what did Obama do in eight years as president. What city or state did he rebuild? What black communities did he rebuild or schools did he build? No he was rubbing elbows with Hollywood. Those one percenters that donated millions to him and the party. Apparently this didn’t work for Hillary. Van Jones called it a whitelash while Billy Clinton said it was a lot of angry white men. Yes maybe it was but we were tired of a crappy economy and Obama did nothing and Hillary had no plan, no vision.

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Sports are fixed Part three – Baseball

Baseball is fixed.

This sport, baseball is not as bad as the rest because they don’t have fouls to call as in basketball and football. They only have plays at the bases and home plate and strikes to call.

The umpires can control it with strikes and balls. They can force a pitcher to pitch it down the middle by shrinking the strike zone. They can also widen it for the pitcher and team that they want to win or is suppose to win.

Umpires get paid zilch.

The players are getting millions and the umpires get pocket change. Does anyone think they can’t be bribed? In the past umpires have been caught shoplifting. They were caught turning in first class tickets for coach so they could get the difference in money refunded to them. Does this tell you they need money? I am not suggesting they pay them millions and I don’t know what they are paid now but I imagine it isn’t much. Do any of them wear glasses? Do any of them have a drug problem? Do any of them have a gambling problem? How do we know any of these things? Are they monitored?

Their errors aren’t as egregious as in football or basketball where they are looking at a foul and don’t make the call or make the wrong call and now with replay in baseball it is getting harder to miss a call. The one problem is the manager only gets ONE replay per game. AND as with other sports there are things that can’t be looked at on replay. WHY? If you are going to review plays review all plays.

All these impossible things happened in the last 10 or 15 years.

Lets see the White Sox hadn’t won in 87 years and suddenly won a WS in 2005 and haven’t done a thing since.

The year before the Red Sox hadn’t won in 86 years and suddenly won a WS in 2004 and they got there by coming back in the playoffs from a 3 – 0 deficit against the Yankees a feat that had NEVER been done before in baseball. Not to mention there was David Ortiz and his PED/Steroid use. These records and wins should be vacated. They should be pulled from all records AND they should ban the players for the Hall of Fame.

The San Francisco Giants won a WS in 2010 and hadn’t won since they were in NY in 1954, 56 years earlier, hello!! Unlike some other teams they won two more WS.

The LA/Anaheim/California Angels won in 2002 and had NEVER won a WS before. And they have done nothing since.

The Kansas City Royals hadn’t won since 1985 and there they are in the WS in 2014 and win the WS in 2015 that’s 30 years. This year, 2016 they didn’t make the playoffs. There is a pattern here. Get in the playoffs one year and win the WS the next.

The Philadelphia Phillies won in 1980 and then in 2008 against a Tampa Rays team that were suppose to be a better team and have better pitching they beat the Rays 4 – 1. That’s 28 years since the Phils won. They went to the WS in 2009 and lost to the Yankees and haven’t done anything since.

The Cardinals last won in 1982 and then 24 years later in 2006 they win a WS. They got in again in 2013 but lost the WS.

Now the Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1908 and are now suddenly in the playoffs in 2016 and if they win it will be after 108 years. Update: The Cubs did win the World Series and on top of that did it by coming back from a 3 – 1 deficit. They were the first to do this since the 1985 Royals. So you can see it doesn’t happen very often. That is 31 years. Also they reached 100 games, the first time since 1935 and won a total of 103 games for the Cubs their highest total since 1910. All this in one year out of the blue. Come on.

This year, 2017 there are the Dodgers, Astros and Cleveland. Cleveland was in the WS last year and lost so I suppose if it follows the pattern they should win. Then there are the Astros, they sucked in the national league and were moved to the American league and after a couple 100 loss seasons they are now a powerhouse. Come on Cleveland suddenly and the Astros. I will mention the Nationals too. They were the Montreal Expos and now have been moved to Washington and they are suddenly a powerhouse too. Suddenly all these teams, management etc. suddenly got smart in drafting etc. and are now winners. COME ON.

There was a Sports Illustrated writer that predicted four years ago the Astros would win the WS in 2017 when they were in the midst of those 100 loss seasons. This is bullshit.

Then there are the winning streaks. Two teams with 13 game winning streaks which has never happened EVER in baseball at the same time.

So here are all these perennial losers that from 2002 to 2015 are suddenly winning WS titles, seven of them in 14 years. Yes, the odds are eventually they will win but not in a matter of 13 years.

The commissioner, PEDs and money.

After the strike of 1994 and now WS baseball attendance was down and declining. People were tired of the selfishness and greed. Then when they came back from the strike they had the balls to say they were coming back for the fans. Yeah, right, pure bullshit.

Then came the PEDs and Bud Selig let this happen until the government stepped in or it would still be going on. Now the record books have been destroyed or nullified. The players that earned their records were slapped in the face by these cheaters. They disrespected the game and other players by cheating and getting millions in contracts for stats that were skewed. It was like using a nuclear weapon in a game of darts.

I once saw and interview with Selig where he said baseball was making a billion a year and they were trying to figure out how to get it to two billion. I believe it is up to eight billion now. Apparently it does pay to cheat. He also said he was leaving their records so they would remember not to do it again. WTF kind of logic is that?

It worked so well they catch players every damn year still doing PEDs. Like last year, 2016, they caught Dee Gordon with the Marlins. A little skinny guy. What the hell was he trying to accomplish. Is it a coincidence Barry Bonds was the hitting coach?

Lastly, they should ban these cheaters because moron baseball writers/voters for the Hall of Fame will probably vote the cheaters in. Some fans don’t care if they cheated and Fox sports said the voting was broken because the cheaters weren’t getting voted in so apparently it does pay to cheat. They made millions and now get in the Hall of Fame possibly.

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Golf’s Ryder Cup – When did we get so stupid?

Are we stupid?

So for 44 years from 1927 to 1971 this was a contest between the United States and England which we won most of the time, England won three times. I guess it was too much for them because then in 1973 Ireland was allowed to compete with England against the U.S. and we still won those three matches of 1973, 1975 and 1977.

Then in 1979 they were allowed to cull all of Europe for the best players and we began to lose. From 1979 to today there have been 18 matches and we have won seven. That’s seven of 18 matches or a little over one-third of the matches, about 39% of the matches. We have lost about two-thirds or 61% of the matches.

What we have is the United States, one country competing against a continent. The continent of Europe. Does that make sense to anyone? It would be like going to the Olympics and the world picking the best players in every event to compete against us as one team.

The European Union.

There are 28 countries in the European Union. Are they selecting golfers from all 28 or is there even more to choose from. What I want to know is, who changed the format and what were they thinking? Were they tired of us winning? They essentially stacked the deck against us.

Phil and Tiger suck.

Part of the problem was even when Tiger Woods was the number one player he sucked in the Ryder Cup and so did Phil. These guys should have stepped down and let someone else play. The selection process should have been changed. And yet they are going to play whether they win or not. Whether America wins or not because they are selfish. Sorry Phil but when you keep losing why are you there? Why do you keep coming back so we can lose?

This year Davis Love III is the captain. The same Davis Love III that lost in 2012. We have lost the last three Ryder Cups. At the time of this writing we have won in 2016. I just don’t get it that we send inferior players to this tournament. Just like the Olympics we send people that have been there and lost and yet they go back again.

I like to win, Americans like to win and to hell with just competing. To hell with “I did my best.” If that is true and we lost then you need to play elsewhere. If you did your best and we lost then you suck. If you watch the Olympics they talk about how many medals they won not how many GOLD medals they won. If you are happy with a silver or bronze then stay home. As the old saying goes, “second place is the first loser.”

It wasn’t long ago some golfer said something like “it was an honor just to play.” That is the sign of a loser. You have to hate to lose to win. These guys today are probably those that got trophies just for playing like they do today. Sorry but it does no good to give everyone a trophy, it doesn’t help your self esteem. Winning builds character as well as the occasional loss. You have to have heart to win, the heart of a champion.

Update: This year we won and the Europeans had the balls to complain about our fans. Again we like to win and our fans are no worse than their fans. I believe it was 1999 when we won and our guys were giving high fives and celebrating and were exuberant and again the Europeans complained we were over the top. Too damn bad. We like to win and we win and we celebrate. We don’t play with a stick up our butts like Europeans.

Then it wasn’t long after that that Sergio Garcia I believe it was got called out for celebrating but that was ok.

They can complain about our fans but they don’t get run over or KILLED like at soccer games in Europe. In those games that end in a tie. No wonder they riot after the games.

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