Jose Fernandez – Miami Marlins pitcher

Early Sunday morning, September 25, 2016 at around 0315 the wrecked boat and bodies of Jose Fernandez and his two friends were found in the waters off of Miami.

They apparently slammed into a jetty at full speed and were killed. Jose Fernandez was only 24. He was a two time all-star already and rookie of the year in 2013.

A little history.

Fernández was born in Santa Clara, Cuba and had tried three times to defect before he was successful in 2008. He went to Braulio Alonso High School in Tampa, Florida and was selected by the Marlins in the first round of the 2011 MLB draft. Fernández made his MLB debut with the Marlins on April 7, 2013. He was named to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game and won the National League Rookie of the Month Award in July and August. After the season, he won the NL Rookie of the Year Award he also finished third in Cy Young Award balloting.

Fernández became the first pitcher in the modern era to win his first 17 career home decisions, as well as go 24-1 in his first 25 home decisions.

The best part of Jose Fernandez.

He was a kid, he enjoyed playing the game but he was also a fierce competitor. Even better, he didn’t need steroids or PEDs like the David Ortiz’s, A-rods, McGwires, Cabrera’s, Clemens’, Cansecos etc. etc. He was what baseball is all about. Being the best you can be, winning and competing on a level field without enhancements.

He loved the game. He loved his mother and grandmother. He loved the United States and Cuba. He didn’t do anything to disgrace these things. He was more of a man, player, son, grandson and friend than the cheaters that play this game. They have no morals, no conscience they care about no one but themselves. Jose was not like that and I could tell even though I didn’t know him personally.

He risked everything to come to the greatest country in the world while others complain about what we have. They protest and whine instead of making things better. Instead of finding solutions they find fault and they hate. Jose was not like that. He appreciated where he came from and where he came to, the U.S.

He was a hero for saving his mother who had fallen overboard while making the desperate and daring trip to this country.

Jose’s time to go.

Whether you believe in God or the Bible I don’t care. The Bible says of all of us, our days are numbered. It was just Jose’s time to go and that sounds unfair and not right but that is the way it is. He is in heaven and in God’s hands I am sure of that. Whatever God’s reason was for taking him you can be sure it was his time.

Too much said.

I don’t know if you can say too much but it seems like it. All the sports outlets were interviewing almost everyone on the planet. I don’t know if some knew him or not but this is not a time for coverage and opinions like it was a sporting event. EVERYONE has an opinion, they are like butts, and they all stink. Less is more.

I watched an interviewer on ESPN asking basically the same question several times. What did this mean to Cubans? What did this mean to the Marlins? Then he says for the person being interviewed to “stop being a reporter and tell us as a fan what this means to baseball, Cubans, teammates etc. etc. It is like they don’t even listen or are pathetic at interviewing. They are trying to squeeze blood from a stone, they are trying to get 20 pieces of information when there are only 2 pieces to get. It is like when they first come on the story of a disaster and know nothing but they are going to report on it for an hour or hours.

Reporters are morons.

I can’t believe some of  the stupid questions reporters ask. Remember when your teacher or parents said there was no such thing as a stupid question. THEY WERE WRONG.

This began, at least for me, in the first Gulf War when they briefed the press and told them what they couldn’t discuss and as soon as the speaker asked are there any questions, these morons would ask about the restricted subject that they were just told about.

During these couple of days after Jose’s death, I saw more ignorant questions asked. People getting answers and then asking the same question about the same thing over and over. What does this mean to the Marlins organization? What does this mean to the team? What does this mean to the Cuban community?

The people that knew Jose were numb and walking around in a daze and yet they had to attend news conferences. Why? Why couldn’t this wait a couple days? Why did it have to be an hour after finding out he was killed? Why didn’t management make a statement or have someone make a statement and tell them the players would talk to them in a couple of days? Why weren’t they allowed to grieve in private without the statements?

Mr. Samson said they were watching what they said and did. That they didn’t want to say or do the wrong thing. Screw that. If the media wants that raw emotion of the moment, those tears, the hurt in the eyes and the face of everyone that knew Jose then you get what you get and don’t get to criticize what is said or done by those very people.

Monday’s post game interviews.

Again the reporters were morons. Asking Terry Collins if he was glad or relieved that Dee Gordon hit a homer. They asked if he was glad the Marlins won. What were they expecting him to say? Yes? Then people would have thought the Mets threw the game. They would have thought the Mets let them win. WTF? Can they be anymore stupid? YES.

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Tim Tebow – Why is the NFL biased against him?

The NFL doesn’t like Christians.

That’s right, the NFL doesn’t like Christians. Yes there are others in the league but none as open about it as Tim Tebow. Yes some cross themselves or point to the sky etc. But I am almost certain they are afraid to be open about it. They would probably be criticized for forcing it on others. That is usually the lame excuse for discrimination of Christians.

The NFL didn’t mind a gay player.

I won’t mention his name because he was useless. He apparently wasn’t good enough to play a man’s game. I am sure there are probably others that don’t say so or “come out.” No one would say a word about this pervert but they sure would against a Christian like Tebow. They even mocked him when he kneeled after a TD calling it Tebowing. They would kneel and pose like him.

Tim Tebow not pretty enough.

Tim Tebow isn’t Tom Brady. He also doesn’t carry a gun or do drugs or rape women or beat women in an elevator. He certainly isn’t a murderer like some players and former players. All he can do is play football and more importantly WIN. So why then aren’t these teams taking a chance on him?

I realize he doesn’t throw a perfect spiral or have the perfect form but he does WIN. There are a lot of teams that need to win that haven’t won in decades.

Let me list the pretty boys that suck at playing.

How about Matthew Stafford. Sure he can throw and has a good delivery and his ball spirals but HE CAN’T WIN. He hasn’t even been to a Super Bowl. Sure he threw for 5000 yards but HE CAN’T WIN.

How about Trent Dilfer. He won a Super Bowl throwing the ball into the ground and over people’s heads. He sucked here in Tampa and sucked in Baltimore and still won a Super Bowl. Mostly because of the defense just like Peyton Manning in 2016.

Anyone for Josh Freeman? He was Tampa’s number one draft choice and was released and even he was given a tryout by other teams. He was given chances by six teams total.

Then there are the likes of Jamarcus Russell who couldn’t hit a barn with a football and yet not too long ago someone gave him a tryout.

Also Josh McCown. This guy was out of football and coaching a high school team and was called back to play and is now playing at 37. He is now hurt and the Browns are calling Charlie Whitehurst a 34 year old loser. Why no Tim Tebow?

McCown is with his 10th team. He has never won anything in college or the pros.

Whitehurst will be going to his sixth team. He played in 24 games and started 9 of those. A real winner. Look up his stats. He never won anything either and yet these are preferable to Tim Tebow?

It can’t be anything but discrimination or bias against Christians.

Then there are the “experts” on ESPN and other “sports” outlets.

It didn’t matter which network or which “expert” they all had the same opinion. Tebow can’t play or shouldn’t play quarterback. He should be a tight end or linebacker. NO ONE said he should play QB. NOT ONE person. When the hell is the last time you heard everyone agree on anything? NEVER.

If you look at any articles on Tebow and then read comments from geniuses that live on the internet they will say the same thing. Play linebacker or tight end. Some moron even said running back. Just because he runs doesn’t make him a running back.

Now baseball and the hate rises up again.

At 29 Tim Tebow wants to try baseball and why not. Why not? Because numerous people said he is too old. He hasn’t played in years. He won’t make it. And on and on. Discrimination and bias again. How do I know. Michael Jordan is how I know. He was 30 years and 8 months when he went to try to play baseball. It took skill and talent unlike throwing a basketball at a rim 60 or 70 times a game.

Tebow hadn’t played baseball in 10 years while Jordan played in high school about 12 or 13 years earlier. And yet no one said a word about Jordan but everyone had an opinion on Tebow playing baseball. He was too old, it takes years to learn baseball etc. etc. etc. All bullshit reasons and again no one said this to Michael Jordan.

So many teams need a quarterback and yet no Tebow.

As I stated above there are a lot of teams that could use a WINNING quarterback and yet they won’t give Tebow a try. He is a proven winner and yet no Tebow. The league is full of losers, criminals, drug users, steroid users, killers, abusers of women, journeymen quarterbacks and yet they can’t use a good human being and a pretty good player and most importantly a WINNER.

Just an example of the bias.

A couple years ago during the Super Bowl there was a commercial with Tebow and his mother where they made it look like he tackled her. Well, NOW, the National Organization for Women got all up in arms about abuse of women or domestic violence and yet NOW said NOTHING ABOUT THE AD WITH 88 YEAR OLD BETTY WHITE GETTING KNOCKED TO THE GROUND IN A PUDDLE OF MUD.

This Tebow ad was nothing more than fun just like Betty White’s ad but NOW had a stick up their butts. And that wasn’t all of it. It was about the pro-life message too. So maybe these too are the forces at work here. Keep Tim Tebow and his message out of the main stream. They don’t want a woman’s right to choose to actually be a choice and not only a choice but a free choice.

As usual the liberals can say anything but if you oppose them or have a different view out come the insults. Out comes the name calling. More importantly out comes the HATE. Reports are beginning to show that 64 percent of abortions are coerced. Whether it’s verbal and physical threats or blackmail, women with unplanned pregnancies have a host of pressures to endure – even from their own boyfriends and family members.

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Sports are fixed part two – Football

I think football is fixed.

This goes back to the third Super Bowl.

This started as a way to give the old AFL some credibility when merging with the established NFL. This is why Joe Namath could guarantee a win. This is why he did nothing before this Super Bowl or after it. Not to mention the Jets haven’t won anything since 1969 and that Super Bowl.

Now it is about money, gambling and TV.

People tell me it can’t be done. I say bullshit. All it takes is one maybe two referees. How many times has a team been in the red zone and there is a penalty that throws them back to third and 25 or whatever and kills the drive. All it takes is a penalty here or a penalty there.

So billions are bet on football and sports in general. Do you think they leave that to chance? Then there is TV and they want the glamor teams and the money they bring to charge for commercials. That would be 5 million for a 30 second ad in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event so it doesn’t take much to get people watching.

How about those refs?

How many times have you seen a call that makes no sense. Or a call that should have been called against one team and the refs call something against the other team. Then there are the no calls on obvious penalties. What really gets me here is when the damn announcers look at it and say “good NO call.” WTF is that? Sorry but if it was a penalty it should be called.

Then they came up with reviews BUT there are things they can’t review. This is just another way to keep control of the game. AND the damn refs that made the call review the play. Doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with this? At least baseball has someone in some other place to do a review. I don’t know if they are umps or former umps but they shouldn’t be.

There are games and teams that go the whole game without a penalty. This is impossible. I watched a preseason game where the one team didn’t get a penalty until the end of the third quarter. Again this is impossible especially in preseason when they are playing players from the college draft etc.

I have seen defensive backs run into receivers with their back to the ball with their hands in the air and no call. This is called face guarding and is a penalty. Then a defensive back in the same game is running with the receiver and is looking at the ball, goes up to block or intercept and they touch and it is called interference. Bullshit.

Then there is illegal contact versus interference. Illegal contact is a lesser penalty and is another way to control the game giving a penalty but giving a team a break with a lesser penalty.

There are games today when a team goes a whole game with no holding calls. This is really impossible. It was once said the refs could call holding on every play so how the hell do they not call if for a whole game?

How about that bullshit rule where receivers have to maintain possession through the “process.” This is really bullshit. A running back can dive over and break the plane with the ball and have it knocked from his hands and that is a TD. I saw a game with the Packers where the receiver caught the ball on the one or two yard line. He stepped over with one foot, broke the plane and his second foot was out of bounds and not in the end zone. They called no catch even though he had both feet on the ground when he caught it and then stepped over the goal line and out of bounds. This is the same as a runner being pushed out of bounds at the goal line and side line and as he goes out he sticks the ball out and breaks the plane or touches the pylon.

There are just too many non-calls, wrong calls, or ridiculous calls that are made by men that are suppose to be professional. That and they make chump change while athletes are making millions. Don’t you think they could be bribed in some way. How about the players some of which blow their money or have cocaine habits or other vices like gambling. Don’t you think they could be bribed. Hell they catch college kids shaving points and throwing games.

How many times have you seen a ref looking right at a play and make no call?

The announcers suck.

I guess they have their marching orders from the league. You very rarely hear them question a call. Phil Simms is the biggest butt kisser in the league. I have seen him agree with the refs on 99.9% of the calls. I have seen him agree and then the ref changes the call and he agrees with the change.

These announcers really piss me off because sometimes I have no idea what they are looking at when I can clearly see on TV what the penalty was or the problem was. Then they try to tell you that you didn’t see what you saw with your own eyes.

The horse collar.

Here is another example of stupid rules. These players have long hair and it is ok to grab it because they say it is part of the uniform. BUT if you actually grab the uniform where the name of the player is then that is a horse collar. You don’t even have to grab the collar. How can you grab the hair and it be part of the uniform but when you actually grab the uniform it is a penalty when the hair is NOT. This is bullshit.

Letting them play.

This is just and excuse for not calling penalties when a team gets called a lot for penalties. The Raiders use to be the most penalized team in football while the Shula Dolphins were always the least penalized but when the played each other the Dolphins would come away with more penalties.

This “let them play” is just an excuse for allowing the thugs to run the game. Like when New Orleans had a bounty on Favre and other QBs and they almost knocked Favre out of the playoff game. There were few calls for roughing the passer in that game if there were any calls at all. There is a ref behind the QB to protect him and yet most of the time they make no calls. I have seen a QB get hit so hard in the head that his head bends over to his shoulder while another QB barely gets brushed and they call a blow to the head. Just another way to control who wins.

An example of the fix.

2007 Super Bowl, Tony Dungy and Lovey Smith are the head coaches and both are black. I believe they were the only two black head coaches at the time. The league made sure a black coach would win a Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong Dungy deserved it and probably would have won in Tampa if not for the owners firing him for Jon Gruden. Dungy turned around Tampa and taught them how to win. But the league made rules to force teams to interview black candidates and now to further influence them they would make a winning black coach.

Smith did nothing before this Super Bowl or after it but get fired. He never got close again just like Namath in Super Bowl III. Lovie Smith even got fired in Tampa after two seasons. Dungy of course retired.

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Colin Kaepernick – loser

I am a 20 year veteran of the military.

As I have stated before in my post of who I am that I am a 20 year veteran of the military. I could care less about Kaepernick and his protest. In a year or two it will all be forgotten and life and America will go on. I hope though if he ever needs a cop or firefighter or anything like that that they respond to his call. I wonder if he will be able to look a military person in the eye? It doesn’t matter because like the two jackasses in 1968 that held up their fists in the black power salute at the Olympic medal ceremony he will be forgotten just as they are. Of course the liberal media brings them up from time to time but for the most part they are forgotten and just a footnote in history. They accomplished NOTHING and changed NOTHING and neither will Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick is a loser.

This is a man/child that has lost his job of starting QB with the 49ers and now needs the attention he isn’t getting anymore. So, out of the blue he decides to protest the treatment of “people of color.” So, what he is saying is he doesn’t like how ALL Americans are treated because we are all people of color. If he doesn’t consider white people as people of color then he is a racist and so is anyone else that uses the term “people of color.”

He will never be anything more than he is or has been. He will never will a Super Bowl. He has no idea what it is to be black or any minority in America. I am sure, like Obama he can make up some stories about racism he has faced.

And what do I know, absolutely nothing. I was poor and lived in places with rats. I was raised by a single mother without even a high school education. I am not black but I know what poor is. I never made millions but I would hope that if I had I would be grateful for what I have in this, the greatest country in the world and in history.

No it isn’t perfect and we have made mistakes and have done things wrong but with all that we are 100 times better than what was and is in second place. In America we have more freedom to be what you want, say what you want, do what you want, go where you want, live where you want.

Why isn’t little Colin worried about people in Africa?

Why isn’t he worried about the men that are killed and the women that are being raped and killed in Africa? In places like Darfur. I see our celebrities were worried about it for a minute and now it is forgotten. No, Colin is worried about here where most can live as they want. Where most can live in peace. Where most have unlimited opportunity to be what they want. Where most don’t live in fear of their lives or being raped by soldiers and others.

Why isn’t he taking his millions there or elsewhere to make a difference? To make a change. To protect the innocent. Why aren’t he and the celebrities in Hollywood there and not here to stop the violence and killings? Why aren’t they there instead of here where it is safe?

I’ll tell you why, because he just needed the attention. He could care less about the blacks in the hood. The blacks doing drive by shootings and those getting shot. Like Black Lives Matter he could care less about black on black crime which is far worse than white on black crime. He could care less about the pregnancy rate in the hood or what happens to those children. He could care less whether they have enough food to eat or clothes or a place to sleep.

Has anyone seen little Colin out in the hood, shaking hands, asking if he can do anything to help, working in a soup kitchen, bringing a truck load of food with all his millions? Has he tried to provide healthcare or free check ups for blacks or children or set up a clinic? Not only no but hell no. But he can sure sit on his ass during the National Anthem. What a hero. What a man of the people.

So like all liberal Democrats he can spread the hate.

This is just like the people in Hollywood just down the road from little Colin. So if he really feels this he can go on being the victim or trying to look like the victim will all his millions. He can be the 126 million dollar hero to blacks. He can be the 126 million dollar down trodden football player. He can go on spreading the hate like the Party of Hate the Democrats.

When is the last time you heard any Democrat say anything good about anything? When is the last time you heard a Democrat talk about bringing us together? Not in a long damn time because it is about divide and conquer. They don’t care about blacks or Hispanics or anyone else. They care about their votes and nothing more and if you don’t believe it ask yourself what has Obama done in the last 8 years for blacks, his people? Don’t forget he is half white so which people does he work for the hardest?

So some of this ridiculous protest should be blamed on the Democrats for continually spreading hate and divisiveness. For making minorities feel like they are mistreated and victims. This is why they continue to talk slavery 151 years after the fact.

So he can cry racism or discrimination.

Along with his craving for attention the second part of his plan is to be able to cry racism or discrimination if not chosen the starter for the 49ers. The coach is white, the other QB is white so he is setting it up for more complaining and whining. “The coached pick him because he is white and I didn’t stand for the National Anthem.” “This is racism.”

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Sports are fixed, Part one – Basketball

Basketball was the first sport I thought was fixed.

So I use to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers all the time along with almost every other team. I thought back then this was fixed.

Then Magic Johnson joined the Lakers and he won five NBA championships. BUT Larry Bird was winning almost every other year. We use to joke about how it was Bird’s turn to win this year and then the next year it was Magic’s turn. We joked it was in the script.

I believe this goes back to the Celtics of the 50s and 60s

The Lakers won one of the three titles contested in the Basketball Association of America which would become the NBA. Then the Lakers won 5 out of the first 10 titles in the NBA. Then suddenly here come the Celtics with this string of impossible victories

From 1959 to 1966 the Celtics won 8 titles in a row, an impossible feat. Not the Yankees or the Montreal Canadiens accomplished this feat. No team in any sports has accomplished this feat. Not only that in 1967 they didn’t make the finals. But in 1968 and 1969 they came back and won 2 more titles making for a string of 10 out of 11 years. AND if you go back to 1957 and 1958 they won in 1957 and lost the finals in 1958. So they were in 10 finals in a row and won 9 out of 10 and 11 out of 13 from 1957 to 1969. Seven of these titles came against the Lakers so out of seven times the Lakers won ZERO. This is bullshit.

I don’t care how good they were there is no way to win this fairly. Over this 13 years they would have had to have one or more bad series. Over 13 years their players got older and slower. Over 13 years some other team would have gotten on a hot streak and won. Over 13 years there would have been injuries to key players. This is bullshit.

Then when they almost killed the NBA suddenly NO ONE could repeat for the next 17 years till the Lakers in 1987 and 1988. Then just as suddenly every damn body was repeating once Magic and Bird revived the NBA and moved it into prime time. Magic’s first title was shown at 11:30 p.m. on a delayed broadcast. Then Detroit repeated in ’89 and ’90, the Bulls in ’91, ’92 and ’93, then the Rockets in ’94 and ’95, then the Bulls again in ’96, ’97, and ’98, then the Lakers again ’00, ’01, and ’02. This is more bullshit.

Too much talent?

When I wrote some of these things in a comments section of an article on the NBA being fixed, someone told me my argument and facts made me wrong. The Celtics had too much talent, NOT!!

There is no way someone could sustain that kind of team and winning over a 13 year period.

Then there is this year’s championship

When the players, coaches and even the wives complain about the game being rigged/fixed then something is up. And what possessed Stephen Curry’s wife to apologize afterward for her comments? Was she threatened by the league or whomever?

So Cleveland a team that never won a title does so by coming from being down 3-1 something that had never been done to win in the finals, come on man. In 2015 they lost to Golden State 4 – 2, now Cleveland wins 4 – 3, this is bullshit. And I don’t care if they have LeBron. He couldn’t win in Miami or Cleveland without stacking the deck. He needed a really good supporting team.

Magic Johnson came out of college and came to the Lakers and won with what was there.

Then there is their stupid draft lottery.

The team with the worst record gets the most giant cards in this drum they tumble and draw out the first team to draft. This system has been under suspicion on numerous occasions. And it is almost never the team with the worst record that gets the first pick.

Every other sport gives the first pick to the team with the worst record but not the NBA. This is another way to rig the system and game.

More rules, more ways to control who wins.

I quit watching after Magic Johnson retired and then got caught up when Miami had a winning streak that got into the 20s in 2013 and ended in Chicago at 27 wins. Isn’t that where Obama is from?

Anyway I started watching and saw all his crap with a free path foul and this arc under the basket and flopping and 3 point flopping. Every time someone goes near a guy shooting a three he flops and the refs call a foul. So if you have more rules you can control the outcome much more easily. Also as in all these sports there are things that can’t be reviewed. This is bullshit. The refs know this and that is another way to control who wins.

Whether covering the point spread or whatever.

People say it can’t be done. Bullshit. All it takes is one ref or a couple players to do the job. Especially the refs. When you watch a game and they are calling fouls ONLY at one end and ONLY on one team and you can’t tell that is fixed then you need help. And if anyone complains they get fined. Most announcers won’t even complain about bad calls because they would probably be fired.

How about when the announcers say “good no call.” This one kills me. And they do this in most team sports. Selective foul or penalty calls. A foul is a foul is a foul and should be called. It also kills me when a guy gets knocked down and it isn’t a foul and then you brush one of the “stars” hands on a shot or layup and there is a foul. This is bullshit.

My next sports are fixed will be on NASCAR. NASCAR and basketball are the two I quit watching because they appear to be fixed.

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Damn tired of hearing about Gronkowski and the Patriots

Anyone else tired of hearing about this jackass. He is only famous because he is a New England Patriot and Tom Brady’s favorite receiver apparently. He is nothing more than a tight end much like Aaron Hernandez another New England Patriot. I am so sick of hearing about “Gronk” get over it ESPN and others. Maybe this is why you are losing subscribers. There are 32 teams and each has 53 players for a total of 1696 total players. So find someone else to cover he isn’t that interesting.

New England Patriots the Dallas Cowboys of the 21st Century.

Does anyone remember the Cowboys of the 70s and 80s? They were a bunch of drama queens. They thought the world and NFL revolved around them.

The only difference is the Cowboys didn’t cheat or get caught cheating. But the drama is the same. We have to know everything that is going on in New England whether we want to or not. Every where you turn there is “Gronk”. If they find him at another sporting event we HAVE to know about it and get a shot of him in the stands or where ever.

What is so special about Gronkowski?

So why are the networks so enamored with “Gronk”? He is a tight end just like most tight ends in football. I would guess almost any decent tight end would fit in the Pats system but he wouldn’t have that name and nickname would he? Nope, some other player wouldn’t be called “Gronk”. I for one am damn sick of it.

To cheat or not to cheat.

So is this what sports have come to? Cheating in football, baseball and other sports. Win at all costs? I like to win but not by cheating.

The Pats have been caught at least two times with the filming of another team called Spygate, which is apparently against the rules and now Deflategate. The NFL rules state “No video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.” This is two times and it makes you wonder how many times they haven’t been caught.

Here are some things to think about. Bill Belichick was coach of the Cleveland Browns from 1991 – 1995. He had one winning season where they finished second in their division. Then beat New England in the wild card playoff and lost to Pittsburg in the second round of the playoffs. During his tenure in Cleveland he compiled a 36–44 record, leading the team to the playoffs in 1994, his only winning year with the team. In Belichick’s last season in Cleveland the Browns finished 5–11, despite starting 3-1.

So, he comes to the Pats as head coach and suddenly is a genius? How come? Has he cheated all these years in different ways and NOT been caught?

So they were caught in the Deflategate debacle and win the Super Bowl and get to keep the title? Sorry but it should have been vacated and given to Seattle. But no, just like baseball and PEDs/steroids they are letting these records stand and this Super Bowl victory stand. Records and a win they didn’t earn. So apparently cheaters do prosper. The government should step in like they did with baseball and PEDs and strip the title.

So are their wins tainted by the cheating? I think so. Just like Lance Armstrong in cycling and in baseball with the PED/steroids. What all these cheaters did doesn’t matter. It is a slap in the face of those that earned their victory or their records.

New England and cheating go back to the snow plow incident.

The game between Miami and New England on December 12, 1982 the field was covered with snow. The teams had fought for over 45 minutes to a zero to zero tie when, Patriots coach Ron Meyer ordered snowplow operator Mark Henderson to clear a spot on the field specifically for placekicker John Smith. Henderson, a convicted burglar was on a work release program from MCI-Norfolk at the time of the game. So instead of going straight across the field he veered left to create a clear spot for the kicker who made the field goal. The Pats of course won 3 to 0.

The Tuck Rule. WTF

The “Tuck Rule Game” name came from the controversial game-changing play. In the play, Raiders’ cornerback Charles Woodson sacked Tom Brady, which in turn, caused a fumble that was recovered by Raiders’ linebacker Greg Biekert, and, if it was a fumble, would have almost certainly sealed the game. Referees reviewed the play, and eventually determined that even though Brady had halted his passing motion and was attempting to “tuck” the ball into his body, it was an incomplete pass and not a fumble under NFL rules. The original call was overturned, and the ball was given back to the Patriots, who moved the ball into field goal range.

With under a minute remaining in regulation, Patriots’ Adam Vinatieri kicked a 45-yard field goal to tie the game at 13, which sent the game into overtime. In the overtime period, Vinatieri kicked a 23-yard field goal to win the game for the Patriots. Isn’t if funny how that went their way and now they have cheated twice, three times counting the snow plow incident and seemingly have gotten away with it with little or no ramifications?

What happened to Gronk?

I know I got off the subject but the New England Patriots are a sore subject with me. If they are so damn good then why the cheating? If Belichick is such a genius then why the cheating? And please don’t say they are looking for an edge, this isn’t an edge but cheating plain and simple.

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Baseball is boring and slow by nature.

Baseball is boring, no doubt about it. That is the nature of the game. They are attempting to speed it up but to no avail.

Suggestions for speeding up the game.

Eliminate batting gloves.

This is the most ridiculous thing in sports. Almost all players wear them and apparently they don’t work or aren’t worth a damn because every player pulls on those Velcro tabs between every damn pitch it is boring and it is absurd. Velcro doesn’t move. This is just a “routine” or habit. Not only that how did players in the past get along without gloves? Then they have to use pine tar or other things to hold on to the bat too. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Eliminating batting gloves would eliminate one part of their routines. Strike outs have been up every year the last few years. So then why are these players going through all these gyrations and routines before batting? Why are they holding up their bat and staring at it? Apparently NONE of this works and it is boring. Apparently NONE of this helps you hit the ball or raise your batting average.

Enforce the no stepping out rule.

They made a rule that batters can’t step out of the batter’s box unless they foul off a pitch/ball. So enforce it. This year, 2016, batters are still doing the same crap. Again how did players in the past get along without all the stepping out and looking at the bat and pulling those Velcro tabs. This does not make you a better player or hitter. Why? Because hitters strike out more today than they ever have in the past.

Eliminate players/batters calling time out for NO REASON.

They do this to disrupt the pitcher, to play a game. My suggestion is for the pitcher to be ready to pitch and as soon as he puts both feet in, set or not, fire that pitch. I don’t know about other fans but this pisses me off. There are enough delays without calling time out. The umpire doesn’t have to grant time out but almost always does. It is the rare exception that he doesn’t call time out.

Also they spend time in the on deck circle getting ready to bat. Then when it is their turn they walk up to the batter’s box and start taking practice swings before stepping into the batter’s box. This is bullshit. That is what the on deck circle is for, to prepare to bat.

No walking allowed.

I know this sounds ridiculous but these players today walk everywhere. They get thrown out they WALK off the field. They strike out they WALK off the field. They walk back to the batter’s box after hitting a foul ball and running to first base. They come up to bat they STROLL to the batters box, not that they have to run but walk faster. Players use to hustle. They never walked to the dugout after making an out. They never use to walk off the field when an inning was over. They didn’t walk back to their positions when coming back on the field or after running to make an out. Once Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly were on the field and Derek said something like, lets walk over to the dugout, Mattingly said lets run you never know who is watching.

Too much thinking and not enough hitting.

I think if they actually speed up the game the players will have less time to think and just play and react. All the great hitters and players sure didn’t take the time these clowns do and yet hit better, played better and were greater. And they sure didn’t need PEDs or steroids.

Not much else to do to speed it up.

There is not much else to possibly do to speed the game up. It is by nature a slow game. But as I stated most of the delays are players going through their “routines.” One player even said he didn’t care how much or how many times he gets fined, he wasn’t changing his routine. The problem is they do this junk and they sure aren’t as good as Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams or almost any other great hitter that didn’t need a “routine”. Back in those days the pitcher would have put one under your chin for these antics.

Minor league games.

I go to Tampa  Yankee games and they don’t mess around here. The games move right along. The coaches only have so much time to talk to the pitcher, the pitcher has a clock to throw his pitch and so on. Somewhere between here and the big leagues the players start this crap of stepping out of the batter’s box, pulling those damn Velcro tabs, staring at the bat etc. etc. etc. I can go to a game that starts at 7:00 p.m. and be out around 9:00 p.m. I am not sure what the rush is to speed up the game but I am sick of watching batters and pitchers walking around and doing all the routines. I want action.

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Steinbrenner stupidity

I have been a Yankee fan since the age of 10. If you read who I am I grew up in Florida. At the time there were no big league baseball teams in Florida BUT the Yankees did spring train here in Fort Lauderdale. So, I became a Yankee fan.

The Hell of George Steinbrenner

In 1973 George Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees and for the next 37 years till his death in 2010 it was hell. The only time the Yankees won during his tenure was while and after his two suspensions. In 1974 he was suspended for illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon. He was given a two year suspension. It was later commuted to 15 months that still puts it in 1976 the first of three years the Yankees went to the World Series, winning in 1977 and 1978.

The 1980s and no World Series wins.

Then we have the 1980s when George was writing checks and buying over the hill players and trading all his future stars from the minors till the minor league system was depleted. The 80s were the only decade the Yankees NEVER won a World Series since the 1910s. George didn’t know a baseball player from a baseball bat.

The dumbest advice ever.

His only rule apparently had come from a friend who told him New York was a city of stars and the Yankees needed stars. So George bought stars even though they were washed up and over the hill and then went on a tirade when they didn’t win. This I believe is why he hired Billy Martin over and over because Billy could win with a high school team and made George look good, for a time anyway.

The 1990s and George’s second suspension

In 1990 he was suspended again for two years and when he came back he actually allowed Gene Michael to run things. Michael was able to bring up the likes of Jeter, Rivera, Bernie Williams and others instead of trading them for washed up players. Then the Yankees won World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and later in 2009.

George retires, thank God.

Then in 2007 Hal Steinbrenner offers Torre a contract he knows he won’t take. The same Joe Torre who had them in the playoffs 12 out of 12 years and won 4 World Series. Torre also managed the 1998 team that had 127 wins and is rated as one of the best teams ever. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again. Then he hires a manager, Joe Girardi that has a losing record who excels with two playoff appearances in 9 years and ONE World Series. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again.

Then there is Don Mattingly.

No sense hiring a winner and Yankee hero to manage. So they pissed off Don Mattingly who leaves with Torre to the Dodgers and then later takes over the manager’s job and wins. On September 29, 2015, Mattingly became the first manager in the history of the Dodgers franchise, in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, to lead the team to the playoffs in three consecutive seasons. He had a 446–363 record with the Dodgers, with a winning percentage of .551 which is second best in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Now Donny baseball is in Miami with a young team winning again and doesn’t have a 200 million dollar payroll. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving even after George’s death.

Hal Steinbrenner following in dad’s footsteps.

Then there are all the OLD over the hill free agents of the current 2016 Yankees. Most of them can’t get out of their own way. And Girardi stands in the dugout like a statue until the seventh inning when he can show his stuff by changing pitchers every other batter. God knows he won’t hit and run, or sacrifice bunt, or suicide squeeze, play small ball or anything else. There is no way he can ask these players making millions to bunt or sacrifice. They go out and get Brian McCann when they have a minor league full of catchers and trade John Ryan Murphy. And it doesn’t seem that Brian Cashman is as good an everyone says, he seems to be influenced by Steinbrenner stupidity.

1973 to 2016

Today’s Yankees are in fourth place only because the Rays suck and are losing almost every day. So for 37 years and billions spent the Yankees and the Steinbrenners have 7 World Series wins to show for it. Here are some fun facts. The Yankees won a World Series in 1962 and it would be a drought of 14 years before they would win again in 1977 this after George was suspended or 2 years. With George at the helm they won in 1977 and 1978. It would be 17 years till they would win again in 1996 and would win 3 in a row and 4 out of 5 WS. Then they won in 2000 and it would be 8 more years before they won in 2009. So 30 years out of the 37 Steinbrenner years are without a World Series win. The 37 years before the Steinbrenners, the Yankees won 16 World Series wins going back to 1936. And they called him the Boss? And to think Cleveland almost had him.

How about them Rays?

Until this year the Rays year after year brought up player after player and pitcher after pitcher and had success and even got to the 2008 World Series that they should have won. In 2009 the Yankees went to the World Series and won. So they both went to a World Series since 2001 to 2016 yet the Rays bring up minor leaguers and the Yankees apparently don’t have any or very few since there are almost none to speak of in New York. So do the Rays have a better system than the Yankees that spend millions every year? Is this the affect of Steinbrenner stupidity. George traded them all away in the 1980s and now they don’t seem to have any either.

Now a Marlins fan.

From 1975 to 1991 I was stationed in Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB. I didn’t much like the Reds, actually I hated them but when the former Yankee Lou Piniella took the managers job I started following them and in 1990 they won the World Series. NOW, Don Mattingly is in Miami managing the Marlins so since they are more interesting and have a winning record I am following them. Mattingly is winning and winning without a 200 million dollar payroll. And there are a few former Yankees on the Marlins too. Steinbrenner stupidity strikes again.

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