Kobe Bryant just another basketball player.

Kobe Bryant rapist, pervert, husband and father.

I know you aren’t suppose to speak ill of the dead but this guy was not a nice person. He was accused of rape and at first denied it then admitted it but said it was consensual.

Eagle County Sheriff investigators first confronted Bryant with the sexual assault accusation on July 2. During the July 2003 interview with investigators, Bryant initially told investigators that he did not have sexual intercourse with his accuser, a 19-year-old woman who worked at the hotel where Bryant was staying. When the officers told Bryant that she had taken an exam that yielded physical evidence, such as semen, Bryant admitted to having sexual intercourse with her, but stated that the sex was consensual.

When asked about bruises on the accuser’s neck, Bryant admitted to “strangling” her during the encounter, stating that he held her “from the back” “around her neck”, that strangling during sex was his “thing” and that he had a pattern of strangling a different sex partner (not his wife) during their recurring sexual encounters. When asked how hard he was holding onto her neck, Bryant stated, “My hands are strong. I don’t know.” So if he had killed her then what? Would he have said that was consensual?

Bryant stated that he assumed consent for sex because of the accuser’s body language such as her kissing him, putting her hand on his penis, and bending over, but that he did not explicitly ask for her consent during the encounter. Bryant later said that he believed his accuser was capable of saying no because during the encounter he asked her if he could “cum on her face”, and she said no.

Maybe this seems ok to some of you but his is a sick man. Some people have become use to this kind of behavior but he was just another entitled athlete that thinks he can do anything he wants especially to a woman.  Not only that he had FOUR daughters. Was he thinking of them when he did this? What would he have done if this had happened to one of them?

And just like in the movies the defense lawyers attacked the victim who eventually refused to testify and the case was dismissed. There was a civil trial and this was settled out of court. Bryant would eventually make a statement saying he did have sex with the victim which he denied at first until physical evidence was brought forth.

So how many times did he do this kind of thing and get away with it? Just like Tiger Woods he couldn’t keep IT in his pants. He or they didn’t give a damn about their wives or children just that they wanted sex and that was the most important thing at the time.

So our hero goes about his life and career.

After the allegations, Bryant signed a seven-year contract valued at $136 million over seven years, and he regained several of his endorsements from Nike, Spalding, and Coca-Cola. So the Lakers and these companies had no problem paying him for his play and his endorsement.  He was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2008 and the Finals’ Most Valuable Player in 2009 and 2010.

Bryant is an 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, 12-time member of the All-Defensive team. Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he led the NBA in scoring during two seasons, ranks third on the league’s all-time regular season scoring and fourth on the all-time postseason scoring list. Bryant is the first guard in NBA history to play at least 20 seasons. What does all this matter when he was a sick pathetic human being.

The NBA logo.

Now people want to change the NBA logo to Kobe Bryant. Will it show his dick sticking out as he runs the floor?

It wasn’t long ago people wanted to change the logo to Michael Jordan. So I guess every time a player plays well or dies they will want the logo changed. How about when LeBron retires or dies do they change the logo again assuming there is a possibility of changing it to Bryant.

So below are his stats. He was just another player that couldn’t even shoot 50% from the floor. When he did score big you know he was throwing up 50 or 60 shots a game. A so called volume shooter. In 2020 the top 100 players by shooting percentage only 28 shot over 50%. So Kobe wasn’t that great. Sure he was an MVP and won 5 titles but so did Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and others and didn’t rape anyone.


GP       MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%   REB   AST   BLK   STL    PF    TO  PTS
1346    36.1   44.7    32.9   83.7     5.2    4.7      0.5     1.4    2.5   3.0   25.0

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Hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms oh my!!!

So how about hurricane Dorian (and Katrina).

So here is the liberal media trying to get the first pictures of the devastation in the Bahamas that hurricane Dorian caused. And what do you know they are taking pictures from and airplane or helicopter. And why are they doing that? DON’T THEY CARE. I bring this up because if you remember, and I do, how they made a damn issue of then President Bush looking out the window of Air Force One at the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina.

Image result for president bush looking out the window of air force one at katrina

Former President George W. Bush said it was a “huge mistake” for him to have been photographed during a flyover trip over New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Why? Look this up and you will see there are a lot of photos of people on Air Force One looking out the window just the same as President Bush. Again this was the BEST way to see the whole picture or the total devastation. But not for the liberal media. Hell no Bush didn’t care, he was too damn slow to get down there.

Bush acknowledged the famous photograph showing him looking out the window of Air Force One at the damage in New Orleans made him seem detached from the disaster on the ground that was caused by the massive hurricane. It made him seemed detached because that is the way THE MEDIA portrayed it. Instead of standing up and saying this is the best way to see the total devastation the genius George Bush agrees with the liberal Democratic media.

Bush faced heavy criticism for his administration’s response to the hurricane’s devastation in New Orleans. Critics said the president was slow to recognize and respond to the massive disaster on the Gulf Coast. To start with the President can’t go into a state unless the governor asks him to come or invites him. He was slow to recognize and respond? WTF. And if he had rushed in with NO PLAN then he would have been criticized for that too. Just rush down there for appearance sake like a good little politician?

How about the slow response of Obama during the oil well leak in the Gulf of Mexico that took months to shut down. Not only that he refused help from other countries etc. Then there was the really slow response of former President Obama when it took him a WEEK TO GO TO LOUISIANA after a flood there. He was on ANOTHER VACATION and then went to a fund raiser for HILLARY CLINTON before going to Louisiana. Lets not forget his vacations cost the taxpayer 95 million dollars during his eight years in office. But hell he is a Democrat and can do no wrong.

So the Democrats don’t ever waste a good crisis.

So this week Kamala Harris the congressional whore and the damn Mayor of London criticize Trump for playing golf while hurricane Dorian is hitting the Bahamas. So why isn’t the goddamn Mayor of London going to the Bahamas in the middle of the 180 mph winds to do something. And if he can’t do it then what is Trump suppose to do? Sit in front of the TV watching the Weather Channel. Just WTF was Trump suppose to do? Kiss America’s ass Mr. Mayor.

No these sick useless politicians don’t waste a good crisis to make political points. It doesn’t matter if people were hurt and KILLED. It doesn’t matter if their homes were destroyed and their lives will never be the same. Hell no, lets make political points. Don’t offer any help or suggestions on how to handle the aftermath. Not only no but hell no just be critical. What really pisses me off is they are criticizing while the damn storm has 180 mph winds and is sitting over the Bahamas for over 40 hours. That’s almost two complete days of pummeling by the seventh strongest storm in history and what does Harris and the Mayor of London have to say? Nothing constructive just make those goddamn political points.

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